Characteristics of Red Wood in Furniture Interior Design

Redwood is highly valued in the design of furniture. However, it is not a separate wood, nor is it a naturally red wood. Let’s find out the characteristics and applications of this wood in the article below

What is redwood?

Redwood is used to refer to hardwoods that are red immediately after sawing and are untreated, including cedar, ebony, sapwood, rosewood, and redwood. It is completely different from industrial woods grown a lot like  jackfruit,  green cypress or veneer.

Because it is a type of wood used to refer to all types of red wood. So there will be no specific description of this plant. On the market today, the most popular are three types of wood with red trunks and veins. These are red oak, rosewood and red oak. It is the color of the grain and the outstanding mechanical properties that create the special value and elegance for these wooden panels.

Red wood

In the specialty, rosewood is distributed in regions of Guangdong province. After sawing, this wood emits a slightly sour scent. Distributed mainly in Southeast Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. Scattered in Fujian, Guangdong, and Yunnan states of China. It is the most common of the rare hardwoods. Similar to camphor wood.

As for the sapwood, the wood is grown in our country, in addition, it is also grown in China, Laos, and South Africa. Because of overexploitation, these two types of wood are very scarce and are being restored.

Properties of red wood

Jute is a very hard wood, with a fairly large density, most of which sink as soon as they are dropped into the water. Lead wood material is ranked after cedar wood. After being made into furniture, it is not easy to rot, and has high sharpness. To increase the durability of this wood, people often use Laminate on the outside.

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Colors include: orange, light red brown, red brown, purple red, purple brown and dark brown, the straight color veins are quite prominent. The classification of color and quality of rosewood is relatively complicated.

Rosewood will have a wood quality comparable to that of cedarwood, but in comparison, it has a slightly lighter color, less gloss, more porous wood and has a fragrant aroma. Meanwhile, it has a characteristic color, beautiful wood grain, and a mild fragrance. Especially great value in terms of feng shui, symbolizing fortune and luck. Belonging to the group of the rarest woods in Vietnam.

And red oak is distinguished by its good weather resistance, less affected by climate. Long use time. Wood has the scientific name Afzelia xylocarpa, has high hardness, less warping, termites. Easy to work with, black rough skin. Red oak is also one of the rare wood varieties in our country. People often use this wood material to create high-class furniture, which has a higher aesthetic value than other types of wood. It is also very popular with consumers.

Applications of wood

Because it contains many good properties, red wood samples are used a lot in Vietnamese houses. It can be used to produce interior decorations, carvings. Especially the wood lumps on the body have very beautiful swirls. Suitable for making fine art wood products with high aesthetics. Because of its high strength, it can be used as a floor. Crafting household furniture such as: building dining tables, tables and chairs. Make a bed. Or other high-end carvings…

Some types of wood are also used a lot in the spiritual culture of the Eastern people. People can use them to make altars, worshiping objects. Or used to make statues to pray for luck and fortune.

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Some types of red wood are also used a lot in the spiritual culture of the Eastern people

Is redwood expensive?

Most of the red-grained wood panels are of great economic value. So the cost to buy them is often high in natural woods. For example, 1kg of sua wood costs from 5,000,000 (VND) to 12,000,000 (VND). Red oak wood is from 50,000,000 to 70,000,000 (VND)/ 1m3. And rosewood is from 600,000 to 800,000 (VND) / 1kg. This price may vary from time to time and from different wood suppliers.