What is a rose? Meaning of Roses. The most beautiful roses in the world.

Rose is a flower that not only stands out by its appearance but also has a particularly seductive scent. In this article, we will introduce the top 25 most beautiful roses in the world today. It will surely bring you surprises, delights and surprises.

1. Ecuadorian Rose

The Ecuadorian rose originates from the beautiful country of Ecuador. Ecuador is a country located in Southeast America, with a subtropical climate divided into many seasons all year round. Along with the investment in planting and care techniques, this country has produced beautiful, graceful and extremely outstanding roses among all roses in the world.

Ecuadorian roses have a large size, the average height is from 0.6 to 1.5m. It has thick, dark green leaves and large stems. The petals are hard, dark and fresh for a long time. The edges of the wings are green or slightly yellow, making the viewer think that the flower is wilted or wilted, but in fact it is not.

hoa hồng Ecuador
Ecuador Roses Pictures

An Ecuadorian rose will have a minimum of 30 petals or more. In addition to the common red color, this type of rose can also come in many different colors. Like white, light blue, yellow, .. Creates a charming, unmistakable highlight for this flower.

The Ecuadorian rose is a symbol of undying, intense and enduring love. Besides the decorative function, it is also used by many couples on romantic holidays. Roses have a passionate scent like milk flower but much harder to fade. This represents strong, lasting love.

2. Da Lat Rose

Da Lat rose is a type of rose that is bred and widely planted in Da Lat. This rose has the scientific name Rose sp. It has a dark gray base, hard and brittle. The average height of Da Lat persimmon is from 0.7 to 0.9m. When the flower blooms, the petals tend to spread wide to reveal the eye-catching yellow-orange pistil. In addition to the brilliant beauty, Da Lat persimmon also gives a gentle, pleasant fragrance when blooming.

Dalat Roses
Hoa hồng Đà Lạt

Da Lat roses grow and develop well in the typical weather conditions of Da Lat. The tree is easy to grow and care for, has a long life. It is a symbol of pure and pure love.

With a small and splendid appearance, people often grow Da Lat persimmons in high-class resorts, restaurants, and hotels. To increase the aesthetics of the space. Or make wedding flowers, yearbook flowers, art decoration flowers. Or used to produce skin-beautifying rose water. Bringing great profits to growers.

3. Yellow Rose

Yellow roses are the brightest, warmest roses among the rose species today. Most of these rose varieties have a sweet, natural fragrance. Previously, the meaning of yellow roses was often associated with negative things such as betrayal and brokenness. But today it is a symbol of sincerity, luck and happiness.

Hoa hồng vàng
Yellow roses have a color similar to apricot blossom

In life, we can encounter many different colors of yellow roses. From the bold and vibrant yellow rose to the beautiful, elegant and cold pale yellow rose. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the delicate, innovative and elegant creamy yellow rose. Each rose gold pattern brings positive energy. Promises to bring new things to you and those around you.

4. Carey Rose

The Carey rose is a bush rose, native to England. This rose produces single flowers, one flower spike will produce one flower bud. Carey pink has a fresh light pink color, a cool, gentle fragrance. The average diameter of a rose of this type is relatively large, from 6 to 9cm. Flowers can stay fresh for 3 to 4 days. During the blooming process, the petals tend to fold into the pistil and the pale pink color will fade until it fades away.

Rose Carey
Rose Carey

Rose Carey is easy to grow, develop, and has high disease resistance. It is a symbol of delicate and attractive beauty. A meaningful gift for every birthday or valentine’s day.

5. Lafont Rose

Lafont rose (or Bernadette Lafont rose) is a French rose variety bred by scientist Bernard Sauvageot in 2004. This rose is characterized by its classic lotus pink color and sweet fragrance. A Lafont rose can reach 8 to 12cm in diameter. Under good care conditions, this pink variety will flower all year round with a repeatability of 5 to 6 weeks for a flower litter.

Hoa hồng Lafont
Lafont Roses Pictures

Hong Lafont has a beautiful and luxurious beauty, suitable for development in the climatic conditions of Vietnam. In addition to decorating and beautifying the landscape, this rose is also used as a gift or for processing essential oils for skin care.

