What Is Kien Kien Wood, Is Kien Kien Wood Price Expensive

The economic value of kien kien wood is ranked high next to  red wood, agarwood…. Because this tree has a straight trunk and good quality, the scent of wood is light, so it is easy to satisfy customers to choose.

What kind of wood is gypsum wood?

Kien Giang wood is also known as Rotary wood. It is also known by its scientific name: Hopea pierrei Hance. The fenugreek belongs to the family of Olive trees.

Ecological characteristics

Speaking of eucalyptus trees, people imagine a large tree with a straight trunk. Mature trees can grow up to 40 m tall. The trunk diameter will fall from 0.6 m to about 0.8 m. In addition, there are such larger trees. Trunks and large trees vary depending on the age of the tree as well as the landscape, environment or living conditions of the tree.

gỗ kiền kiền

The bark of the fenugreek has a characteristic dark wood-brown color that is quite similar to the color of ebony. Kien Kien has the characteristic that it is often cracked along the bark, showing the weather and rain of a large pine tree. Leaves are evergreen, growing singly. They are round like an egg. Especially the tip of the leaf is pointed, the base of the leaf is round. When the leaves dry, they often turn dark green with black. The upper surface of the leaves often blooms with white powdery flowers.

Kien Giang flowers often grow in clusters, flower clusters, flower pattern 5. Petals bring light red color when the plant matures. The outer surface of the flower is covered with thin hairs. The fruit is small, oval in shape. Spines are common at the apex, especially as the pods age. They gradually turn into wood. At this point we will see the plastic in the shell.

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Usually, the blooming season falls in the fall from September to around October each year. The fenugreek fruit will fall around May and June. The tree also has strange ecological characteristics. They will usually grow in clusters of trees. At the same time, scattered in the style of a rather closed small forest, a “small arboreal forest” is discreetly covered with green, thriving in the tropical wet season.

The tree is resistant to extremely dark nature. However, the plant is susceptible to strong reactions to toxic chemicals. The most noticeable point when poison ivy is that the tree will be almost completely deciduous.

The fenugreek has the ability to fight nature

Tree distribution

Kien Giang in Vietnam was severely and brutally destroyed during the resistance war against the US, due to the great impact of Agent Orange. Today, people see many fenugreek trees growing in clusters in some provinces of Vietnam such as Dak Lak, Hue, Kien Giang, or Ho Chi Minh City, etc.

In the world today, the countries that are growing the most eucalyptus trees can be mentioned as: Thailand, Malaysia or Cambodia … countries in the humid tropical region.

Characteristics of pine trees

At first glance, it seems that Kien Kien will look like group 4 woods such as cypress wood, etc., with average quality. But in fact, they are quite sturdy, very durable. Therefore, Kien Giang wood is classified in the second group of wood according to Vietnam’s wood classification.

Kien Kien has characteristics such as sturdy, fine grained wood. The tree also has good tolerance to sun and rain. At the same time, the tree is also extremely resistant to termites and water. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields, especially in interior decoration. This is one of the great advantages of pine wood.

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Applications of wood

Besides, there are some other outstanding features that are also very prominent: pine wood is quite malleable, so it is quite easy to carve, or shape. Therefore, products made from this wood are quite diverse in design and shape.

Moreover, it is quite user-friendly. As well as very convenient for the cleaning process when cleaning. Therefore, if your home uses this wood, it will create a feeling of luxurious room space. At the same time, it remains airy and comfortable. With the characteristic brown color of wood, it will make the room warm, bringing members closer.

gỗ kiền kiền
The wooden door is made from the pine tree

Some of the most amazing applications that pine wood has are useful applications in daily life. Kien Giang is popular for making skeleton materials for home furniture products such as:

  • Wooden floor, wooden stairs
  • Floor plank
  • The frame of the sofa table and chair has a beautiful and eye-catching exterior color, quite suitable for the luxury of the living room…
  • Used in wooden boat interior
  • Crafting boat building boards because they have strong and durable materials.

Thanks to the beautiful and durable nature of an inherently premium natural wood. Therefore, wood from Kien Giang is suitable in the field of construction. The bark is used to make beautiful natural ceilings and walls to replace wood or to make wooden doors in the house.

Is kien kien wood expensive?

It is a straight-bodied wood line with extremely good quality. Along with that is a luxurious wooden brown color. The economic value of Kien Kien is ranked high. Therefore, there are quite a few giants who choose pine wood for their homes.

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Kien Kien has a light woody scent like wood. However, it is not as fragrant as camphor wood so it is easy to satisfy customers to choose.

Besides, thanks to its high applicability in many industries and fields, along with its rarity. It makes pine wood quite expensive in the market. This makes the products made from trees also have top quality as well as high prices.