MDF With MFC, HDF, Better Grade

If you have ever researched about industrial wood to shop for kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, wooden beds or simply a table, you will find that in the market besides  MDF wood  there are also MFC and HDF wood. . So how are they different, which is better, please find out in detail through this article.

What is MDF, MDF board?

MDF is the first 3 letters taken from the English name Medium Density Fiberboard as the abbreviation for this wood. Its English name means medium density fiberboard.

In a nutshell, MDF is an industrial wood board manufactured on a modern line from debris and branches of many real woods such as oak, ragwood, incense, etc. These materials are crushed and formed into small cellulosic fibers.

Next, the wood fibers will be put into the sink to clean impurities and residual plastic minerals. Finally, they are put into mixers that already have a special glue and adhesive to press and compress into MDF wood panels.

The raw materials used in the technology of making MDF are natural woods grown for a short period of time

The raw materials used in MDF wood making technology are short-term natural woods that have not been aged. After being mined, they are taken to the production site. The standard size of MDF boards is 1200mm (width) * 2400mm (length) * 2.5mm/25mm (thickness).

MDF covered with melamine

Beside the traditional mdf wood. Currently on the market there are more melamine-coated mdf wood with similar manufacturing methods. However, the surface of MDF is covered with a layer of Melamnie plastic. In this way, it helps to improve the disadvantages of traditional MDF such as:

Variety of colors and patterns. MDF coated with melamine has more than 300 different colors from solid color to wood grain, stone grain ….
Water resistant, scratch resistant.

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MDF with MFC wood, HDF wood, which is better?

Like MDF, HDF and MFC are also industrial wood lines. All three types of wood are among the top industrial woods used in wooden interior design.

From the outside, these three types of wood are very similar, but the wood inside has a different manufacturing process and structure.

Below we will show you the differences of these three types of industrial wood in terms of composition, characteristics, safety, and practical applications.

First, the origin and meaning of each type of wood
  • MDF: As mentioned above, the full name of MDF is Medium Density Fiberboard. They mean high moisture resistant, medium density laminate.
  • Wood MFC: Short for Melamine Faced Chipboard, they mean chipboard plywood.
  • HDF wood: Full name is High Density Fiberboard, they are high density plywood.
Industrial wood does not have as good durability as natural woods such as seded wood
Second, the composition
  • MDF is made from wood fibers.
  • MFC wood is made from wood chips.
  • HDF wood: made from wood pulp.
Third, the diversity of wood
  • MDF has about 80 colors.
  • MFC wood comes in about 80 colors.
  • HDF wood only has about 40 colors.
Fourth, the standard thickness of each type of wood
  • In terms of standard sizes, these woods are all 2400mm in length and 1200mm in width, however, the thickness of each is different.
  • MDF has standard thicknesses of 9mm, 12mm and 15mm, respectively.
  • MFC wood comes in standard thicknesses of 18mm and 25mm.
  • HDF wood has a thickness of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 15mm, respectively.
Fifth, the variety of each type of wood
  • In each type of wood is divided into many different types with different abilities.
  • There are 5 types of MDF wood, including: MDF for indoor use, water-resistant MDF, smooth-sided MDF, non-smooth MDF, melamine-coated MDF.
  • There are two types of MFC wood: regular MFC and moisture resistant MFC.
  • HDF wood has 3 types: normal HDF, moisture-proof HDF (called HDF HMR), fire-resistant HDF.
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Sixth, moisture resistance

Moisture resistance of 3 types of wood are ranked in ascending order of moisture resistance as follows: MFC wood, MDF wood, HDF wood.

Seventh, price

The cost of the three types of wood is arranged in ascending order from MFC to MDF and HDF is the most expensive.

Eighth, the safety of each type of wood

The safety of these three types of wood is also arranged in ascending order like cost or moisture resistance. That is, MFC wood has the lowest safety, then MDF and HDF wood have the highest safety.

MFC wood has completely poor properties compared to MFC, HDF
Ninth, applicability
  • MDF wood is used a lot in the production of house furniture, construction furniture and interior decoration…
  • MFC wood is used to produce furniture for homes and offices.
  • HDF wood is widely used in construction, high-class interior works, interior and exterior decoration.
Tenth, the color of each wood

From the outside, it is difficult to distinguish these three types of wood, but inside each type of wood has different characteristics.

MDF has a dark green color, while the other two have a more natural wood color. In particular, HDF wood has a lighter color and smoother, while MFC wood has a darker color and the core is not smooth, sometimes with small pores.

So what kind of wood is best? Based on the above comparison information, you can also easily feel that HDF wood is the best of the 3 types of wood.

However, each type has different advantages and disadvantages and is suitable for different situations. Especially they are related to your budget, your purpose of use. So you should consider for yourself the type of industrial wood plank that is right for you.