Is Melaleuca Wood Furniture Durable?

Melaleuca wood has long been favored by many people because of its rustic look and many useful uses for beauty and human health.

But did you know that recently Melaleuca wood is also made into household furniture? And are things made from Melaleuca wood durable? Read on to learn more about this wood.

What is Melaleuca wood, where is it grown, and its characteristics?

Currently, there are about 200 types of melaleuca known in the world. Most live naturally in the forests of Australia. And popularly grown in Southeast Asian countries, including in Vietnam.

Melaleuca wood belongs to the shrub family, this is a tree for timber. Has an average height of 15-20m, straight body, rough shell. Like the caffeine tree  in our country, Melaleuca trees are often planted on slopes. Higher than sea level to cover bare land and hills. Partly because the tree is easy to adapt to all weather conditions, grows quickly and in addition, the tree has a high economic value.

Melaleuca wood belongs to the shrub family, this is a rare wood species

This is a useful tree for human life when it can be harvested for wood used for furniture. Making pulp, cajeput essential oil with many health benefits.

Therefore, this plant is encouraged by the government to cultivate. Especially in the Northern mountainous areas, there is a large concentration of Melaleuca trees. Where there is good soil and people grow intensively for timber. Currently, in Vietnam, Melaleuca is classified into 2 main types: Melaleuca tea and Melaleuca wind:

+ Tea tree: plant with white flowers, small leaves and succulent. Commonly used to make beauty products such as cosmetics, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, ..

+ Melaleuca wind also has the same characteristics as tea tree. White flowers and larger leaves, often in the form of long or wide bamboo sheets, can be used to treat common diseases such as: flu, cough with phlegm… In addition, cajeputum essential oil is very popular in the treatment of diseases. . Pain, rheumatism, analgesic and antiseptic.

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Is yellow cotton Melaleuca wood good?


Melaleuca wood with the scientific name is  Acacia auriculiformis. Has a lifespan of more than ten years that can be exploited. The diameter of the tree can be over 18 cm, the woody trunk is bright yellow and straight. Wood grain has few defects, strong and high hardness.

The height of the trunk is from 10 m to 15 m, many trees can be up to 20 to 25 m tall. Is a tree capable of improving the economy, eradicating hunger and reducing poverty in mountainous areas. Prevent erosion, landslides, floods. It is considered as a spearhead forest tree that plays an important role in Vietnam.

Besides, the cost of yellow cotton Melaleuca tree is quite cheap, so it can be used to produce pulp and household furniture. In some places, such as the street, the yellow cotton Melaleuca tree campus is also planted as an ornamental tree for shade.

The yellow cotton melaleuca tree belongs to the legume family, there are parasitic nodules on the roots. Therefore, it has the ability to synthesize nitrogen for the plant itself. Therefore, the self-improvement of the yellow cotton tree to prevent erosion is very good.

Quality value

gỗ tràm
Melaleuca wood yellow cotton is used to make wooden floors in houses

Melaleuca wood is good quality when it has to meet the standards of longevity. Only the percentage of defects on the stem can be harvested. Melaleuca yellow cotton is superior to other types of Melaleuca. Has good termite resistance, good water resistance, high strength and no warping. Therefore, when producing finished household appliances to the market, it is possible to meet the standards of aesthetics as well as durability.

Compared to its quality, the price of yellow cotton Melaleuca wood is considered to be better than other types. With the general economic conditions of many Vietnamese families. Owning items made from Melaleuca wood is completely possible.

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Melaleuca wood wardrobe

Melaleuca wood belongs to group IV in the precious wood groups of Vietnam. Different from the group with precious woods such as wooden dan,  nu wood. This is a group of wood with natural color, smooth grain, relatively durable and easy to process. Natural Melaleuca wood has good termite resistance and is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Due to its extremely good resistance to termites. Along with the ability to withstand many different types of weather. Melaleuca wood is very favored in making wardrobes. Melaleuca wood wardrobe models not only possess a high durability of up to several decades if well cared for.

At the same time, with a beautiful light yellow color. Along with beautiful straight lines. The melaleuca wood wardrobe has a traditional beauty. But still extremely trendy.

gỗ tràm
Melaleuca wood is a good wood material for furniture production

Is furniture made from Melaleuca wood durable?

Melaleuca wood matures quickly and can be harvested from the age of 13 or older. Straight wood, large diameter from 70-80 cm, has a beautiful light yellow color.

Melaleuca wood has few defects, is relatively solid and beautiful. Often used in the woodworking industry into cheap, good quality furniture. Especially wood planks from Melaleuca trees are highly appreciated. Because of the color uniformity, durability, long life and good quality.

Besides, the designs of Melaleuca wood furniture are very diverse. Bright colors are eye-catching and suitable for the climate in Vietnam, so it is popular with many families. However, Melaleuca wood does not have a scent like camphor wood. So when choosing to buy Melaleuca wood, you can buy more camphor wood decorations to enjoy the fragrance.

Although it does not possess the beautiful wood grain like the precious woods of groups 2 and 3. But Melaleuca wood has a rustic and durable, giving the home of the owner a cozy and classic feeling.

Melaleuca wood furniture, if well preserved, can be used for several decades. Does not warp and crack, is quite waterproof and water resistant.

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The price of natural monolithic Melaleuca wood is also not too expensive. From only 5 million, you can own Melaleuca wood blocks. And after processing will become quality and beautiful products.

Used to make household appliances

After a period of use, the wooden furniture will certainly be discolored. At that time, it is only necessary to apply a light layer of PU paint or varnish to regain the youthful appearance of Melaleuca wood as it was at the beginning.

With many advantages such as durability, strength and no termites, the price is affordable. So Melaleuca wood is really a suitable choice for families with average economic conditions. Love wooden furniture and love the coziness brought by this material.

Currently, Melaleuca wood is used to make things such as living room and dining room chairs, beds, wardrobes, TV shelves, etc.

In fact, tea tree wood is not appreciated for its luxury, so in general it does not meet the needs of furniture enthusiasts. If possible, research products made from imported walnut, cedar or redwood…

Vietnam has a lot of other precious woods:  stained blood wood , ironwood, incense wood… Used to make fine art and high-class furniture in homes, offices and hotels.. Synonymous with The fact that customers have a lot of choices depending on their needs and preferences.