Paper flowers – Beautiful flowers, many meanings

Paper Flower is a familiar plant to many people. It carries a gentle and humble beauty. Hidden within it are positive meanings that bring many good things to human life.

Understanding Paper Flower

Scientific Name and Origin

The scientific name of the paper flower is Bougainvillea spectabilis. It belongs to the plant family Nyctaginaceae. It has a delicate appearance and carries strong vitality. The paper flower originates from Central and South America and has been introduced to Vietnam for a long time. In our country, this plant is widely cultivated in many places and has become an integral part of the childhood memories of many generations of Vietnamese people.

Paper Flower
Paper Flower


To better understand this plant species, let’s explore some of its characteristics.


The roots of the paper flower are in the form of clustered roots, divided into many branches, capable of clinging to walls and spreading downwards into the ground. They play an important role in the plant’s development process. Furthermore, the roots of the paper flower enhance its beauty and make it more impressive. These roots create various shapes that attract the viewer’s attention.


Unlike the Blue Pimpernel which is a herbaceous plant, the stem of the paper flower is woody and long, belonging to the shrub family. It can reach an average length of 1 to 12 meters, depending on the growth conditions. The stem of the plant can be divided into multiple branches and extend.

Beautiful Paper Flower Stem
Paper Flower Stem


The leaves of the paper flower are simple leaves with an oval shape, gradually tapering towards the tip. The leaf stalk is not straight but curved. In the central and southern provinces, the leaves of the plant are green throughout the year. However, in the northern region, the leaves are yellow and usually shed in the autumn-winter season.


The paper flower has much thinner petals compared to the forget-me-not flower. It also exhibits vibrant and prominent colors. Unlike other flowers that have a single color, paper flowers can have various colors. The most common colors are pink, deep pink, red, and white. Each flower consists of tightly packed petals. Surrounding them is the green leaf part.

Popular Types of Paper Flowers Nowadays

Thai Paper Flower

Thai paper flowers originated from Thailand. They have thin and small petals that are cup-shaped when they bud and spread wide when they bloom.

Thai Paper Flower
Thai Paper Flower

The colors of Thai paper flower petals are vibrant and sharp, making them highly sought after and admired by many.

American Paper Flower

American paper flowers, also known as paper blooms, resemble a large mushroom-like plant. Compared to other varieties of paper flowers, these have smaller sizes. However, a single stem can have an abundance of flowers. They bring a particularly impressive and elegant touch to any space.

American Paper Flower
American Paper Flower

Brazilian Paper Flower

This is a species of paper flower originating from Brazil. Due to significant differences in climate conditions, it is quite challenging to cultivate this flower in Vietnam. The Brazilian paper flower has tall and long stems that often climb on walls or gates. The stems have numerous sharp thorns, and the leaves are glossy green.

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Brazilian Paper Flower
Brazilian Paper Flower

The Brazilian paper flower blooms in a light pink color during the summer. The flower buds have a pale yellow color. It brings a youthful and fresh atmosphere wherever it is present.

Crystal Paper Flower

The crystal paper flower, also known as the white leaf paper flower, has a unique appearance. Instead of uniformly green leaves like other flower species, the crystal paper flower has green and white leaves. That’s why it is called the crystal paper flower.

Crystal Paper Flower
Crystal Paper Flower

The crystal paper flower has a large stem that can reach a height of 10 to 20 meters. It can bloom all year round, but the flowers wither and fall off quickly. The flowers usually come in purple, red, yellow, or white.

Cowboy Paper Flower

The cowboy paper flower is the most impressive variety among paper flowers. On a single flower, there can be up to three different petal colors without the need for complex grafting.

Cowboy Paper Flower
Cowboy Paper Flower

The most popular variety today is the cowboy paper flower with three colors: red, orange, and white. The leaves are small, slightly round, with a deep green center and a fascinating silver edge.

Thousand Petals Paper Flower

The thousand petals paper flower, also known as the Vạn Hoa Lâu paper flower, is a small-sized variety. It is often cultivated in pots and ornamental plants. With special care conditions, it can reach a size of several meters.

Thousand Petals Paper Flower
Thousand Petals Paper Flower

This paper flower species has two popular colors: purple pink and vibrant red. It is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of delicacy and elegance.

Effects and Meanings of Paper Flowers

Effects of Paper Flowers

Decoration for Homes, Enhancing Living Spaces

With its flexible climbing stems, you can plant paper flowers alongside walls or entrances to make your house stand out. If you prefer upright plants, you can choose smaller-sized paper flower varieties and plant them in pots, arranging them in your preferred locations. The presence of colorful paper flowers will undoubtedly create special focal points inside your home.

Providing Shade and Coolness

Paper flowers may appear delicate and small, but with proper care, they can grow into large woody plants like the milk flower and provide shade and coolness to people underneath.

Effects of Paper Flowers - Providing Shade and Coolness
Paper flowers providing shade and coolness

Enhancing Urban Landscapes

Due to their robust vitality, resistance to diseases, and high tolerance, paper flowers are often planted along sidewalks, in parks, or on balconies of high-rise buildings. They help regulate the climate, reduce emissions, and create a cleaner and more beautiful living environment.

