Jackfruit Wood Price How Much? Some Applications Of Wood

Jackfruit wood is one of the most popular woods in Vietnam. In rural areas, especially families with gardens located close to the hillside, most households grow jackfruit as fruit trees. After a long time, people will exploit jackfruit trees to make wood. So is jackfruit good? It is used to do?

If you are choosing and learning about materials to make furniture, you should read the information right below. Thereby you will have another expensive option.

What is jackfruit wood?

Jackfruit wood is a type of wood harvested from the jackfruit tree. It has the scientific name Artocarpus heterophyllus, which was first found in southern India. Later, jackfruit trees were planted in countries in Southeast Asia. And in Vietnam, jackfruit is grown a lot in mountainous areas. Jackfruit belongs to group IV in the classification of natural woods.

Initially, jackfruit was grown only to get fruit. After many years of growth, jackfruit trees are harvested for wood. Because it is a wood with many advantages, many people like to use their wood to make furniture.

Jackfruit is grown a lot in mountainous areas

The jackfruit tree has many names, so people often mistakenly think it has many types of wood. But in fact, the wood of this tree has only one type. The difference in the name is just the way it is called by region. In fact, in Vietnam, there are also many types of wood that are grown industrially and bring high economic efficiency to growers. Like acacia wood or pine wood for example.

Features and how to recognize

Based on some characteristic features of the wood, it will be easy for us to accurately distinguish this type of wood. Here are their most prominent features:

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– The nature of jackfruit is quite light and soft, relatively similar to metal wood, so it is easy to process. Therefore, people can create many products with fine details from this wood material.

– Jackfruit wood has very good durability. Normally, this wood material after being treated has a lifespan of several tens or hundreds of years. Along with that, the properties of wood are also very stable, so natural wood is less susceptible to termites attack, less prone to cracking, warping and warping.

– Jackfruit wood has a light aroma, its smell is similar to the smell of Agarwood. Therefore, the furniture made from this type of wood will help users feel relaxed and comfortable. Not too fragrant and strong like jade wood.

– The jackfruit tree is characterized by a slightly yellow color like jags. This color palette is popular with many fastidious homeowners because it will make the space brighter and more youthful.

Jackfruit is characterized by light, gentle colors

Why does jackfruit wood have many applications in Vietnam?

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, jackfruit is also used in furniture production because of its popularity and feng shui meaning.

– Popularity: Most families with hillside gardens in Vietnam grow jackfruit. Therefore, jackfruit tree wood is abundant in our country. Moreover, jackfruit is also imported from Laos, making the amount of wood available on the market as much as possible. It’s not as hard to find as cherry wood. However, there are still many unreliable suppliers on the market. So you need to think very carefully before buying.

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The meaning of feng shui: The wood of the jackfruit tree has two feng shui meanings. Firstly, the jackfruits are often clustered together, so it is said that it shows cohesion. Feng shui items made from jackfruit wood will help the family to be in harmony, happiness and cohesion. Secondly, jackfruit also symbolizes growth and reproduction. Therefore, many people like feng shui items with jackfruit because they think they can bring fortune and luck to the family.

Application of jackfruit wood

In fact, there are quite a few people who wonder if jackfruit is good or not, what the wood of this tree can be used for. Here are some of their common uses.

Exquisite table made of jackfruit wood

In the field of music

In the production of musical instruments, jackfruit is often used to create gongs for ethnic people, drums, harp… Instruments made from this wood give clear, bright and colorful sounds. eye-catching outside.

In the field of feng shui

In feng shui, jackfruit can be used to produce altars, letter books, wooden statues, couplets, necklaces, water hyacinths, Buddha statues, etc.

The altar made of jackfruit wood has a beautiful design and a variety of choices. Especially less susceptible to termites, durable and naturally fragrant. When it comes to the altar, it is impossible not to mention hyacinth. This is also a popular item using this wood material. Depending on the design of the worship space, the size of jackfruit wood hyacinth is very diverse. Their colors are very luxurious and very suitable for Eastern spiritual culture.

In the field of furniture

The jackfruit tree is used to produce most of the popular and high-value furniture. Such as: wooden bed, TV shelf, table and chair, wardrobe, study table, decorative cabinet…

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Is jackfruit wood expensive?

The price of jackfruit wood will depend on many factors. As the source of the jackfruit tree is wild jackfruit or jackfruit. The jackfruit tree is a chewy jackfruit or a honey jackfruit. The average price of wood will range from 10 to 15 million VND per square meter. It may change from time to time and depending on the provider you choose.