Can We Recognize mausoleum wood by Langurs By Scent?

Usually, people recognize mausoleum wood through its characteristic light aroma. Besides, they can also be distinguished by their outer color.

What is linden wood?

Lagerstroemia speciosa, also known as purple mausoleum, has the scientific name of Lagerstroemia speciosa. The linden tree belongs to the genus Horoscope and its wood belongs to groups I and III in the wood classification.

The tree is native to India, belongs to the group of woody trees, with a height of 10 -15m, the bark has a characteristic brownish-black color. The canopy is dense, the leaves are up to 20cm long, the leaf surface is smooth, giving people a feeling of dryness.

The flowers grow in clusters with a pale purple-pink color. Trees play an important role in building the landscape of urban streets, creating shade and making the atmosphere fresher.

Lilac flowers grow in clusters with pale pinkish purple color

Characteristics of mausoleum wood

Bang Lang is classified in groups I and III according to the classification of wood groups of Vietnam, is a tree with many different varieties. Specifically, it can be mentioned as: Wood with prisms, also known as guava leaves. They belong to group 1 of rare woods. The characteristic of this variety is that the wood grain waves and wood grain are formed quite beautifully and eye-catching. Especially because of its rarity will come with a high price. Or we can mention the variety with purple mausoleum, also known as purple mausoleum, wood by chun or water mausoleum. They are the species of linden in group 3.

Natural Langur tree is commonly grown in most provinces, cities as well as towns of Vietnam. Especially distributed in the North Central provinces, such as: Thua Thien Hue, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Central Highlands, Kon Tum… In these provinces, some rare woods are also grown, such as po mu,  trai. red, camphor, sassafras.

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The body of the mausoleum has a beautiful shape, the rough body has a characteristic dark brown color. The flesh of the heartwood and the heartwood is pale yellow, with a light aroma. Their stems are also rarely upright.

The canopy of the crown is dense, the branches will be almost horizontal to embrace the many layers of the canopy. Usually, people use the wood of the mausoleum to make natural decorative interior products. It can also be used to build boats, boat interiors, etc. Its natural wood grain is also more beautiful than common trees such as pine, or industrial melamine.

The application of wood by mausoleum

When used for furniture, the natural light yellow color will make the family’s space become fresh and lively, the atmosphere is comfortable and airy.

Besides, people also use the wood of this tree to make wooden floors. They have relatively toughness, do not dry hard, thus minimizing cracking, deformation or warping.

Bench made of wood of the tree with mausoleum

Fenugreek has high economic and scientific value. People consider the mausoleum to be a native plant. Not only is it a beautiful ornamental plant, a rare shade tree, but Lang Lang is also well adapted to harsh weather conditions and has good resistance to nature.

It is evaluated that the mausoleum is a tough, woody tree that is very suitable for cityscapes or urban areas, etc. Group III mausoleum trees can be widely deployed. However, rare group I mausoleum trees should be strictly preserved.

In addition, it is also of great medicinal value. It can be mentioned that the leaves can also support the treatment of diabetes, or have the effect of curing obesity, urinary tract diseases or gout …

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Not only that, their seeds also have a sedative effect, supporting insomnia. Langur fruit is used to cover the skin to overcome damage to the oral mucosa. In particular, the bark of the lentil has a benign effect as a natural laxative, improving constipation and difficulty in defecation. Some other tree species with their seeds also have high nutritional value, such as walnuts.

How to identify wood by mausoleum?

Through scent

Lang Lang has a characteristic fragrance from flowers. Langur flower contains essential oil, so it has a mild, light fragrance. People also refine the flower oil of Langur into perfume. Langur wood also carries a special mild aroma from the essential oils of the bark. This is one of the most prominent features people use to classify wood and identify them.

Langur wood also has a special mild aroma from the essential oil of the bark

Through appearance, color

The tree has green leaves, 8-15cm long, 3-7cm wide, the leaves will fall seasonally. The flowers are purple, pinkish purple, they will grow in clusters 20-40cm long. Their flowers usually bloom in mid-summer. The flower has 6 petals, each petal is 2 to 3.5cm long. The fruit is usually pale purple with a bit of green, the fruit is soft, until the leaves fall. Dried mature fruit will have a diameter of 1.5 – 2cm.