Features of Nu wood in Furniture Interior Design

What is nu wood? Wood nu application for what? If you are still wondering about the above questions, this article will help you answer them.

What is nu wood?

Why is it called nu wood?

Nu wood, also known as photo wood, this name is not only used to call the wood of a certain tree. It is used to place the tumor of the tree, mostly growing in the trunk area or the base of the tree. Because the plant’s body organization is under attack by pathogens, the cells there proliferate into tumors. Not following a pattern, there are even very deformed nubs.

Nu was born from deformities. Wound of a special wood on the trunk of precious trees. Or in old trees cut down. Or due to termites in the body eating turbidity. As a result, the flow of sap and nutrients to the plant is disrupted. Causes that stain to accumulate substances. Over time, it turns into a rough gum on the tree. Over the years will form nu wood.


Nu wood has a rough appearance. The wood body is hard inside, with many winding wood grains. The color of the wood will change according to the growing soil conditions. For example, nugget has malt color, yellow, lemon yellow, honey color…

This wood is tough, hard and durable. And their value will be greater when the wood block is buried in the ground. In a wet and rainy environment, it still retains its block shape. It is this harsh condition that has made it a very popular wood.

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In these tumors, the proliferative wood often has spiral and very dense grain, the curves are intertwined with each other, having a mysterious and strange beauty, so it is very popular. But unlike the normal design of peach wood,  wood veneer.

Classification of wood species

gỗ nu
Set of wooden reception desk

Not as simple as  iron wood, grinding wood… Nu wood is the injured part of the tree, it has veins, natural colors that are very beautiful and different from the host tree. When a tree is injured such as worms, cuts, lightning, scratches, etc. At this time, the tree will gather nutrients to heal the wound, thereby creating wood nuggets. Based on the tumor formed on each type of tree, it is classified into nua nua nuoc, nuoc tuch, nu phuc, nun virgin male, nu birch, nu du…

Currently, when producing furniture from this type of wood. There are 3 types of wood that are commonly used: nu Huong, nu Nghe and nu Khoa

Nu Huong

Feng shui statue for the living room made from nu incense

It is a rare wood in Vietnam. Nu Huong has a rough appearance, at first glance you will see its disgust. But if anyone looks closely, they will see the sophistication in the wood. Expressed in a natural and artistic way. Nu Huong wood is the part that develops on the precious incense tree. Therefore, there is no fixed order. With beautiful natural and smooth wood grain, it is welcomed by many rich people and the elite.

With business families or entrepreneurs. It is recommended to place a wooden statue of incense nu Quan Yin to bring good luck. And bring a lot of fortune, smooth sailing, affirming your class.

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Nu Nghien

Naturally formed wood block for unique beauty

Widely grown in China and Vietnam. Equally valuable as the above wood, crushed wood is also a type of wood that symbolizes wealth. Shows the status of its owner. Nu grind is also formed as nu incense. Unlike ordinary wood, this wood is almost fossilized into a hardwood substance. It feels cool to the touch.

The nature of this wood is very hard, and quite brittle. Therefore, in the process of processing, if not done carefully, it will be easily damaged. In particular, it has unique beautiful and shiny natural wood grains. The gritty wood grain looked like rolling waves. Therefore, it is quite expensive in the market.

With a luxurious eye-catching golden color and the rarity of nun grind. It is very popular in the arrangement of feng shui objects. You do not have to use porcelain material, but you can replace the statues of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Tathagata Buddha, and water hyacinth with jade wood to bring fortune to the family.

Nu Khao

gỗ nu
The statue of the god of fortune brings luck and fortune to the family

Among the types of nu wood, Nu Khoai is a name that people know much less than the above 2 types of nu wood. However, the situation is similar to the two types above. The characteristics of this type are yellow, smooth wood grain with large wood grains. Its application is often made tables, chairs, counters, beds with nobility. However, when processing, they will be sprayed with paint to increase the gloss and keep the inherent beauty of the wood.

Over hundreds of years of formation, it is very durable, strong and rarely warped. This type of wood has the biggest disadvantage of expanding when the temperature changes.