Is Tamarind Wood Better Than Forest Acacia Wood?

Tamarind wood and forest have a few things in common, so it will be difficult for you to choose which type of wood to use. So, let’s compare these two woods to make the right decision.

About the tree

Oak tree is a very popular tree grown in Vietnam. This is a very well grown plant. After the flowering season, the seedlings grow quite a lot. In contrast to the black mulberry tree,  melaleuca tree  is forced to live in places with fertile, calcium-rich soil. Then it can grow in gardens or in arid, non-fertile forests.

Due to its strong growth characteristics, it has also become popular in Vietnam. Therefore, the value of oval becomes suitable for the popular segment, making it easy for all families to own durable and beautiful furniture in the home.

Currently, Xoan is known for 2 main types: Xoan Ta and Xoan Forest. To distinguish the characteristics of these two types of wood, please refer to the information below.

gỗ xoan
Due to its strong growth characteristics, it has also become popular in Vietnam

Compare our oval and forest oval

We will compare oval trees and forests based on two main criteria: quality and aesthetics.


Xoan forest or another name is oval peach. The forest oval   has a more prominent part than our oval tree. The forest tree is loved by fastidious homeowners, it helps to make our living space more luxurious and valuable.

The color and texture of the forest oval easily match with other furniture in the house. Therefore, we easily coordinate the furniture to bring a comfortable, tidy and modern room. As a result, you will feel relaxed and happy when entering your room.

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Specifically, the forest oval wears a characteristic cockroach-colored shirt. Vanilla has the advantage of being very uniform and clear. Therefore, for a person who loves beauty, forest oval will be the more optimal choice.

Forest cypress has the advantage of being very uniform and clear

Meanwhile, our wood has white grain. Therefore, people also call Xoan ta with another name as wood, white oval tree. The wood grain of the pine tree is not as beautiful and clear as the wood of the forest pine tree. The surface is relatively smooth, especially smooth than forest oval.

In terms of quality

Although they are in the same group of wood as VI, the quality of forest cypress is still slightly better than that of ta tree. Of course, they are all load-bearing, pressure-resistant and water-resistant.

  • The forest conifer is usually harder than the tamarind tree. Therefore, the forest oval will bear better force than the tamarind tree.
  • The wood of the pine tree can resist termites better than the wood of the pine tree, so it is more durable.

However, the advantage of our tree is also the wood. The soft wood makes it easier to process than the wood of the forest pine. Therefore, the finished product is used to process more products than the forest oval.

With two comparison criteria, namely aesthetics and quality, the wood of the forest cedarwood is rated higher than that of the cypress wood. It proves that the forest oval is somewhat better than the ta tree.

However, it is not possible to compare which is the favorite wood of many users. As the number of applications created from these 2 woods seems to be in balance. Along with that, the number of users choosing Xoan forest is also equivalent to the number of users choosing Xoan ta.

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Application of forest coniferous wood and coniferous wood

Many customers wonder if the furniture from oval is good? Should I use it or not? Then we affirm that both forest oval and oval wood are used to create household furniture such as bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Or even office interior design. A few pieces of furniture are still regularly created from pine and cypress wood.

gỗ xoan
Furniture made of pine forest and oval wood is a suitable choice

Products such as:

  • Wooden furniture
  • TV shelf
  • Sofa
  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Decorative cabinets…

With relatively stable quality and affordable price, the furniture made from forest and oval wood is a suitable choice for mid-range customers.