Is Acrylic Wood Good, Durable

What is Acrylic wood, what are the characteristics, is it good, is it durable, how is it compared to other wood, let’s take a look.

What is Acrylic Wood?

Acrylic wood is a special wood, not a component from any tree. They are manufactured from a resin of the same name that is obtained from petroleum. Acrylic resin comes in many colors (red, blue, black, yellow, even transparent).

The international name of Acrylic wood is Hi Gross Acrylic. When they returned to Vietnam, they were called many different names: Mirror-polished Acrylic wood, mirror-polished wood. This type of wood is considered a clean green product, quite environmentally friendly.

gỗ acrylic
Acrylic resin has many colors

Acrylic wood is used in the production of industrial furniture. Among them, wooden cabinets are one of the most popular applications. Besides the favorite natural wood in kitchen cabinet design, such as oak and peach trees. Acrylic is in the group of industrial woods that are being favored by the market because of the advantages and luxury they bring.

You can also learn more about different types of natural wood commonly used in interiors.

Is Acrylic wood good and durable?

To answer this question correctly, let’s take a look at the characteristics of Acrylic, its pros and cons.

Acrylic wood characteristics

Acrylic wood is obtained from petroleum, has about 36 colors, very rich and diverse for users to choose from.

You can choose solid colors like red, vibrant orange, or cool blue, even transparent. Or choose metalic colors with noble and luxurious veins to suit your taste and real interior decoration.

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Evaluated by experts as an environmentally friendly product, non-toxic to users. Therefore, they are widely applied in home interior design, especially kitchen cabinets.

Not only favored by the clean green, protecting the user’s health or the variety in colors. This type of wood is also very easy to clean, clean, easily remove stains, light scratches on the wood surface. This is completely different from conventional industrial wood lines.

Acrylic wood has good resistance to ultraviolet rays.

It is a material with good heat resistance. At the same time, you can see through like a glass material (but lighter in weight than glass), good impact resistance, flexible.

Therefore, wood from Acrylic is often used to manufacture kitchen cabinets, TV shelves, wardrobes, etc. Furniture products that require high strength but still ensure aesthetics, luxury as well as fashion.

gỗ acrylic

What are the advantages of Acrylic wood?

  • Beautiful, rich, diverse, durable color like other natural woods such as: jackfruit wood, teak wood…. in long-term use.
  • Bright, glossy, beautiful colors suitable for modern interiors.
  • Create a luxurious interior space.
  • Flexible, easy to bend
  • Like camphor wood. Acrylic has good bearing capacity.
  • Is an industrial wood like  rubber wood. So Acrylic is safe for users, not harmful to the environment.

What are the disadvantages of Acrylic wood?

  • Besides the outstanding advantages. This type of wood still has disadvantages that make users consider when choosing:
  • Not suitable for classical, neoclassical style.
  • When placed in places that are always wet for a long time, the durability of wood is not high.
  • To produce furniture made from acrylic wood, manufacturers need to invest in modern machines and need great accuracy. Especially the edge banding machine needs high sophistication and modernity. With conventional machines, the furniture will become rough, easy to lose aesthetics.
  • The production cost is still quite high.
  • Acrylic wood is easily scratched, so it is only used as furniture for low-impact locations. These scratches are often difficult to clean, the best way is to replace with another piece of wood.
  • In the sawing process, Acrylic is more difficult to cut than other types of wood.
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Compare Acrylic and Laminate wood

These are two types of wood that are commonly used in surface decoration of wooden furniture, especially kitchen cabinets. From the outside, they all have a shiny surface and are suitable for modern style. But what is the difference between them, which type of wood is better, let’s take a look.

In terms of characteristics

Laminate wood surface is highly stable, difficult to fade or crack, absorb water, good scratch and impact resistance. This material is considered high-class, popular in Europe. The surface of this wood has both stone and wood grain very natural, the surface can create roughness, roughness like stone or wood in nature.

In terms of aesthetics

Wooden kitchen cabinet design made from acrylic

Acrylic wood is slightly better than Laminate wood because they are quite similar to a mirror. Although some Laminate models also have mirror gloss properties, the gloss and flatness are inferior to Acrylic.

Acrylic is suitable for modern styles, Laminate can be suitable for both classics (stone and wood grain patterns).

If Acrylic is rich in colors, Laminate is rich in both surface (grainy, glossy), and texture (stone, wood, imitation aluminum, imitation leather …).