6. Kate Rose

Dubbed the “mysterious queen” of roses, Kate pink has the beauty of arrogance, coldness and a little unpredictable. The look of the Kate rose is characterized by a merlot (wine purple) pinkish-purple color. It was bred by David C. H. Austin – Rose Care Specialist in the South of England.

Kate Rose
Hoa hồng Kate

Kate rose has double petals, when blooming has a passionate aroma and long lasting. Flower diameter ranges from 8 to 12cm. Can flower all year round if conditions are good. Thanks to being bred from many different varieties of roses, Kate can adapt well to the conditions in Vietnam. Plants can still flower well when the temperature is low. So it is very popular to plant in balconies, parks or to make decorative flowers on tables and shelves.

7. White Rose

White rose is the common name for hybrid varieties of roses originating from Europe. In addition to the name associated with the color, this rose is also known as the heart-melting or hybrid rose. With its pure and delicate color, white rose carries a lot of positive connotations. In Roman times, the white rose was considered a symbol associated with the Goddess of Love and beauty. In the 14th century, the white rose was considered the coat of arms of the “Duke of York”. By 1840, it was used at the wedding of Queen Victoria of England. And now white roses are used a lot in conferences, high-class and luxury weddings.

Hoa hồng trắng
White Rose Pictures

White roses represent innocent, pure and pure girls in their twenties. It is a symbol of sincere, unselfish friendship and the purity of first love. Besides, this rose pattern is also a symbol of peace and solidarity between religions. It is a symbol of the virtues of the Virgin Mary – who gave birth to Jesus.

8. Red Rose

Red roses are the most popular rose species in the world today. It possesses the beauty of perfection, with a body characterized by many sharp and sharp spines. It represents intense love and burning passion.

The red rose is the flower associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek and Roman mythology. In the 19th century, it was especially loved by Queen Mary of England, so much so that the inside of her palace was filled with red roses. Today, red roses are not only a symbol of love but also a representation of strong and resilient women.

Hoa hồng đỏ
Red rose

Not only a meaningful gift, a wonderful decorative flower, red roses are also used in engagement ceremonies and wedding dresses. With the hope that the marriage will be full and happy in the future.

9. Purple Rose

Purple rose is a very rare species of pink, it has the beauty of femininity, charm, something mysterious and enchanting. According to scientific documents, purple roses were crossed with a Chinese rose and a European rose around the 18th century. Some other documents suggest that purple rose originated from Greece. Lap, because some pictures of this flower are found in archaeological sites.

Hoa hồng tím
Purple Rose Picture

The meaning of purple roses is very diverse and it will change with different shades of purple. For example, deep purple roses represent personality, strength and charm. Light purple rose is a symbol of sincere, enduring love. Or purple smoke symbolizes cold sadness, silent emotions, difficult to put into words. Whatever the meaning, purple roses are still a unique flower pattern and you can absolutely choose this flower pattern to express your feelings.

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10. Juliet Rose

Rose Juliet is one of the most popular varieties of roses in Vietnam today. It is dubbed the “million dollar” rose and is the most valuable rose variety created by David Austin – A great man specializing in care and breeding roses in the UK. It is known that to create Rose Juliet, David Austin took 15 years of research and spent more than 3 million pounds. So in addition to the name “million dollar commission”, people also call it “million pound commission”. Or fondly call it by the name “muse Juliet” to refer to the graceful and pure beauty of this flower.

Hoa hồng Juliet
Juliet Rose

Rose Juliet is a shrub, small woody, many flowers. Juliet rose petals are soft, smooth, yellow or yellow-orange, double-petal, producing large flowers. When blooming, the flower does not open its wings, but tends to be slightly folded into the pistil. Each petal is arranged on top of each other to create a beautiful, classy flower. Accompanied by a pleasant fragrance that can “fall down” any heart.

Juliet rose samples grow and develop best in low temperature conditions, with fast repeatability, for continuous flowers all year round. Therefore, it is often grown in balconies and small flower gardens. Bringing a romantic and high-class living space for everyone.

11. Masora Rose

Also similar in color to Juliet pink, but Masora rose originated in Japan. It was bred by Teizo Yoshiike in 2009 and quickly became one of the most loved roses today.

