Is Acacia Wood Furniture Good?

Currently, acacia wood is a common and popular wood used in daily life. It is the main raw material for making paper and furniture for export with high economic value. Acacia wood bed brings many conveniences to users. Let’s find out if this wood and bed made of this wood is good or not.

Acacia wood information


Acacia scientific name in English is Acacia, in Australia it is also known as Wattle. Belongs to the branched genus of trees or shrubs. These genera from the ancient mainland Gondwana belong to the lineage Mimosoideae and belong to the legume family Fabaceae.

Ecological characteristics

Acacia is a pleasant plant. Withstand all weather as well as harsh conditions such as lack of water, lack of necessary nutrients. The flowers of this plant have 5 small yellow petals. Usually hidden in stamens, often clustered in spherical flower bushes. The leaves are feathery and the petioles are flat, flattened, and pointed upwards to avoid the sun and heat.

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Acacia is a pleasant tree

Place of distribution

Acacia wood is an easy-to-live tree, easily adapting to all environments, including poor and barren soil. Lack of nutrients, barren or harsh weather environment. This wood grows in many parts of the world such as Australia or the islands of the Pacific Ocean. In Vietnam, it is grown more and more widely, especially in Lao Cai and Thai Nguyen.


There are many types of acacia wood, depending on their own characteristics, divided into 4 types such as: rooster, hybrid, yellow and bar grafted.

  • Acacia hybrid is a good-growing, fast-growing tree, so it is a stable source of good quality raw materials. This type of wood is very resistant to pests and diseases in hot and dry conditions. Usually grown mainly in the South and Binh Phuoc province.
  • Acacia tree is a small timber tree, so it is often planted as a fence around the house to protect it. Currently, this type can be used as firewood and fuel. It can grow well on soil with little water, less acidic acid soil, suitable for coastal planting. Tolerates drought well, but when young, it cannot tolerate waterlogging. In some places, it is also considered an invasive plant.
  • Yellow acacia, also known as yellow mimosa, is distributed mainly in Australia. It belongs to the legume family, mature to about 4 to 10 m in length, the tree has a dark brown or gray bark. As the tree ages, the bark turns wrinkled and rough.
  • Acacia wood sticks: These are small trees that have been processed by processing lines such as steaming and drying. Wood is sawn, planed, grafted, milled, pressed and painted with decorative paint. No warping, anti-termite, with design. The shape is diverse, resistant to impact, so it is used a lot to make decorations.
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  • Widely planted with fast growth, there is a stable and abundant supply with high quality.
  • Less warping compared to other plants. Same durability as iron wood, needle wood
  • Has high physical and mechanical strength, is very flexible, so it can adapt in all harsh climates. It is planted on a large scale to form a forest, improve forests and prevent erosion, and provide shade on the side of the highway.

Value of acacia wood


  • Making furniture: Raw acacia wood, for raw materials used a lot to design household objects such as tables and chairs, cabinets, beds.
  • Used in office desk, student desk, director’s desk. Whether it is a desk for an employee or a desk for a director, the design is very diverse and often has solid iron legs. Your office desk will have a big change when choosing this material.
  • Paper making: Large, round trees with a diameter of about 17-18cm or more are often used to make paper.
  • Improving forest roads: Because of its rapid growth, sugar wood is planted into forests, in barren hills and mountains, helping to prevent soil erosion and improve forest roads.
  • Architectural construction: Acacia hybrid can make high-quality plywood or plywood. Used in architectural construction and construction works. With plants over 10 years old, 20-25cm diameter sedge can be used as columns, beams or shacks.

Furniture made of wood

  • Pallet is the preferred material to use because of its better quality than pine and low cost. The pallet can be easily closed for use.
  • Tables and chairs: Using wood produced into tables and chairs with many different designs but low prices, suitable for many spaces.
  • Bed: Solid acacia wood bed, not warped like grinded wood. Can connect iron legs to create a harmonious feeling for the bedroom.
  • Sofa: Acacia wood can be used to make a sofa, creating a feeling of solidity, safety but comfort.
  • Cabinets: Light but sturdy wooden cabinets can be easily moved in the family

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Acacia wood wardrobe

Acacia wood wardrobes are mostly self-made models. The cabinet size is moderate, used in rural and suburban families. Acacia wood wardrobe has a lifespan of 5-7 years depending on the woodworking ability of the carpenter. The price of the cabinet is also extremely cheap, only from 2-5 million VND.

