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Stunned by rosewood with Beautiful Wood Grain, Unbelievable Fragrance

Rosewood is a rare, strong, hard and durable wood with beautiful layers of zigzag veins. Currently, the price of rosewood is calculated in kilograms, especially the monolithic pieces of rosewood have a higher price. What is rosewood, growth characteristics and classification? Distribution range In Vietnam, there are many precious wood species, such as ebony, ironwood, […]

Applications of Cherry Wood (Cherry Wood)

Bringing special advantages: straight, beautiful wood grain, good termite resistance…  Cherry wood  (cherry wood) is strongly applied in making home furniture products. What is cherry wood? Called with the name cherry, or the scientific name Prunus serotina – cherry tree wood. A high-class wood, with luxurious colors, soft, light, malleable wood, especially with even and […]

MDF With MFC, HDF, Better Grade

If you have ever researched about industrial wood to shop for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, wooden beds or simply a table, you will find that in the market besides  MDF wood  there are also MFC and HDF wood. . So how are they different, which is better, please find out in detail through this article. What […]