Hoa hồng Masora
Masora Rose

Masora rose is apricot yellow, slightly lighter than Juliet’s, the stem is soft, with few spines, 1 to 1.2m tall. An average rose of this type will be made up of 120 to 150 petals, the average flower diameter is from 7 to 9cm. When blooming, the flowers tend to fold inward to form a beautiful round sphere. Persimmon Masora has a characteristic fresh fruity aroma that is hard to confuse with any rose scent.

Masora roses have an elegant, elegant, wild and attractive appearance. It is a symbol of delicate beauty and strong like a weed. This variety is very suitable for growing in Vietnam. It has good disease resistance, and will also give great applications.

12. Sister’s Rose

Pink sage (or persimmon) is a bushy rose variety, with a woody stem, small and multi-colored flowers. Although the flower size only ranges from 2 to 6cm, this rose has never been outdone when standing with other roses.

In order for a rose to flower and grow at its best, you need to know how to take care of your sister’s rose. According to research, this species of persimmon grows well in a bright environment, the temperature ranges from 25 to 250 degrees Celsius and the humidity is from 70 to 80%. In particular, the soil for planting must be loose soil and have a pH ranging from 6 to 6.5. You can base on this information to prepare the most suitable conditions for the tree.

Hoa hồng tỉ muội
Sister’s Rose

Up to the present time, it has been reported that there are 350 different species of persimmons. They are distributed all over the world and in Vietnam alone, there are 50 varieties of this rose species. The sister rose is a symbol of love, happiness and the desire to reach for good things. It is mainly used as an indoor flower arrangement or planted in open ground to beautify the landscape.

13. Blue Sky Rose

Anyone seeing the Blue Sky rose for the first time can’t resist its allure. Because of the special and extremely impressive color of this rose variety. In particular, the color of flowers can also change depending on the temperature conditions of the environment. When the temperature is high, the flowers will be more pink than purple. When the temperature is lowered, the flowers will have a darker purple color.

Hoa hồng Blue Sky
Blue Sky Rose

Blue Sky rose belongs to the bush rose variety, bred by an agricultural expert in Japan. It was introduced to Vietnam at the same time as the climbing rose (mid-19th century).

Pink Blue Sky means blue sky, is a symbol of dreamy love and faithfulness. In addition, it also has the meaning of expressing passion and sincerity.

14. Misaki Rose

Misaki rose is also a variety of rose originating from Japan. Like the Masora rose, this rose was also bred by Teizo Yoshiike in 2009.

Hoa hồng Misaki
Misaki Rose

Misaki pink has a gentle, elegant pastel pink color, bringing the beauty of an angel. It can bring a pleasant feeling to anyone when looking at it. Petals soft, smooth, natural fragrance. Pink Misaki is a symbol of purity, gratitude, joy and admiration. This rose pattern is also very popular as a gift or to express the love of romantic couples.

15. Blue Rose

Perhaps when it comes to blue roses, many people will be surprised. Because in fact, many people think that blue roses don’t really exist. They believe that this rose only exists in legend, besides there is also a long mythical story to describe the birth of this flower.

Hoa hồng xanh dương
Blue Rose

Blue rose is a rose variety that was successfully bred in Japan in 2004. Thanks to genetic modification therapy by creating the pigment delphinidin in rose ingredients. In nature, a rose plant cannot synthesize delphinidin on its own. Therefore, you cannot find a natural blue rose in the world but can only see this flower after being bred.

Thanks to its attractive and unique appearance, the blue rose is one of the most expensive flowers today. This rose pattern is a symbol of eternal, undying love. It has a stylized look, giving people a feeling of peace, trust and especially the impression of its noble and regal look.

16. Wall roses

Tuong Vi rose is an ancient, climbing rose variety that is grown in many villages in Vietnam. There are some documents that say that the rose is native to China, but there are also some other theories that this flower originates from beautiful Russia. Up to now, there is no scientific study to prove the exact origin of this flower.

Hoa hồng tường vi
Wall Rose

Hong Tuong Vi has a soft body, with thin and pointed spines on the body. The average tree trunk will have a length of 2 to 3m, if well cared for, can be up to 5-6m long. The rose flower has relatively large flowers, the petals have 2 popular colors, red rose and lotus pink. When hatching, they often tend to spread their wings outward, not tending to fold in like infrared varieties. Accompanying the bright, fresh look of the petals is a cool and clear fragrance.