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The cabinet design is usually from 2.3 chambers. In there, there is 1 room to hang clothes, the other room to store blankets, folding clothes. The surface of the cabinet often has an extra layer of glossy paint to prevent termites and weather.

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Acacia wood bed

Bed features

Has high mechanical strength, well adapted to harsh weather

Like  gay wood, acacia wood is a strong, durable wood. Therefore, the bed models made of this wood material ensure maximum flexibility and mechanical properties. In particular, it also has the ability to adapt well to harsh climatic conditions. So it is very suitable for use with unusually hot and humid weather in Vietnam.

Various colors and designs

Acacia wood beds can be made into many different designs and styles. From simple bed styles, to sophisticated bed models. From natural soft colors to bold colors. Make it easy for users to choose products according to their needs.

Affordable cost

Acacia is an economic crop, grown a lot in Vietnam. Because of this abundant source of raw materials, the cost of producing bedding items is relatively low. Leading to a very affordable bed price, suitable for many consumers.

Is acacia wood bed good?

With high durability, good weather adaptability, diverse colors and designs and affordable cost. We can completely conclude that acacia wood bed is really good. Some types of beds made of acacia acacia wood are also naturally resistant to termites. You can consider the above factors along with the warranty policy, delivery and shipping policies of the seller. To choose these bed models for your bedroom.

Notes when using acacia wood bed

It is necessary to determine the purpose when using a bed made of acacia wood because each type has different advantages and disadvantages. Using the correct bed models will help increase the durability of the product.

  • Using the bed must be according to the intended use
  • Choose the color and size of the bed corresponding to the color of the living space
  • There is a scientific way to arrange and arrange beds. To ensure harmony with the overall layout

Some bed models made of beautiful acacia wood

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The bed and wardrobe with drawers are made of soft colors
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Price of acacia wood pallet, price of sawn acacia wood, how much is the price of sawn glue?

Acacia wood pallet price

In addition to being used as a bed, the sawn boards can be packed into pallets. If you do not want to use plastic pallets, choose for yourself wooden pallets because of their high durability and cost savings. Acacia slats are sawn and assembled into pallets that have a wide range of applications. Can be used as a shelf to support goods or many families also use it as a simple decoration with acacia wood.

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The image of acacia wood is cut and sawed into wooden slats, then these bars are joined together to form pallets to support furniture, shelves for goods, etc.

The usual size of spokes is from 100 mm wide, 17 to 20 mm thick is best. If the spokes are over 100 mm, it will cause the sawing of wood to be lost, pushing the selling price of pallets to high. Depending on the customer’s needs in terms of size and design requirements, the price of glue wood pallets can range from 150,000 VND to 220,000 VND. Therefore, when consulted about the price. You should carefully consider the options to get the most optimal pricing policy for you.

Price of sawn acacia wood

Acacia sawn timber will have a price depending on the thickness, width, and length when sawn. Therefore, when you go to the ordering option provider, they will give a specific price according to each size metric.

Price of sawing glue

Acacia wood sawn according to specifications has many different sizes. Each supplier will have different standard figures. Therefore, depending on your detailed requirements, they will have the best plan. Acacia wood with popular specifications has the following measurements:

  • Length: From 300 mm to 2000 mm
  • Width: From 30 mm to 200 mm
  • Thickness: From 5mm to 100mm

Depending on the size of your order sample, the price of lumber according to specifications will vary. The price for sawing acacia wood according to the popular specifications today is from 120 000 VND to 320,000 VND/piece.

Note: The above prices are for reference only, depending on the supplier of pallets in the market, the price will change. Therefore, you should choose a reputable wood pallet manufacturing address.