Interesting things about sassafras wood not everyone knows

With the increasing standard of living, homeowners often choose for themselves precious wooden furniture to enhance the value of the house. One of the most advanced types of wood currently used for decorative furniture is sassafras wood. Let’s decipher interesting things about sassafras wood that not everyone knows.

What is sassafras wood and growth characteristics

The sassafras tree is a rare species of camphor , with a large woody trunk, but the reproductive ability is lower than that of other varieties. Their scientific name is cinnamomum parthenoxylon.

Sassafras belongs to group 2, is classified as a high-class wood but is easily confused with another tree called wild incense. If you want to choose to buy real sassafras, you need to go to reputable establishments to avoid buying fake, poor quality wood.

The sassafras plant can grow in a wide variety of soil and climate conditions. Mature sassafras can grow from 10m to 20m tall. The foliage is broad, dark green, flowers are white, usually blooms in spring or summer.

This is a very special plant when all its parts are useful for our life. Therefore, this tree is also known as the “treasure of the green forest” like the walnut tree. However, due to the high value of sassafras, it has been hunted and over-exploited. So now this wood has become extremely rare.

The sassafras wood has a high value and is extremely rare

Top 5 characteristics of sassafras wood

Wood color

Nu sassafras are usually dark red, often found in the mountains of Quang Ninh. As for other provinces, sassafras wood is usually pale yellow, gray and mixed with a bit of green. Although they have different colors, these types of wood retain their outstanding characteristics.

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The scent of sassafras wood

The scent of sassafras has a long-lasting and long-lasting aroma, which can be visualized as similar to the smell of camphor. In fact, the scent of camphor is extracted from the sassafras tree. Used for insect repellent as well as mild disinfectant.

Similarly, items made from sassafras wood are effective against termites and insects thanks to this characteristic scent.

According to local people, this wood is very fragrant. It feels more fragrant at night than during the day. Along with among wood , this wood has essential oils with a special aroma. Just leave it in the house, the wood will emit its own fragrance, making all kinds of insects such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants… go away. Wood is also good for health.

The sassafras wood has a special aroma and lasts a long time

Wood grain

The sassafras has a strange, unique and beautiful pattern, has a light yellow color and gradually turns orange as it approaches the heartwood.


In the past, sassafras tree was often used to build boats and build houses. After the outstanding properties of this plant were discovered. Artisans began to use nu sassa to make fine arts and luxury furniture for the home. The roots of the sassafras tree often have many beautiful shapes. Used as tables and chairs, Buddha statues are very unique and luxurious.

The wood is smoothed similar to iron wood and the oil in the body is removed. To avoid cracking after a period of use. Then, through the delicately carved hands of skilled artisans. To create exquisite and unique furniture products.

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The sassafras tree used to make the most popular furniture items today can be mentioned as: living room tables and chairs, beds, dining tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, ..

Shelf life and storage

gỗ xá xị
Nu sassafras needs to be preserved carefully

In the past, sassafras furniture was often left bare because the owner wanted to keep its fragrance. But over time, on the wood surface also appear cracks that cause unsightly.

Later, when PU spraying became more popular with many useful uses such as protecting, polishing and creating beautiful colors for wood, making the wood more durable, not cracking.

However, this also makes the sassafras lose its characteristic scent. The best method and applied by many families today is primer spraying. And leave some spots to keep the scent for the wood. It helps to make the furniture more durable and still retains its inherent value.

Since sassafras furniture is so precious, you should also remember some guidelines for care:

  • – Do not place sassafras furniture in a place with high temperature or direct sunlight.
  • – Clean and disinfect regularly.
  • – Polish the wood 3 to 4 times a year to keep the wood color fresh.

With the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, sassafras trees are loved and respected by wood enthusiasts. If you want to own a piece of wooden furniture immediately. So what are you waiting for without going to reputable establishments in the market to buy? Wish your family find the most beautiful and suitable decoration items for their home.