Hong Tuong microorganism grows and develops well in the climate conditions of Vietnam. The plant is easy to grow and has strong resistance to pests and diseases. Suitable for growing on the balcony, in the garden or on the windowsill.

17. Rose of Abraham

Abraham rose is also a climbing rose that is loved by many people. This rose variety has the full name of Abraham Darby Rose, bred by David Austin in 1985 in England.

Hoa hồng Abraham
Rose of Abraham

The Abraham rose has two main colors: apricot pink and apricot yellow. When blooming, the flowers are large, giving a strong and quite strong fragrance. Especially the color or shape of flowers is not changed by weather conditions. Therefore, it is an optimal choice if you are looking to beautify your living space.

18. Catalina Rose

Catalina rose brings the graceful beauty of the queen with bright lemon yellow color, hard to mistake. Guaranteed to bring a lot of different emotions to anyone who looks at it.

Pink Catalina is a pink variety that was bred by New Zealand farmer – Frank Bart Schuurman in 2002. In addition to the name Catalina, you can also call it Catarina. Catalina rose petals are double petals, smooth and soft, when blooming can reach sizes from 6 to 8cm.

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Hoa hồng Catalia
Hoa hồng Catalia có màu vàng đậm như màu daisy

Rose Catalina is relatively easy to grow and care for, can grow well in the climate conditions in Vietnam. Currently, this rose is popular as a table flower, planted in front of the house or placed in pots. Helps to increase the beauty of living space and bring relaxation and comfort to everyone.

19. Red Eden Rose

Red Eden is a French climbing rose. It’s gorgeous, sweet, and beautiful to the point of perfection. Each petal is arranged side by side, highlighting the eye-catching, bringing an attraction that anyone can hardly refuse.

Hoa hồng Red Eden
Red Eden Rose

Red Eden rose has a luxurious and noble bright red color, bred by Alain Meilland in 2002. The flower has strong growth ability and can last up to 30 days.

Red Eden makes a special impression on the viewer by its round shape when blooming. Unlike other varieties of roses, Red Eden does not bloom individually, but in clusters. So it has the ability to change whatever space it appears in. Make it a place of romance and love.

20. Julio Rose

The Julio rose is also a rose variety that originated in France. The full name of this rose variety is Julio Iglesias, which was bred by Meilland International in 2004.

Hoa hồng Julio
Julio Rose

Julio rose has a relatively large trunk size, the height of the stem can be up to 1.5 to 1.7m, hard and strong. The flowers of this pink variety are red and creamy white interwoven, looking very new and eye-catching. An average Julio flower has 50 petals arranged alternately, the flower diameter is relatively large, ranging from 7 to 9cm. Julio pink gives a sweet and gentle aroma when blooming. It is often grown in potted plants for landscaping and beautifying the landscape.

21. Miranda Rose

Dubbed the “Queen of Wedding Flowers”, Miranda pink brings a strong impression to the viewer by its youthfulness and brightness. The trunk is 1 to 1.2m tall, the leaves are small and dark green.

Hoa hồng Miranda
Miranda Rose

Miranda is a rose variety bred by David Austin in 1997 in England. Flowers when blooming are round swirls, lovely and pure pastel pink. Perhaps because of this feature, Miranda roses are used a lot in weddings. It signifies happiness and wishes for a bright and beautiful future in married life.

22. Tezza Rose

Not having the “big” height like Julio pink or Miranda pink, Tezza pink has a relatively small and pretty appearance. Tezza is a dwarf rose variety and produces flowers 2 to 4cm in diameter. It was bred by Greenheart in 2007 in the US.

Hoa hồng Tezza
Tezza Rose

ezza is a wrong-flowered pink variety, with 8 popular colors: lemon yellow, pastel pink, dark pink, red,   orange, yellow orange, purple pink, magenta. Each of these flower colors can vary in intensity, creating a special diversity for this flower. If you are looking for a rose variety to make a birthday gift, a love gift, then Tezza pink is a perfect suggestion. Because it is a symbol of love, sincerity and desire to conquer.

23. Rose Claude Monet

Have you ever thought of a rose that has so many colors? What if there are different colors on a rose? It would be interesting, wouldn’t it? Come to Claude Monet rose model – One of the most beautiful striped rose models today.

