The Giants Are Sure To Buy Star wood!

Star wood is a precious wood, even many people think that “The rich must have bought a tree!”. If you want to know why this is so, read the information in this article!

Vietnam is known as the “golden forest, silver sea”, so the products that green mother nature gives us are extremely rich and diverse, among which it is impossible not to mention precious wood species such as tree wood. Star.

About the tree and its outstanding features

Starwood tree is one of the rare types of wood, often growing in the Southwest region. And most in the provinces of Thai Nguyen, Kon Tumm, Gia Lai. They are light-loving plants that grow well in full sun. It is a species of tree in the legume family with large, upright, large and round woody stems. Grows in hilly areas or on high rocky ledges in the sun. A place with a high slope to prevent the wind from knocking down trees.

It is a tree in group 3 – the list of rare and precious woods in Vietnam, with beautiful and firm wood grain. Lighter in weight and softer than other woods such as ironwood, rosewood, rosewood, camphor wood.. but has good resistance to pressure and temperature.

The tree has an elongated straight trunk, green leaves in clusters, the trunk has cracks along the grain, reaching tens of meters. Many trees can grow up to 50m or more, with a diameter of about 80-100cm. There are very old star trees, when harvested, can be up to 3m in diameter.

It is a tree belonging to group 3 of rare and precious woods with beautiful and firm wood grain

The wood is light yellow in color, the heartwood is usually golden brown (sometimes olive or reddish brown). When exposed to air, the heartwood tends to turn dark brown.

Very popular in making furniture and fine art products. Because of its straight grain, the wood grain is beautiful and smooth, especially easy to polish, resistant to termites, less warping and shrinking when exposed to temperature.

Types of wood

There are more than 100 types of star wood with many rich colors, here are some of the most popular varieties today:

Golden star wood

Golden star wood is usually yellow-brown or reddish-brown. Near the heartwood, it is darker in color and shiny. The wood body is round, the wood grain is straight and very smooth, the wood grain is sharp and beautiful in each round. Gold star is solid, strong, resistant to termites and does not warp over time, so it is popular for building boats and household furniture.

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Red star wood

Unlike yellow star wood, this tree needs to mature for about 50-60 years. Although this is a large tree, with wide foliage but not very tall, the average height is from 20 -30m.

The tree is characterized by its sharp and smooth heartwood, which is often bright reddish brown. The body contains essential oils, so it is less prone to warping and cracking. The wood grain and wood color of the red star have a characteristic red color, which is the main distinguishing feature from the brothers in the many-related star wood family.

The red star tree can grow to maturity, it takes about 50-60 years

Black star wood

With a rough, dark brown shell, this is the most powerful stellar genus in the family. Currently, the number of black stars is not much, so it is extremely rare. They are most commonly used in shipbuilding, riverboat building and construction.

Although it looks ugly and tall, but inside the black star tree are layers of smooth, beautiful wood grain. With durable properties, not affected by temperature, termites attack. Black stars are hunted by everyone, especially the rich people who are knowledgeable about precious wood.

Besides, this plant also has many useful uses. Not only in the production of household appliances and furniture, but black star tree is also used in medicine, because of its high content of tatin, black star bark is used as medicine: treating toothache, gingivitis, abscess, durable teeth….Black star plastic is not only used as a varnish in paint technology but also as a hemostatic agent. In Vietnam, some places have used star tree bark to eat instead of vegetarian bark. The black star tree is tall and large, the canopy is very beautiful, so it is often planted as a street tree or large constructions.

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Sand star wood

Sand star wood has a larger diameter than black star, with a diameter of about 8m and a height of about 50m. Sandwood has similar properties to black star, with brown bark and light yellow wood. Good water resistance should often be used as boats, outdoor furniture.

Blue star wood

Blue stars are abundant in the Southwest region. To distinguish blue stars from yellow stars, black stars… People often rely on the wood grain and core of the blue star to distinguish. Their characteristics are very beautiful, the wood grain is large but very smooth. Usually yellow-brown, turning to red-brown when approaching the heartwood, but the color of the green star wood depends on the area in which the tree grows. This is the most popular type of wood today when the quantity of black star wood is increasingly scarce.

This type of wood is used to produce decorative objects such as collapses, huge tables and chairs, etc. It is very difficult to find a large volume of blue star wood with a large copy. Blue star wood when making furniture often has very high aesthetics and durability, so it is very popular, this is also one of the woods with great economic value.

The great value of the blue star wood block makes many people dream

he great value of star wood makes many people dream

Sao wood is highly appreciated by experts for its aesthetics and durability over time. Currently, with the development of the country, people’s tastes are also increasing. Especially using products made of precious wood to decorate your house.

With better quality than other types of industrial wood and other types of jackfruit, sassafras. The star wood is used a lot with the mission to bring elegance and modernity to the room.

With its high economic value and rarity, it is being preserved and banned from exploitation in any form. And the rarer something is, the greater the attraction, so it is reasonable for the giants to want to own these wooden items, they show personality and class for their owners.

Set of wooden horses

The set of horses is assembled from 2 large wooden panels

Horse sets are often preferred, made of star wood, with one or two panels glued together. Form a piece with a large surface area. However, this product has become increasingly rare over time. The economic value is higher and more sought after by the giants. According to many surveys, in Vietnam the most popular horse sets are usually made from blue star wood. Because blue stars have many beautiful aesthetic features. As well as the blue star the presence of the rich and powerful.

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Depending on the size of the tree, the horse set will have many different types. For wealthy homeowners, the layout is spacious. They will love to place the expansion horse sets. To brag to guests who come to visit the house as well as assert their position.

Red star wood collapse

Starwood has high aesthetic and economic value. In addition to making tables and chairs, windows…it is also made into traps. This wooden crate is usually simple, with little pattern details. Use mainly solid wood panels that are finely ground and polished. Although not fussy in design, it still has an appeal to many customers.

The wooden crate is designed quite simply, the surface is shiny

Besides, this wooden product has a long life, the more beautiful and rare the wood grain is. They are often used to make high-end bed models. Wardrobe, salon, TV cabinet, living room and dining room tables and chairs… With an average lifespan of up to 60 years, equal to the time it takes for them to mature. Shows that star wood is used for a long time to see its preciousness and value for money.