The truth about green cypress wood brings fortune to the family

Green cypress wood is a precious wood, harvested when growing for hundreds of years. With such a long life in nature, the ancients believed that the green cypress accumulated the essence of heaven and earth. Rumor has it that green cypress has very special spiritual values. Whether this is true, please refer to the following article to get the truth.

What is green cypress?

Green cypress is a type of wood harvested from the rocky mountain green cypress. This plant is also known as cypress cypress, green cypress. Its scientific name is  Calocedrus macrolepis.

Growing conditions of green cypress

In Vietnam, green cypress grows the most in the northern provinces, such as Moc Chau, Ba Vi. In addition, green cypress trees along with pine trees, sanctum wood  also grow in a few provinces with cool climates in the south such as Dak Lak, Lam Dong and Khanh Hoa.

In the world, green cypress is mainly distributed in the Yangtze River basin and southern regions of China.

This distributional feature is due to the fact that green cypress grows well in cool climates (especially when the temperature is lower than 16 degrees Celsius). The environment is humid (rainfall is greater than 2000mm/year), and the humidity of the air is high.

gỗ bách xanh

The green cypress has an average height of 25 to 35 meters. The diameter of the trunk is about 2 meters. Characteristic of the trunk is quite straight. The color of the bark is dark brown, the bark may be longitudinally fissured.

Some people may confuse green cypress and  po mu tree. Because they are in the same family. However, you can distinguish these two types of trees by their size. The cypress tree is usually a little taller than the green cypress.

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Characteristics of green cypress wood

The outstanding features of green cypress wood are:

– Cypress wood has good quality, soft, very straight grain and rare smooth.

– Green cypress is less susceptible to termites and decay, does not rot when soaked in water, so it has high durability.

Wood is less prone to cracking and warping and is very wear-resistant

Green cypress wood has a mild, pleasant aroma, exudes the breath of nature, essential oils can be used as medicine for people.

– Possesses dark spiral wood grain, heterogeneous large and small

– 3 common colors of green cypress are light brown, yellow and brown.

– Currently, cypress wood is mainly used in building and building boats and cars, and is also used to make baths. Different from the type of  needle wood specialized in making home furniture.

The feng shui value of green cypress wood?

Currently, the number of green cypress trees still growing in the wild is not much. Therefore, green cypress is classified as a rare and high-class wood that needs to be preserved and banned from exploitation in Vietnam. Therefore, green cypress is quite expensive.

People can hardly buy new green cypress wood. Maybe it’s just recycled used logs or very small logs. Created from green cypress tree branches collected by forest people.

The available scent of green cypress is given by God. According to folk beliefs, the owner of this fragrance will be helped by the gods, so that fortune and fame will go smoothly. However, these are just thoughts with no scientific basis.

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Bach green also has medicinal properties and the ability to change color according to light is extremely expensive. Therefore, green cypress wood is always loved and respected by everyone.