5 Easy Ways To Identify Iron Wood

Although it is not a common wood, Iron wood is loved by everyone who has used products made from this type of wood. So do you know this wood yet?

If not, please refer to the following article of Quatest. With 5 ways to identify it can not be simpler below, you will definitely know what kind of wood this is.

Plant growth characteristics

Grinding is found mainly in 2 countries, Vietnam and China. In Vietnam, ginkgo trees live a lot in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh province. This is a very tall tree. The average height of this tree can be up to 30 to 35 meters. The diameter of the trunk is about 80 to 90 cm. This diameter is relatively wide compared to woody species in Vietnam.

The leaves are large egg-shaped. The length is about 10 to 12cm, the leaf width is about 7 to 10cm. Its petioles are about 3 to 5cm long. The flower of the clematis has a radius of 0.75cm. The flower has 5 petals, each petal is about 1.3cm long. The fruit has 5 edges, a bit like star fruit.

Wood properties

Iron wood is heavy wood, density is about 950 to 1100 kg per 1 cubic meter (under 15% humidity condition). When holding this wood grain in your hand, you will have a stronger feeling than other types of wood. This is a relatively rare wood like  star wood,  Yew wood.

The property of grinding is tough, not brittle, so it is very durable. Even when people bury the wood in the ground, the wood is less susceptible to termites attack. Especially grinding does not have a fragrance like other types of wood, incense or jade, camphor.

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Natural color

The wood is dark brown, slightly black. With this color, the ginkgo tree exudes an ancient but very luxurious look. Therefore, it is suitable for the production of high-class furniture products, placed in expensive rooms. Thereby, this wood material also increases the value of the room. Just like wood red knock. The sapwood is slightly lighter in color than the core.

Iron wood grain – Special – Rare

Grind has very special wood grain lines

The wood grain is perhaps the most prominent feature of this wood. It possesses very special wood grain lines, which are very beautiful curly veins.

To fully describe the perfection in the lines, one must use Japanese swords for comparison. The ridges appear as delicate as the silhouettes of the sword’s surface. Only special woods can possess such excellent grain. Perhaps this is the point that creates most of the economic value of this tree.

Similar to grind, oak is also very special because of this grain.

Surprised with the application from Iron wood

Because it has many great properties and is safe for consumers’ health, it has many applications in life.

People in highland villages like to use grinding to make truss, pillars, floors, cutting boards… Because grinding is tougher than other types of wood, when making floors, walking on it will not emit harmful substances. annoying cry.

Iron wooden cutting board

The cutting board is a familiar item in Vietnamese families. Iron wood cutting boards are characterized not only by the wood grain and the outside color. And it’s also extremely durable, the more you use it, the brighter it gets. Therefore, the selling price of Iron wood cutting boards is relatively expensive. On average, from 220,000 to 1,500,000, depending on the size and material of the cutting board, there is a change. In particular, the most expensive and best cutting board is a cutting board made from a tree trunk, while the cheapest type is made of wooden branches.

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Grind bed

Carpenters love to use grinding to make beds. The bed made of ginkgo will create a highlight for your living space. In addition, grinding is also used to make other common furniture such as TV shelves, wardrobes, tables and chairs, sofas…

Set of Iron wooden tables and chairs

Iron Jade

One of the other typical uses of the ginkgo tree is fossilized gnashing (also known as jade gnashing). Artists often use jade to create feng shui statues or decorative statues, expensive decorative items.

Jade is the hardest part of the tree trunk. It is created from the gnawing part, the gnashing bud or from the defects in the gnashing tree (cut down by foresters, caused by pests, by lightning strikes, etc.). Therefore, the value of grinding jade is highly appreciated.

In fact, today Iron wood is more and more known and loved by more and more people. Therefore, the product value it also increased significantly. Understanding that trend of the market, traders have found many ways to fake this wood for personal gain.

Therefore, you should be careful in choosing to buy products from natural woods such as gnat or pine. It is best that you accumulate experience in distinguishing different types of wood or choose a reputable supplier.