Rosewood and Applications in Life

Rosewood is in the group of 4 precious woods in Vietnam. It is known and loved by many people because of its wide range of applications in life.

In this era, wooden products are becoming a trend. Owning peach furniture is a perfect choice for mid-range families.

What is rosewood, characteristics? Is rosewood expensive?

Red peach is a large tree with an average height of 20-25m. The trunk is straight, large and clear, and has a rather large diameter, from 40 to 60 cm.

Currently, in Vietnam, persimmon trees are distributed mainly in the northern mountainous areas such as Lang Son, Lai Chau and the great forests in the Central Highlands.

gỗ hồng đào
Red peach is one of the precious woods with a large wood like grinding wood

This is a plant with good growth potential. The tree prefers to live in flat, light-loving places with a tropical monsoon climate.

However, if you have to live in nutrient-poor soils. They are still viable, but the wood quality is not good.

Characteristics of wood

Currently, persimmon tree has a high economic value in the wood processing industry. therefore, it is grown by people for exploitation. The tree has the ability to grow quickly. Within 5-8 years it is possible to harvest timber. Besides, persimmon is often planted interspersed with many other industrial crops.

The tree has a dark red bark like the color of the wings. The wood surface is smooth with red veins, when sawn longitudinally, it will look like mountains stacked on top of each other.

However, they are not as sharp and uniform as other precious woods. The wood is tough and easy to saw, so it is purchased by wood processing enterprises in large quantities to make household products.

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Before being put into use, rosewood will undergo technical processing such as: spraying PU paint to increase gloss and termite resistance, drying to increase hardness, increasing moisture resistance and water resistance.

After that, woodworkers will start styling, painting more veins to create products of various sizes and colors.

Peach has a dark red bark and wood grain like the color of cockroach wings

This wood is in group 4, thanks to its natural color, good quality. In addition, they also have a light scent, although not fragrant, but also typical compared to other woods in the same segment.

Types of rosewood

Grade 1 . Peach Rosewood

Wood has the best quality, after undergoing an upgrade in color and features such as: increasing the hardness of the wood, increasing its bearing capacity, moisture-proof and waterproof.

Like first-class mausoleum wood. Grade 1 persimmons are usually very high value and are carefully selected. The processing facilities only choose large and beautiful wooden trunks, smooth grain, clear veins, beautiful colors. These wooden products are highly adaptable to all kinds of environments. At the same time, it is also extremely suitable for the hot and humid climate in Vietnam.

Persimmon grades 2 and 3

The wood also undergoes a quality improvement process but is only stained and dried, not cared for like grade 1 persimmon. They are usually wood of medium quality, used to make products that are not demanding. high aesthetic question.

Peach rosewood sawn tree

This is the type of wood that is directly put into product processing after being harvested. The wood is completely natural, so the color is not beautiful, the wood quality is rated the lowest of the three types.

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This type of wood is cheap, so it does not last long. They often have a musty smell and are slightly unpleasant because of the toxic plastic layer, in return they are resistant to termites.

What is rosewood commonly used for?

The wood is supple, easily sawn and steam bent. Remember, it is processed into many common household furniture. They are cheap but the quality is quite good. Through industrial processing with beautiful color, bring a luxurious look to your home.

Since ancient times, besides red mussel wood, peach rose is often used to make columns and beams in families, pagodas and places of worship for mandarins. Today, they are used to make a number of furniture such as: dining tables, doors, hatches, TV stands, wardrobes and wood veneer, ..

Thanks to its toughness, it can be laminated and bent into many shapes. In addition, it can also emit a variety of unique sounds. Persimmons are also used to create musical instruments such as guitars or ukuleles.

The guitar is made from a persimmon tree

Currently, oalwood, peach and pine  are commonly used to make popular guitar lines. This is the best choice for students with the price from only 900,000 to 2 million VND.

With pretty good quality and cheap price. Wood products are a suitable choice for families with a mid-range living standard.

If you have a need to buy peach wood products. Please come to reputable facilities for advice and instructions on how to use and maintain.