Unlike most other varieties of roses, Claude Monet roses have relatively special petals. Above the petals there are many stripes with 2 common colors: yellow stripes and white stripes. It was created by 2 scientists Jackson and Perkins in the US in 1992.

Hoa hồng Claude Monet
Rose Claude Monet

Rose Claude Monet possesses a beautiful, elegant appearance and exudes a new way of thinking thanks to the color that she owns. Also because of this color feature, it is relatively difficult to grow and take care of, and its disease resistance is also lower than other persimmon varieties. Therefore, if you want to grow and propagate this rose, you need to find out the information carefully.

24. Rose Constance

Besides Miranda roses, Constance roses are also very popular for making wedding flowers. Constance is a climbing rose, bred in England in 2008 by David Austin. The flowers are pink-orange in the form of clusters, bringing the beauty of charm and purity. Plants can flower all year round with repeatability from 4 to 6 weeks for 1 litter.

Hoa hồng Constance
Rose Constance

With delicate beauty and passionate, sweet fragrance, Constance rose is a symbol of perfect love and a happy future. This pink variety is relatively easy to grow and care for, and is grown a lot in balconies and flower gardens in our country.

25. Peace Hybrid Rose

Another climbing rose variety that we would like to introduce to you is Peace. Peace hybrid was bred by Francis Meilland in France in 1935. The flowers are light rose gold, elegant, the yellow level fades from the beginning to the end of the petals. Bringing a beauty that is both gentle and eye-catching, but with something special and attractive.

Hoa hồng lai Peace
Peace Hybrid Rose

In addition to the name Peace, this hybrid rose is also known as Madame A. Meilland. Currently, this pink variety is mainly used in weddings, event decoration, or as table flowers. In fact, we can come across 3 popular colors of this rose variety: red, pink and white.

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Side information that not everyone knows about commissions?

Origin of the name rose

In English a rose is called rose and the word comes from the Latin Rosa. however, many botanists suggest that Rosa may also have been a loanword from the ancient Greek Oscan. Some people even think that rosa is borrowed from the voice of the ancient Persians. Roses are quite similar Primrose or paper flowers in color variety.

Botany characteristics of roses

The basic structure of a rosette is usually 3-5-9-13 leaves and grows in a symmetrical structure with the flower spike as the central axis. The leaves of the rose plant are oval in shape, enlarged at the bottom and tapered at the top. The length of the leaves usually ranges from 5 to 15 cm. The 2 sides of the flower leaves have a sharp serrated shape. For the most part, rose leaves fall off in the winter. However, with roses grown mainly in Southeast Asia, they will be green all four seasons thanks to the humid tropical monsoon climate.

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Rose leaves have pointed teeth and grow symmetrically

Most roses will be made up of many layers of petals, each layer will have 5 petals that are arranged alternately and gradually smaller inside. (except for the rose genus Rosa Sericea, which has only 4 petals). The main color of rose petals is usually white or pink. However, there are still certain genera that will be different and more diverse in color such as yellow or red…

The outermost part of the rose will be protected by the sepals. A rose will include 5 sepals equivalent to the 5 largest petals wrapped around the outside (except for Rosa Sericea, which has 4 sepals). The sepals are usually oblong, extending from the flower stalk to the end of the petal.

Go to the bottom of the rose, you will see a small blue sphere. This is the starting point of the protective sepals on the outside of the rose. This part is called rose hip. Rosehips are green when the rose has not yet bloomed and will gradually turn red as the rose begins to bloom. The fruit will turn completely berry red and become larger as the rosettes fall and wilt. Particularly in some types of roses, rose hips will be purple to black when the fruit has enough time and conditions to mature.

Most roses currently on sale do not have rose hips because they are plucked from the stem and bundled into bundles for transportation and delivery. This makes it impossible for the rose hips to grow and mature because the source of nutrients is cut off. In some special varieties of roses, rosehip contains a lot of Vitamin C, the most of all plants.

rose hip

Outside the rose branch grows many sharp thorns with an arc shape. These thorns form the rose’s natural defense against birds and seed-eating animals. At the same time, it also helps the roses grow, increasing the grip of the branches with the surrounding space to ensure their own growth.

