Rubber Wood – Irreplaceable Furniture Manufacturing Materials

Rubber wood is a familiar and widely planted tree in our country today. Besides the benefits of exploiting latex to produce rubber resin, this tree is also used to make furniture in the family.

For families who have a stable economy and love wooden furniture. The selection of rubber furniture is the perfect choice. Rubber tree wood – an irreplaceable material for furniture production.

Overview of rubber wood and their characteristics

Rubber tree is a popular and very useful plant for human life. In the past, rubber trees were planted by farmers to get latex to make rubber at a high price. After about 40 to 50 years, when rubber trees can no longer produce latex, people exploit rubber trees for wood.

Like  jackfruit wood, the wood obtained from rubber trees is appreciated for its quality as well as aesthetics. It becomes an indispensable material for making household furniture.

Rubber tree is a popular and very useful crop

The advantages of rubber wood

Beautiful colors

Depending on the age of the tree, rubber wood has a variety of colors like rare woods. From white gray to brown color, the wood grain is quite beautiful, although it is thin and does not have many rich shapes, but after the manufacturing process, the products from rubber tree wood also have an eye-catching and luxurious appearance.

Soft wood

Rubber tree wood is generally relatively soft compared to other types of wood. This gives the wood a high degree of toughness and a special structure that makes the wood waterproof. The furniture from this wood is cheap but the quality is quite good. It shows softness and elegance to the house.

In the rubber tree there is latex. This plastic prevents the destruction of termites, stem borers. As a result, products made from this wood have the function of resisting harmful termites, ensuring their aesthetics and value.

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The furniture from rubber is cheap but the quality is quite good

Wood has good elasticity, beautiful grain

With natural elasticity, rubber wood is quite supple and easy to exploit and shape. Besides, wood is easy to stain and polish. When refurbished with a layer of UV paint, the wood grain is more natural and eye-catching.

The wood grain is thick, has little stretch, bright colors are flexible and can be made into many different shapes and colors. In particular, this type of wood is also environmentally friendly because it does not emit toxic gases when burned.

Disadvantages of wood

The lifespan of rubber tree products is usually 5-6 years, depending on the conditions of use and storage. Wood is slightly soft and spongy, prone to stains and scratches.

Cannot be bent with steam, can only be used to make simple items.

Although the wood is often dyed to have a more eye-catching color, after a few years of use it can become discolored and unsightly.

Because the wood grain is easy to warp when exposed to the outside environment for too long. At the same time, it also does not have the same solid structure as first-class wood such as jade, incense, ironwood, etc. So rubber tree wood is often used in home space.

Industrial wood made from rubber wood

Rubber wood has the characteristics of being quite soft and light. The wood is light gray in color and turns brownish brown as it enters the heartwood. Currently, the amount of rubber tree wood in Vietnam is quite large. After the exploitation cycle is over, the most suitable choice of these trees is to use them to make industrial wood.

The main product of industrial wood processing factories is rubber compound wood

At the end of its life cycle. Rubber trees will be cut down and cut into small logs. In the next stage, the wooden bars will be impregnated with chemicals to prevent termites and warping in the pressure bath. Finish the impregnation process. The wooden slats will be reassembled and dried at the appropriate humidity.

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At the end of this process, the rubber wood will be selected again and cut into pieces that do not meet the standards. With unqualified pieces of wood. They will be sent to plywood factories. This is the main raw material of industrial wood processing factories, typically MFC boards, mdf boards. This is a type of Melamine-coated chipboard, used to make furniture for home, office, ..

Although it is assembled from many small rubber wood bars. However, rubberwood still possesses the advantages of rubber wood such as:

  • Light wood grain with good elasticity.
  • Dark wood grain, if handled well. The wood will retain the natural grain to bring the natural beauty to the product.

3 sets of beautiful rubber wood dining tables

Like MDF,MFC industrial wood. The rubber wood dining table set has many advantages such as low price, termite resistance, less warping if handled carefully. Therefore, a dining table made from this type of wood will also be an option worth considering besides common interior woods such as acacia wood, oval wood…

Rectangular dining set with 4 chairs

This is one of the very beautiful and elegant dining table models made from rubber wood. All the textures are not too fussy. But it is this that makes us feel comfortable when looking at this dining set.

The dining table has a yellow cockroach wing from ivory to white like  oalwood. Therefore, it is suitable in a dining room with light tones such as cream, pale pink, white, etc.

gỗ cao su

Dining table with 4 chairs

Looking at this rubber wood dining table with 4 chairs, we feel very open and comfortable. Because, the table and chairs are designed in a simple style. The accompanying decorative motifs are just thin and straight spokes.

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The manufacturer has been very clever in revealing the natural wood grain instead of painting the entire surface. Thanks to this, this set of tables and chairs also brings a feeling of being close to nature.

The seat surface is padded to help users feel very comfortable and enjoy. The night is black so it doesn’t show stains, very suitable for families with small children.

gỗ cao su

Rubber dining table set with 2 types of chairs

2 different chair styles are the difference of this set of tables and chairs. On one side of the table is a chair without support, on the other side is a set of 2 chairs with backrests to help users have more options to suit their personal preferences.

gỗ cao su
Rubber wood furniture set

With a paint color that is not too glossy, the table and chairs look rough and rustic. But it is this point that makes the owner’s mood much more pleasant and relaxing.

The table and chairs do not take up too much space in the room. Therefore, it is very suitable for the dining room of modern apartments in big cities.