What Is Pine Wood? Types of Laminated Pine Wood, Pine Pallet

Currently,  pine wood is still widely used in many industries because of the popularity of this wood. Currently, many people are having misconceptions or not understanding about wood. Let’s find out through this article.

1.What is pine information?

1.1 Origins

Pine has the scientific name Pinaceae, bearing typical characteristics of the gymnosperm pine family. The tree has a large round body, tall and long tree shape, grows upright, so it is suitable for exploitation and transportation. Pine trees usually live quite a long time with an average age of 100 to 1000 years in untapped natural conditions.

Mature wood has an average height of 30-35m, the tree has a lot of resin and has a reddish-brown bark of  medlar wood, deeply cracked. Pine needles dark green, slightly rough, 15-25cm long. The wood is soft, light orange or light brown.

1.2 Growth characteristics

Pine trees are used a lot because of their fast growth characteristics and short life cycle, so the wood output is high, and the supply is continuous for the market. Pine has natural wood color, beautiful grain, soft wood body, so it is easy to process to create many different product designs.

1.3 Distribution

The common conifer family grows in highland, cool temperate climates, and subtropics. In Vietnam, pine trees are commonly grown for timber in cold climates on the plateau such as Da Lat or the Central Highlands.

1.4 Pros and cons

Advantages of pine wood

  • Less susceptible to termites: After logging, turpentine remains in the wood to prevent insect damage and natural insect resistance. The outside of the durable pine shell is protected by a wooden plastic layer.
  • Lightness: Pine is light in weight, easy to exploit, use, and transport from one place to another.
  • High aesthetic value: Wood has a harmonious color, beautiful wood grain, soft and delicate, suitable for many different types of space. Create a sense of luxury and become a highlight for the house.
  • Low cost: Lots of wood, available raw materials can be directly exploited, so it saves a lot of intermediary costs, the price is affordable for many people.
  • Wood has good machine resistance and high screw adhesion, so it is often used in industrial woodworking.
  • Long life: Wood products can be polished to increase their lifespan. On average, wood products have a lifespan of about 15-20 years.
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Disadvantages of pine

Wood has a soft core that is prone to scratches and dents. Pine is quite popular but cannot be compared with other types of wood because the surface has many black eyes.

Classification of pine wood

White pine

White pine has pale white sapwood, red heartwood. The soft white pine is easy to make, the wood grain is delicate and beautiful, and it is naturally resistant to termites. This type of wood is currently exploited a lot in Vietnam, so it must be imported from Canada and Northern Europe to meet the needs of use.

Golden Pine

The type of pine is golden yellow, the wood grain is beautiful and has good heat resistance. Although not appreciated as white pine, but in return it is a very characteristic aroma. And the feeling of luxury and modernity should be very popular.

Red pine

The use of red pine for furniture, feng shui not only means good luck but also good for health. However, this type of pine is extremely rare, they belong to group IA and are in the red book of Vietnam.

Pine wood pallets

Pine wood pallets have beautiful veins, light colors like natural wood and are often used as exterior decorations. Pallet pine wood has another feature that is less foam glue, resistant to large loads, waterproof, anti-termite, highly durable and extremely cheap (about 24 thousand VND with a board size of 2200x17x100mm. anyone.

Applications of pallet pine are ceiling tiles, walls, tables and chairs, bars …

Tables and chairs from pine pallets

Laminated pine wood

Jointed pine is also known as bar-joint pine. They are joined together by small natural pine slats which, under standard pressure and temperature, create wood products.

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Based on the quality of the wood surface, there are the following types of composite pine:

  • + Side A/A: Special wood of the best quality, from color to edge. Ensure maximum aesthetics.
  • + Face A/B: Relative wood quality, including one side A and one side B with few dead eyes.
  • + Face A/C: Face C has many eyes, black lines, so it is often used as a floor, wall cladding.
  • + C/C side: This wood has poor quality and aesthetics.

2. Applications of pine wood

2.1 Making wooden furniture

The most common use of wood today is making furniture in the home. Because the wood is soft and has many eyes, the wood can only make simple products. Beautiful wood grain should be preferred to make furniture such as cabinets, beds, tables or chairs to bring luxury to the family.

2.2 Economic applications

Pine trees have high economic applications. From wood can make furniture products for daily life. In countries with high technology, it is possible to separate pine trees for plastic to export abroad. It is possible to plant trees to provide raw materials for home appliance factories to ensure economic efficiency.

2.3 What is the price of pine wood per block?

Depending on the type of wood, characteristics and properties to classify the price of pine. However, the price of pine is cheap and popular like  peach wood, suitable for the pocket of Vietnamese people. The older the tree, the higher the value. Currently, in our country, pine is exploited too much, so the output is not rich.

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The selling price of wood is too diverse, round pine is about 4.5 million VND/m3. The price of pine wood pieces, dried with 12mm, 15mm, 8mm thicknesses is priced at 8 million VND/m3. There is also no shortage of cheap wood with the price of 2-3 million VND/m3.

What you care about is choosing a reputable supplier to choose the best quality wood. In addition, rely on the characteristics of the wood so that you do not have to buy fake wood.

2.4 Notes when buying wood

To avoid buying fake wood of poor quality, when buying wood, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Must check the dryness of the wood, check the quality of the original wood is easy to peel.
  • Wood must have a pleasant aroma
  • The color of the wood is beautiful, soft to the eye, in harmony with the light in the space.
  • Should buy wood at reputable establishments to avoid buying poor quality products.
  • Before buying wood, you should consult to find out the price to buy suitable products.

On our website, there is also a lot of information about other types of wood such as  among wood, grinding wood. We invite you to consult.