What’s so special about needle Wood Furniture?

Needle wood is a precious, light, fine-grained tree with beautiful veins. So often used as handicrafts, chopsticks, furniture in the family. Is the furniture made of needle wood, anything special? Let’s find out what this plant is for.

The concept of needle wood


Needle tree – the scientific name is called Nageia Fleuryi, in folklore is also known as stone mountain needle or limestone needle intersection. This plant is distributed in many parts of the world, but it occurs most often in some East Asian or Southeast Asian countries. It is a precious tree like all kinds:  grinding wood,  agarwood…

In our country, the tree is distributed mainly in tropical forests all year round with lots of rain and moisture. This plant prefers to grow on limestone and earthen mountains at an altitude of 700-1000m.

They are present in most of the provinces such as Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Lang Son to Nghe An, Ha Tinh… In some localities, this tree grows into a forest, becoming an attractive tourist destination for tourists.

The image of the needle tree – the scientific name is called Nageia Fleuryi

Shape and growth characteristics

To distinguish the image of a real needle, you should know its outstanding features as well as its identifying characteristics. To avoid scams of sellers. In fact, many people who go to buy furniture made from ebony have not been able to distinguish between real ebony and fake wood. But there are cases where they are very observant to recognize  broodwood  through its distinctive scent. Therefore, you should understand a few basic things about the intersection needle:

Shape:  needle is a large tree, an adult tree can be up to 20m tall. The trunk is round, with a cylindrical canopy that looks quite similar to a pine tree. The branches are horizontal and drooping because the branches of this tree are flexible and the leaves are thick and heavy, and the bark is gray-brown in flakes.

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Leaves are oval in shape and grow symmetrically. Leaves are elongated and large, 15-18m long, 4-5cm wide, narrow and short. The female flowers of the plant grow singly on the leaf axils. Meanwhile, male flowers grow in cones. The round fruit is dark blue.

Growth characteristics:  As a growth-loving plant, they often grow on the base of perennial ancient soils with a large thickness of soil layer and good drainage. Or limestone soil at a popular height ranging from 500 to 1000m above sea level, so it is also called rock mountain needle (limestone needle intersection).

In addition, this tree species can grow alternately with other precious timber trees such as teak, lotus, tau, black cassava, etc. to form a natural population or planted forest.

The value of needle wood

needle is a large woody plant that has many functions such as ornamental plants, feng shui trees, timber trees or medicinal plants. Because of that, limestone is a rare and extremely popular tree in Vietnam.

Picture of the trunk of needle tree: Light wood, bright white, smooth and with many beautiful wood grains


  • Making furniture and household furniture: Because this tree is light, bright white, smooth and has many beautiful veins. Should be often used as furniture and household appliances. Furniture or household products made from metal are both beautiful and durable. Use wood for furniture or household items such as beds, tables and chairs.
  • Making decorations: They are also used to make handicrafts such as: Making chopsticks, making bracelets, using as bracelets or making statues to decorate in the family.
  • Medicinal: The leaves of the neem tree are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a remedy for coughing up blood or swelling in the bronchi. The ancients also knew how to use this plant as an antidote. There are many legends about using needle wood as food poisoning chopsticks, but this is still a mystery with no clear answer.
  • Making bonsai: They are also used in the decoration at the desk, in the apartment … As a type of bonsai or feng shui miniatures. Beautiful foliage and foliage should be used for landscape architecture. Planting along the roadside or religious works such as temples or churches.
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With large trees can be planted in the garden or walkway to bring aesthetics and feng shui. Small plants can make decorations on the table or living room.

What’s so special about wooden furniture from needle?

Needle wooden furniture can be crafted into rich decorations
  • Light wood: This tree is characterized by light wood, so the furniture made of needle wood has the outstanding advantage of being light. It can be easily moved from place to place at any place in the house.
  • Fine-grained: The stone needle has fine grain, making the surface of the furniture also smooth. It is not rough, does not cause termites, so it is very durable to use.
  • Beautiful veins: Many beautiful veins create the beauty of wooden furniture placed in the family. The veins are both decorative and create a unique look of the furniture.
  • Precious wood: As a rare wood, they are popular and used by many people for furniture. Artifacts made from needles are often rare.
  • Luxurious decoration: The interior is made from very beautiful needle wood with fine grain lines and fancy veins. Can be used for decoration.
  • Shows the class of the owner: It is a rare and valuable tree species. Using furniture made from this species shows the class of the owner.

Above is the entire sharing of furniture made from needle wood. Hope it will help you get more useful knowledge. Please contact us immediately for the fastest and most accurate advice.