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Rosewood and Applications in Life

Rosewood is in the group of 4 precious woods in Vietnam. It is known and loved by many people because of its wide range of applications in life. In this era, wooden products are becoming a trend. Owning peach furniture is a perfect choice for mid-range families. What is rosewood, characteristics? Is rosewood expensive? Red […]

Types of Oak and How to Distinguish

Oak has long been known as a good quality and affordable material. Loved by many Vietnamese families. Natural oak itself has possessed many outstanding features. When processed by human hands, these wooden items increase the aesthetics and value. Let’s find out interesting facts about oak that you cannot ignore. Some information about oak Oak is […]

Elm Wood In Interior Design

Have you heard the name  elm wood? Maybe to some people this wood is a bit strange. However, this is a rare wood material and is distinguished by its high waterproofing, easy processing and cutting characteristics. Learn more about this wood in the article below. Origin of elm wood The elm tree is distributed in […]