Is Laminate Similar to Melamine? Characteristics of Wood

Nowadays, furniture products designed from industrial wood are gradually becoming popular in the market. In particular,  Laminate wood  cannot be ignored because of the advantages they bring. Fins, is laminate wood the same as melamine? What are the characteristics of wood? These are questions that readers will be answered through the following article.

What is Laminate wood?

Formica or HPL (High Pressure laminate) is another name for Laminate. This is a material that is glued to the surface of the product to provide durability and color stability. Laminate sheets have the required size of 1220x2440mm, with a thickness of 0.6~0.8mm.

Laminate industrial wood is composed of 3 layers:

The kraft paper layer is created by many layers of paper pressed together through the action of pressure with high pressure. This is the layer that creates the thickness for Laminate boards.

Laminate industrial wood is composed of 3 layers

The Decorative Paper layer is the second layer of this wood. It acts as a layer of decorative paper with patterns and colors created on the machine and then printed on special decorative paper. Through pressing force at high temperature. The molten and sticky film with this paper helps the top of the Laminate to stay true to color and last for a long time. Thanks to this thermal printing technology, Laminate is divided into 2 main product lines including:

Wood grain laminate

To be able to create natural wood grain lines on Laminate surface. Manufacturers will design the lines with the most natural colors on the computer. Next, use heat press printing technology. The color layer will be pressed onto the surface of the substrate until it blends into the base paper.

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At the end of this process, the manufacturer will use an outer coating to increase the durability of the color layer.

Stone grain laminate

Just like wood grain. The stone grain is designed on the printer. After that, it will be printed on film paper under heat pressure at 220 degrees Celsius. After the film layer has met the conditions. The manufacturer will use an extra layer of Overlay on the surface to create gloss as well as ensure color fastness for the product.

Finally, the film covers the glue on the surface. This overlay is a thin layer of colorless glue. It has the ability to create certainty and stability for the surface of the product. Thereby making the product water-resistant, fire-resistant, anti-color drift, anti-collision, anti-scratch, resist the attack of termites and chemicals, making it easy for consumers to clean. clean toilet.

Laminate wood characteristics

Besides common natural woods such as pine, oak. Laminate wood materials are used quite a lot in the furniture manufacturing market.


  • The surface of the wood is covered with a special glue. Therefore, the wood color is difficult to be mixed when impacted.
  • Resists attack of termites and bacteria.
  • Laminate material is diverse in color and rich in design. This helps consumers have more choices for their family’s space. Your family can choose Laminate with a close-grained wood grain to bring warmth. Or choose stone veins to make the room more luxurious.
  • Compared with natural wood with high hardness such as: wood spokes, ironwood ….Laminate has a lot of flexibility, easy to bend in the product design process.
  • Environmentally friendly materials, safe for consumers.
  • The price is in line with the needs of many consumers. It is not as tall as natural  green cypress, black cassava ….
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Laminate wood materials appear to be gradually dominating the furniture market


Laminate production process requires a high level of technology and expertise along with modern machinery. If the product does not meet the requirements, the resulting product is easy to peel off when the weather is hot and humid, affecting the aesthetics.

Comparison between two types of laminate wood and melamine wood

In the industrial wood lines, Laminate and Melamine are two materials that are easily confused with each other. Melamine is an adhesive resin, but it is essentially a low-quality variant of Laminate. They are identified by the following criteria:

  • About design: Laminate wood has the ability to make many products with a variety of forms with complex bends. This is due to its high heat resistance and toughness properties. And Melamine wood is often limited in the process of shaping the product.
  • About color: Both wood lines have true colors, hard to fade, uniform and rich. As a result, customers will have a variety of designs to choose from to suit their home.
Gỗ laminate
Laminate wood can withstand high heat pressure
  • Properties: The ability to withstand the impact of impact forces, scratch resistance, Laminate wood has a distinct advantage. Melamine glue resin is directly covered on the wood surface under the effect of moderate pressure, while Laminate wood is subject to high heat pressure and cannot be directly coated on the surface like Melamine wood. Both types are environmentally friendly and do not cause harm to the consumer of the product.
  • Cost: Products made from Laminate wood are often more expensive than products made from Melamine wood.

Laminate wood creates a variety of colors and types in the wood industry on the market today. Laminate wood materials are used to create many products in the interior industry such as designing kitchen cabinets, TV shelves, beds, wardrobes, ceiling tiles, wall tiles, decorative walls, especially applications in furniture. Decorative wooden floor design creates a variety of colors to highlight the living space of the owner.

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Above is the basic information about Laminate wood. The choice of Laminate wood is one of the smart choices for homeowners when choosing the right furniture products for their beloved home. Hope that readers will accumulate useful knowledge for themselves.