The End Of The War Between Rosewood, Agarwood And Acacia Wood

Rosewood, Agarwood And Acacia Wood belong to the group of precious woods, commonly used in Vietnam today. They are all wood type II with relatively expensive prices. Popular for making high-end furniture and fine arts. For a long time, these 3 types of wood have always been compared to see which wood has the best quality. Let’s see the end of this war.

Compare rosewood with Agarwood And Acacia Wood


General introduction about rosewood

Rosewood belongs to the rarest 1A wood group in Vietnam, that’s why this wood is preserved very strictly. The aesthetic and economic value of this wood is very high. In the market, products from rosewood are not available because the price of rosewood is very high. Only rich people can learn and order designs made of this material.

Usually, they will be used to design and produce decorative items for the living room (tables and chairs, wine cabinets, art sculptures). Because they represent the class, wealth and power of the owner.

Features of rosewood

The rosewood tree has many families, but the color is also extremely rich. Red color of Cam Chi wood, red and black color of Cam Horn wood, saffron yellow color of Cam Nghe tree…. Camellia wood that has been covered with dust for a long time can become discolored, but just lightly sanded with sandpaper can restore its original light color.

gỗ cẩm
Rosewood has a lot of surnames but the color is also very rich

The wood grain is very beautiful. They have long, winding white stripes, and the wood is strong and sharp. The wood grain is smooth, small, the heartwood is usually dark red, the wood is hard, heavy in the hand. A large, hard tree, up to 1.5 meters in diameter to a mature tree. Wood when freshly harvested has a slightly acidic but not pungent odor.

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Acacia Wood

Cam and Trac trees have been rivals for many years now. And in fact, Camellia wood has more outstanding advantages. They have the same hardness, but the Camellia wood has a larger and bolder grain. Especially keep the natural color for more than ten years.

The disadvantage of this type of  rosewood  is that the color is very human. When freshly crafted, it has a beautiful bright red color, but after 1, 2 months of use, it is often transformed into coffee color.

This wood also has the following great characteristics: Hard, heat and impact resistant wood, does not warp or stretch over time. When compared in terms of hardness, the parameters show that rosewood is ranked first with 12,060N – density about 940kg/m3. Next is rosewood about 10,790N –  density 1,035kg/m3. And finally, incense wood 9,550N – density about 865kg/m3.


Rosewood has the most beautiful, luxurious and extremely sharp grain

Incense wood  has a reddish brown to dark brown color, has a characteristic mild scent similar to  jackfruit wood. This is a great feature that distinguishes it from other woods. Another way to distinguish real and fake incense is to soak the wood in water. Real wood will make the soaking water gradually turn green.

The wood is very hard and strong. Like rosewood and rosewood, rosewood is also resistant to termites and shocks. The wood grain of cedarwood is quite beautiful, has many colors but is not as uniform as that of Cam tree. In general, of the three precious woods above, Cam tree has the most beautiful, large and extremely sharp veins.

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It is difficult to assess the most prominent difference between the three types of wood above. Because they all have properties such as beautiful wood color, smooth and tough wood grain, durable and long life.

Depending on different needs and preferences, each person has a different assessment. But according to the above information, Cam seems to have a bit of an upper hand.

Why should I use rosewood?

Cam wood is divided into many types with many different names such as: Cam Thi, Cam Lai, Cam Lang, Cam Pheo, Cam Horn, Cam Rot, Cam Lien,….

Wood is very durable, not attacked by termites and has a long service life. Therefore, it is often used to make furniture, high-class beds and cabinets, and is also commonly used to make fine arts, sculptures and carvings.

gỗ cẩm
Having Rosewood items in the house will bring good luck

The reason why many families believe in using products from camomile:

  • High durability: solid wood body and resistance to termites, does not expand when dry. Help the furniture, fine arts by Cam can last for nearly a hundred years.
  • High feng shui: it is believed that if there are items made of Cam in the house, it will bring good luck and favorable work. Also, avoid unnecessary incidents.
  • Great healing ability: The branches and leaves of the plant help to purify the body, cool the liver, detoxify and cure simple diseases such as sore throats, infections, boils….
  • Increase the “class” of the owner:  Camera products have a pleasant aroma and have the ability to change color when moving the darkness into the light. Create enjoyable user experiences. The higher the quality and expensive the products made of Camellia wood, the more rare the rarity of this wood is.
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Prominent in the wood lines mentioned above, it is impossible not to mention rosewood. It is known as the wood that brings the most value to the user in all types of marble. Rosewood is distributed mainly in the Central Highlands and the South, Vietnam. In addition, they are also found distributed in Laos and Cambodia. Sometimes they are imported from African countries, specifically South Africa.

It is one of the precious woods in our country. Rosewood is used to process and process interior products including: monolithic tables and chairs, horse stalls, …. This type of wood always has a very high selling price because of its use efficiency and value.

Hopefully the above information has helped readers understand more about rosemary. As well as distinguishing this rare wood from rosewood and incense. From there, become a smarter consumer in decorating and beautifying your home space.