Things To Know About Melamine Wood

Melamine is known in the interior design industry as one of the industrial woods that work as a material to use to produce products for consumer demand in the market. So, what is Melamine, what you need to know about Melamine wood must not be well understood by all readers. In the following article, we will help readers have a more general view of this wood.

What is Melamine Wood?

Melamine wood is also known as MFC wood (Melamine Faced Chipboard), melamine-coated chipboard, melamine-coated MFC wood. This is actually a wood veneer that belongs to the line of industrial wood covered with Melamine.

Melamine is a material used to decorate wooden surfaces. The Melamine sheet is composed of 3 layers: The innermost layer is Kraft paper (the stencil layer) followed by Decorative Paper (the film layer that creates art colors). The outermost is the Overlay (the outer layer of the membrane).

They are bonded together tightly by special glue. Through pressing at high pressure and temperature, MFC coated board is formed with standard size 1830x2440x18 (mm).

Melamine is a laminate of the industrial wood line covered with Melamine

Things to know about Melamine wood

Today with the development of modern scientific technology. Wood in nature is not the number one choice in interior design and architecture. Instead, many other types of materials have been found and tested. And popularly used in many fields including the furniture market, architecture. And melamine wood is one of them, they stand out by the advantages they bring.

This melamine coated board is produced from specially grown trees. This plant does not need to grow large, the harvest time is short.

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After preliminary processing, they are chopped and combined with glue, under the effect of pressure to create thickness, then the surface is coated to protect from termites, termites, mold and scratches. scratch.

Wood advantages

Diverse, rich wood surfaces with many different colors create many styles, fashions and choices for your family’s living space. Especially, Melamine-coated wood is resistant to the penetration of termites, other bacteria and chemicals, and is waterproof and moisture-proof. It is similar to other types of natural wood such as  Sen wood,  Ebony wood,  Saltwood…

This wood itself is difficult to fade, has high scratch resistance, good impact resistance. The product has been tested to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic to consumers, and easy to clean during use. Diverse models, reasonable prices of materials to meet the needs of consumers.


Melamine’s surface bending resistance is very limited. Compared to other types of wood materials, the wear resistance of Melamine wood is underestimated.

Application of MFC wood

Today, Melamine wood is used a lot, they are no longer strange to the interior design and architectural market. MFC is extremely popular in many fields, especially office furniture and home furniture. With reasonable prices, colors and designs are extremely rich and diverse.

In humid areas with high humidity requires the product to have good moisture resistance. In this case, customers can choose interior designs with a moisture-proof core.

Home and office furniture just use standard MFC wood. Let’s take a look at the applications of Melamine wood to have more choices for your home.

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Wall cladding

When you are bored with painted walls, or use wallpaper with a short life. Then choosing MFC decorative wall panels is really new and completely reasonable. Bringing you the perfect and modern living space.

MFC decorative wall panels are a new choice

Kitchen Cabinets

Are you worried about the durability of kitchen cabinets made from Melamine wood? With modern technology MFC is enhanced moisture resistance, the outermost is covered with Melamine layer that is scratch resistant, resistant to the attack of termites and bacteria, chemicals. Easy to clean when dirty by grease, water …

Apartment furniture

With modern living spaces but with limited space. The arrangement of furniture for the room is a difficult problem to ensure the criteria of aesthetics, convenience, reasonableness, and price.

The search for compact and convenient furniture products made from Melamine wood is always suitable for your family’s living space.

MDF covered with melamine

Similar to the melamine-coated MFC line of industrial wood. Melamine-coated MDF is made up of MDF wood with a melamine coating on the outside. MDF (Medium Desity Fiberboard) has high sharpness, medium density. Wood core after being crushed into powder fibers from short-term trees. Then add additives, compacted into standard wooden boards.

Some advantages of MDF laminated with melamine

  • With aesthetics, rich colors with nearly 300 colors from smooth to stone grain, wood grain, leatherette …
  • Varieties of wood grain of oak, red oak, frequency bu, nu Huong…
  • Durability up to 10 years, good resistance to termites, warping
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Easy to apply, works with good screws

Disadvantages of wood

  • May be blistered if exposed to a lot of water
  • Hard to bend to provide a variety of styles
  • There must be a good way to preserve it to keep it for a long time
  • To overcome these disadvantages, now. Experts recommend using melamine-coated moisture-resistant mdf in interior construction, kitchen cabinet installation and toilet construction.
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The price of MDF coated with melamine is currently quite cheap, only about 200 – 500 thousand VND / sheet depending on the type. You can refer to our price list here.

Hopefully, through the above information, readers will have a more general view of Melamine wood. Along with the extremely rich and diverse applications that this wood brings. Refer to our other articles to know more about other types of industrial wood such as MDF,  Acrylic wood !