Meanings of Paper Flowers

With their vibrant colors, paper flowers, along with roses, are also symbols of passionate love. The delicate petals represent the gentle beauty of women, while the small thorns surrounding them, along with the strong vitality of this flower species, symbolize resilience and the ability to overcome challenges.

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Meanings of Paper Flowers
Paper flowers symbolize passionate love.

Paper flowers, with their three clustered petals in a single blossom, are also symbols of unity and family bonds. In addition, each species of paper flower carries a wide range of colors, bringing positive vibes and a sense of comfort to people’s thoughts.

How to Plant Paper Flowers

Although paper flowers are resilient and have good resistance, without proper planting and care, they may not grow and develop well. The specific planting method for this plant is as follows:

Planting Time for Paper Flowers

In reality, you can plant paper flowers at any time of the year. However, it is best to plant them in April or September when the weather and climate are relatively pleasant. These months are not too hot, too cold, or too rainy compared to other months.

Soil for Planting Paper Flowers

Among all types of soil in Vietnam, the most suitable soil for planting paper flowers is loamy soil. It provides adequate nutrients and has good drainage capabilities. To improve soil quality, you can mix in sand or sawdust, which will help the plants grow faster and stronger.

Loamy soil is recommended for planting paper flowers
Loamy soil is recommended for planting paper flowers

Varieties of Paper Flowers

As mentioned earlier, there are currently five different varieties of paper flowers in Vietnam. Therefore, you need to make an appropriate choice based on your needs and actual conditions. For example, the varieties originating from Brazil and the United States have different climate conditions than our country, so they require more time and effort to care for. On the other hand, Thai paper flowers are extremely easy to care for,…

When selecting branches for propagation, it is advisable to choose healthy and vibrant branches that are approximately 20 to 30cm long.

Watering Regimen

Paper flowers are not moisture-loving plants, so you do not need to water them excessively. On average, watering 2 to 3 times per week is sufficient. Overwatering can lead to waterlogging, root rot, and plant death. During the summer, you can increase the frequency of watering as the evaporation process is stronger.

Watering Different Types of Paper Flowers
Water paper flowers 2-3 times per week.


If you have prepared nutrient-rich soil prior to planting, fertilization may not be necessary. However, if you want the plants to grow faster, you can apply a top dressing fertilizer once a year.

Additional Information

1. Do paper flowers bloom all year round?

Internationally, paper flowers typically bloom in cycles lasting from 4 to 6 weeks. However, in Vietnam, due to its temperate climate, paper flowers can bloom all year round.

2. How to encourage paper flowers to produce more blooms

Unlike chrysanthemums, paper flowers will not bloom if planted in small containers or pots. In such cases, the plants lack sufficient space to grow, resulting in limited flower production. Additionally, planting paper flowers in shaded areas may also inhibit blooming. Therefore, to encourage abundant blooms, it is recommended to select a suitable planting space with ample sunlight, provide regular fertilization, pay attention to watering practices, and replant the flowers every 2 years.

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Abundant Blooms of Paper Flowers
To achieve abundant blooms, proper care and attention are essential.

3. Common Diseases in Paper Flowers

Although considered to be a plant species with few pests and diseases, paper flowers or blue peas can still be susceptible to diseases if proper care conditions are not met. The specific diseases include:

  • Leaf Spot: This disease occurs when the space around the paper flowers is overcrowded and not regularly cleaned, leading to the development of harmful microorganisms. Circular black or white spots appear on the leaves. If not properly addressed, the leaves will gradually fall off, resulting in reduced flower production. In severe cases, the plant may lose its ability to recover and die.
  • Leaf Blister: This disease often occurs during the transition between seasons. Common symptoms include burned leaf edges and small black lines on the leaf surface. The leaves may turn yellow and eventually fall off. Leaf blister can cause mass leaf loss and negatively impact the flowering cycle of the plant.
  • Rust Disease: This disease is caused by the bacterium Uromyces Appendiculatus. It initially appears on older leaves and spreads throughout the plant. Infected leaves gradually turn rusty in color. If left untreated, rust disease can cause leaf burn, flower and bud drop.
Rust Disease on Paper Flowers
Rust disease on a plant
  • Leaf Drop: Leaf drop is the most common disease in paper flowers. It can be caused by various factors such as weather conditions, climate, soil conditions, or waterlogging. Excessive leaf drop weakens the plant and leads to its gradual death. In such cases, applying appropriate pesticides directly to the plant can enhance its resistance and eliminate harmful bacteria.

4. What is the maximum lifespan of paper flowers?

To date, there has been no specific study on the lifespan of paper flowers. However, it has been observed in practice that paper flowers can live for several hundred years. Therefore, you can be confident in the longevity of this plant species as long as you adhere to simple planting and care conditions.

We hope the information provided about paper flowers has satisfied your curiosity about this plant. If you are interested in other plants such as apricot blossom, rosemary, or any other type, please visit our website: to explore more useful content.