Rose varieties

There are currently about 140-180 different purebred rose species worldwide and more than 35000 human-bred rose species. However, all species are only divided into 4 main genera:  

  1. Hulthemia: Single leaf rose. Consists of flowers with leaves that are single and arranged asymmetrically compared to other roses of the genus.
  2. Hesperrhodos: Small-leaved rosette. The leaves of hesperrhodos are the smallest of all the four genera of roses.
  3. Platyrhodon: Scaly rose genus. This is a fairly rare rose, large in size. At the time of development, the outer layer of the calyx will have a rough scab covering the entire flower.
  4. Rosa: is the most popular and popular rose in the world. The genus rosa is common in all parts of the world and is divided into 11 subspecies known as:  
Scaly roses will have an outer layer of scales that protect the flower. The scales may have sharp spines or thicker spines than other roses
  • Banksianae: Originated in China. Rose petals are mainly white and yellow.
  • Bracteatae: includes 3 main types of roses. Of these, two are from China. 1 type comes from India
  • Caninae: a rose with pink or white wings. Caninae is distributed mainly in Asia, Europe and North Africa.
  • Carolinae: also known as the North American rose. This flower has 3 main colors: white, pink, bright pink.
  • Chinensis: also known as hybrid rose. Chinensis possesses many different colors. They come mainly from China and Myanmar.
  • Gallicanae: Rose species native to Western Asia and Europe. Flowers are dark pink to crimson. Outside there are stripes running in the outermost layer of petals.
  • Gymnocarpae: known as the North American West Rose. However, there are a few varieties that are especially developed in East Asia.
  • Laevigatae: White roses come from China
  • Pimpinellifoliae: White, bright yellow, lilac and striped roses native to Asia and Europe</span >
  • Rosa: roses are white, pink, lilac, mulberry, red. Rosa is present everywhere except North Africa.
  • Synstylae: white, pink, crimson rose. This is a rose with vitality and high adaptability. Thanks to this, they can follow birds and animals to go everywhere and develop.

The main use of roses

Is one of the most popular and widely used plants in the world. Therefore, the rose plant has many uses from decoration to production, making food items or preparing essential oils.

For bonsai

The first and most common use of roses is as an ornamental plant. Roses are grown as ornamental plants for fragrance and decoration. Or split between different areas.

According to many scientific studies, roses have been used by humans as ornamental plants for millennia. The time when roses are known through ornamental cultivation appeared as early as 500 BC in China, the Mediterranean region and ancient Persia… Currently, botanists estimate there are about more than 35,000 varieties of roses and man-made roses are grown around the world.

Cut roses for gift

bó hoa hồng

Outside of application in decoration. Roses are also a gift for special occasions. However, giving a whole rose tree sometimes causes inconvenience to both the giver and the receiver. Therefore, the form of giving rose branches appeared and solved this problem.

When it is time to harvest, the florist will proceed to cut the flower stem from the rose stem. Bundle them together and store them in a certain environment to ensure that the flowers will grow and bloom at the time of gift giving.

Use as perfume

Rose is also the main ingredient in making rose essential oil, the main ingredient in many perfumes being used on the market today.< /span>

Rose growers will harvest the petals and send them to factories and industrial parks to extract essential oils. Here, the roses will be crushed and then distilled by steam method to extract the rose oil inside the petals. Once the essential oil is obtained. They will be processed through many technical stages to ensure that they are eligible to combine with other ingredients such as camphor or certain compounds to become perfumes.

Use as medicine

An extremely popular use of roses is to be used to make potions. Rosehips contain extremely large amounts of vitamin C. Therefore, this is one of the best natural ingredients for making medicine.

In particular, since ancient times the Chinese have known how to use roses in the treatment of stomach diseases. Currently, scientists have also discovered that there are many components in roses that can help control and prevent the growth of cancer.

Use as a drink or food

In addition to the above uses. Roses are also used as food or drink. The plant’s rose hips can be used to make marshmallows, soups, or jams.

Meanwhile, the rose petals are used by humans to make tea and bring a lot of benefits like butterfly pea flower tea.

Hopefully with the top 25 most beautiful roses in the world, readers have had wonderful moments of relaxation and viewing. Visit the website: https://quatest2.com.vn/ to read other useful articles and information.