Is Sen Wood Expensive? How Much A Block?

Sen wood is a type of wood that is beloved by many Vietnamese families. In the past, this wood was abundant in dense forests in Vietnam. However, recently it has become scarce and needs to be conserved. As a result, the price has fluctuated significantly and is much more expensive than before. So, specifically, how much does sen wood cost per cubic meter?

Information about sen wood

Sen wood tree and its growth characteristics

Sen wood is harvested from the sen tree. If oak wood and walnut wood are the kings of woods in European or American countries, then sen tree used to be a commonly planted tree in the pristine tropical forests of Vietnam, with the following identification points:

  • The average height of a sen tree is 30-35m.
  • The trees grow either individually or interspersed with lim trees.
Sen tree used to be a commonly planted tree in the pristine forests of Vietnam
  • Sen trees thrive best in moist and fertile soil conditions.
  • Sen leaves are characterized by an oval or egg-shaped appearance. The average length of a leaf is about 6-16cm, and the average width is 2-6cm.
  • The flowers of the sen tree grow in the upper leaf axils. Each cluster usually has 2 or 3 flowers. Sen flowers typically bloom from January to March each year. The flowers are pale yellow in color.
  • The sen fruit is spherical or oval in shape.
  • In Vietnam, sen trees are distributed in dense forest areas in the northern regions such as Lao Cai. Particularly, in Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province, there is a national forest area where many sen trees are planted for the purpose of conservation.
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Classification of sen wood and characteristics of each type

Sen wood is divided into several types, but the most prominent ones are still the following three: sap sen wood, red sen wood, and honey sen wood.

Characteristics of sap sen wood

Sap sen wood has similar economic value to agarwood. Sap sen wood is particularly less knotted. When freshly harvested, sap sen wood usually has a layer of pale yellow color. Later on, the yellow color gradually changes to darker or even light red.
Because there is oil in the trunk of sen wood, when it flows to the surface, it creates darker streaks. The characteristics of sap sen wood are heavy and hard.

Sap sen wood has similar economic value to agarwood

Characteristics of red sen wood

Red sen wood also belongs to the sen family. The characteristic of red sen wood is its tall trunk, with an average height of up to 30m.
Red sen wood is characterized by beautiful grain patterns, providing an elegant feel to any interior space that possesses it. The wood is usually covered with a layer of reddish-brown color. The characteristics of red sen wood are hardness, making it difficult to process. However, once it is turned into a finished product, sen wood is highly valued because of its ability to withstand strong forces.

Characteristics of honey sen wood

Similar to red sen wood, honey sen wood is also covered with a characteristic reddish-brown color. The wood of honey sen is hard, making it difficult to process, and it can withstand high intensity.
Especially, honey sen wood belongs to the group of four precious woods along with Lim, Agarwood, and Táu. Therefore, it is said that honey sen wood is truly a top-quality sen wood.

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Honey sen wood is not only expensive in the market but also the best type among sen woods. It is sought after by wealthy individuals to become furniture in luxury villas or top resorts in Vietnam.

With the outstanding characteristics mentioned above, sen wood deserves to be on the list of the rarest and most precious woods in our country. Most people aspire to own items made from sen wood as they will increase the value of their homes and the value of the owners themselves.

Products made from sen wood include beds, cabinets, tables, chairs, doors, ceilings, and some sculptural artworks made from this rare wood.

How much does sen wood cost per cubic meter?

How much does sen wood cost per cubic meter

With so many advantages and increasing scarcity, sen wood is certainly not cheap. It is difficult to provide an accurate price for sen wood because the cost varies depending on the timing and there may be slight differences among distributors.
The price of sen wood is approximately: 11 million VND per cubic meter for round wood and around 13-17 million VND per cubic meter for squared wood.You can contact different distributors to get quotes and choose to purchase from a reputable distributor with the most reasonable price.