What Kinds of Incense Are There? How to Identify Incense Wood

Incense wood is a precious and expensive wood in Vietnam. It is widely used in the production of high-class furniture, trusted by many people.

With the economic benefits brought by the business of incense, there are more and more establishments trading this item. Therefore, it is not possible to avoid the confusion of truth and falsehood. Don’t be fooled by not knowing how to recognize this wood by referring to the article below.


Agarwood tree has many names such as: Christmas incense, Christmas incense stick – pot, song la … This is a species of tree in the legume family originating from tropical forests. Popular in Southeast Asian countries such as: Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam

Frankincense is a species of tree in the legume family

The heartwood is pale yellowish red to dark brick red. When the wood is freshly sawn, the wood surface is shiny but over time exposed to the air, it gradually becomes a dull golden brown color.

Christmas incense has a rough texture and is quite firm with many interwoven seeds, often with a mild spicy smell. Hardwood, dense, relatively heavy, very durable, has good resistance to termites.

Looking at the wood surface, we can see a deep yellow color and gradually turn red when close to the heartwood. With many long, even and untwisted wood grains, tom wood is small and smooth, the wood grain is very tough and flexible.

Types of incense wood

Christmas incense has many types with different shapes and properties. Here are some types of cedarwood that can be found on the Vietnamese market.

  • Red incense: The most valuable of all types. Because of the unique and rare beauty of red wood grain. The base is red when carpentry, when painted it will become the color of cockroach wings. The wood grain is very heavy, strong and hard. Suitable for making handicrafts, the longer it is used, the more shiny and beautiful it will be. Mild fragrance. When soaking wood mulch in warm water, it will turn green like tea.
    Christmas Stone: As the name suggests, it is as solid as stone. The wood color is light red and the surface looks like stone. The wood grain has a wood grain like a gem, sharp and smooth. The thick and heavy wood is attractive to those who prefer light colors. Unprocessed wood will have a slight odor, after being finished, there is rarely any smell.
  • Incense Blood: The wood is bright red like a drop of blood. After a while, there will be cockroach wings and color quickly. When freshly cut, it will have a light aroma, it will disappear for a long time. When you put this wood mulch into the water, it will turn red like blood. The surface of the oil is floating, so it can be used this way to identify it quickly.
In Vietnam, incense is the most popular with 8 types
  • Wood of Perfume grain: This type has saffron yellow color, turmeric smell, many veins but not thick. The wood grain is relatively smooth and has good termite resistance. It is used to make tables and chairs, many bed cabinets. The easiest way to identify stone flavor is to soak it in water, it will have a sour smell.
  • Wood of Huong Nu: The surface of the wood is rough with lumps, light yellow in color. Even light brown red, red yellow, deep red. The wood grain when cut will be smooth, the wood grain twists like a cloud.Gray
  • Perfume Wood: Grown a lot in Vietnam. There is a strangely beautiful wood grain. Therefore, they are often kept in shape to make decorations. For connoisseurs who love to choose gray wood decorations.
  • Freesia: This is a tree native to South Africa. Has a darker red color than wood from other regions. A strong, woody masculine scent that lasts for a long time.
  • Lao Perfume Wood: Has properties like red incense. However, the wood grain incense has a slightly worse color. You can use red scent recognition to do the same with this type.
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In addition, according to folklore, there are many other names. For example: the shape of incense, cloves, sour flavor, ta incense …

These woods all have similar aroma and wood texture characteristics, mainly differing in wood grain type and color.

Currently, South African and Lao cedar wood has a relatively high price, ranging from 25 to 30 million VND per cubic meter. Depending on the economy and usage needs, each family can refer to the price online and choose the most suitable type.

5 ways to distinguish incense from other woods

Frankincense wood has high value and price, so it is often faked by business shops to profit. Be a wise buyer when mastering the experience. Or how to distinguish below to be able to choose the right type of cedarwood that you need, avoiding the situation of “losing money”.

Agarwood has high value and high cost for project construction

Smell the scent

Christmas incense has a characteristic smell, light and long-lasting aroma, bringing a feeling of warmth and comfort to the user. Because of the name Agarwood, the smell of this wood is unmistakable. If you don’t smell any scent, it’s not real incense.

Look with wood grain

The wood grain is even and beautiful, with long and straight veins like  cherry wood, eye-catching color bands. Embossed grain, smooth surface and very small grain are characteristic features of real wood.

