Is Driftwood Really Expensive?

Driftwood is a special type of wood. It is a collection of precious woods that have undergone the “fire test” of nature. Therefore, this wood is really very durable, strong and beautiful. To own it, you definitely have to spend a very large amount.

What is driftwood?

It is a type of wood that is formed on the variation of common woods in nature. It is composed of natural woods, which have been around for a long time. When the tree dies and sinks into the river bed, the stream bed. Under the influence of nature, natural wood will be worn away and will become driftwood. This period of wear and tear can last for hundreds of years, even thousands of years.

With the strong erosion of the water stream, only precious, extremely durable wood can survive. Therefore, after being taken out from the water, it will be extremely durable with the impact of time. Normally, the types of wood that can withstand to create driftwood are: ebony, cedar, acacia, ironwood, black mulberry, gnashing wood, etc.

In addition, accidental water erosion will create different wood roots, no root is the same.

This is a special wood. It is a collection of precious woods that have undergone the “fire test” of nature such as eucalyptus, thorn rag….

Wood classification

Driftwood in rivers and streams

These are the types found inside rivers and streams that are most common. When the flood season comes, the floods will carry the logs down to the stream.

Characteristics of driftwood in rivers and streams are:

  • The wood is usually glossy black due to being soaked for a long time in the mud.
  • The volume of wood is quite heavy, so it will be difficult to exploit.
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Driftwood is buried in the ground

It is a type of wood buried in the ground that retains its roots, wood color and wood grain.

Driftwood in the ground is also easier to harvest than in rivers and streams. After a heavy rain, when the soil softens, people will exploit it.

Driftwood through rain and wind

These types of wood are commonly found in semi-desert forests. Under the influence of wind, sun and rain. The wood will gradually erode until only the core is left. Like the two types mentioned above, driftwood in the rain and wind is also very durable and has a beautiful grain.

gỗ lũa
Driftwood buried in the ground retains its roots, wood color and wood grain

Application of driftwood

This is a very expensive wood, only artisans with many years of experience and high skills can make this type of wood.

Most of the process of creating finished products of driftwood is done by hand. This process requires intense concentration, meticulousness and really carefulness. Some products take years to complete.

Just like wood. The biggest use of driftwood is in making expensive decorations. With this luxury hobby, only the real giants are worthy!

Driftwood for decoration

During the logging process, there are odd pieces of wood that are thrown out. People have used these odd pieces of wood to make small decorations for the table or in the car. Although small, but the value of these decorative objects is great. After all, they were made from very rare wood.

Driftwood used to create Buddha statues

Most of the Buddha statues made from driftwood appeared in the past. Because with the rarity of wood and the price is too expensive. So now, few people use it to make Buddha statues.

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The ancient Buddha statues are of great value in terms of both tradition and art. These statues are placed in major temples in Vietnam.

gỗ lũa
This wood is hunted to make art products

Driftwood is hunted to make art products

The pieces of driftwood available on the market are hunted and purchased by the big giants in Vietnam to create unique art products.

These products are of great value, which is difficult for ordinary people to obtain.

Selling price of driftwood

There is no actual sale price for this wood. Because of the warm welcome from the giants, its value has been pushed up. There are even products made from driftwood that cost up to several billion dong.

Not surprisingly, the price is so high. Because driftwood is not like any other wood in nature. Its value is longevity with time!

Thus, we have just learned some basic information about driftwood – the most expensive wood today. If you have more interesting information about it, you can leave a comment below for everyone to refer to.