Use sandpaper

When rubbing real wood with sandpaper, no matter what color paint is on the outside, we can still see the red color of the natural wood, and will smell a slight smell. If these features are not present, you may have encountered imitation woods.

Observing through color

If the wood is young, it will have a light yellow or red-brown color, as the tree matures over time, the red color will become darker and darker. But when the wood is covered with PU paint, the wood color will turn red. Unlike the color rubberwood there is a gray-white to brownish color range.

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On the market today, people often bleach to make the veins more prominent and brighter. Therefore, when buying, you should pay close attention to whether the wood has been processed or not or processed by any method to distinguish the right color.

When the wood is covered with PU paint, the color of the wood will turn red

Distinguish by wood

When you hold real cedarwood, you will find it very heavy and hard. In particular, when you soak wood in water, the real water after a while will turn green.

It is recommended to combine all 5 factors above in checking wood quality. The older the wood, the more clearly the above characteristics are expressed, and also have a much higher value. The durability is comparable to  drift wood the type of wood that can withstand the outdoors must be called the best.

Why is frankincense wood so precious – the real value of cedarwood

Christmas incense is easy to process and shape, when sculpted, it will keep its sharpness and will not crack or break even after long use. With beautiful wood grain and eye-catching colors, this wood is often used to make high-class decorative furniture. Most commonly, it is made into a living room table and chair set. Currently on the market, the price of frankincense wood is very high. And on average, a set of wooden tables and chairs can cost from several tens of millions to several hundred million.

In the process of use, incense with good pressure resistance, compression. And anti-insect helps to keep the beauty of the furniture as it was in the beginning. In particular, the more sandalwood is cleaned, the brighter and more uniform the color, the smooth wood surface is very cool to the hand.

The price of incense wood dining table sets usually has a medium-high economic value. Owning a set of this valuable wooden furniture in the house not only increases the aesthetics. And it also shows the class of the owner, bringing a feeling of warmth and prosperity.

There is a small note for homeowners that this type of wood is very bad for making beds. So we can use wood for other purposes, if you abstain, you will be fine!

Beautiful incense wood dining table and chairs set

This wooden dining table set always brings a warm feeling to the family dining space.

What are the criteria to evaluate the beautiful incense wood dining table set?

Whether you know how to judge good or bad, good or bad, depends on the eye of the beholder. As well as depends on the usage process of the customer. However, there are specific standards to evaluate a beautiful cedar wood dining table.

About the color of the beautiful dining table

A beautiful cedar wood dining table and chairs must ensure that the color when placed in the kitchen space, the dining room must be in harmony with the overall color. The color of the wood is deep brown, so a beautiful wooden kitchen table and chairs must be in harmony with the nostalgic design in that space. Maybe a kitchen or a family dining area.

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About the material of the beautiful wooden dining table and chairs

The material must be made of cedar wood. With a solid structure, so that the product is beautiful and durable during use.

Beautiful table and chairs

Model number 1: Beautiful round wooden dining table set with 8 chairs

Convenient round dining table

This beautiful dining table set is suitable for multi-generational families with many members. Red-brown color, bringing a warm feeling to the family gathering space.

Model number 2: Oval wooden dining table set

Dining table with 8 chairs of cedar wood uses easy-to-clean glass surface

This is also a design for large families. But the difference is in the design, instead of round, the dining table is oval.

The main highlight is the delicate carving lines on the backrest of the chair. In harmony with the texture of the dining table, as well as the color of this dining set, it is quite suitable for many types of kitchen space. From classic to modern.

Model number 3: Beautiful rectangular wooden dining table set

Wooden dining table and chairs for 6 people

This dining table model has a rectangular table, also has 6 seats. The table with solid wood material, the chair with 4 solid wooden legs is the perfect product for every family.

Incense wood wardrobe


Inheriting good properties from the material, the clove wood wardrobe models also contain a special attraction. Like the natural resistance to mold and termites, it is not affected by the adverse climatic conditions in Vietnam. Beautiful, luxurious natural wood grain, suitable for most apartment and house designs. Owning cabinets made of this type of wood, your level will be significantly enhanced.

The best designs

Red incense wood wardrobe
4-door clove wood cabinet
Wooden cabinet with stone incense 4 chambers
Gray wood wardrobe


Wood wardrobe price

Perfume is on the list of precious woods in Vietnam. It has many outstanding advantages. Therefore, the cost of wooden handicrafts made from this material is also relatively expensive. The average price of a wooden wardrobe model is from 10 million VND or more. This price is not fixed and may change over time and per unit sold.