Everything you need to know about the money tree

Money tree is a familiar ornamental plant to many people. But do you know all its features? Learn about this plant through the article below of Quatest.

Information about the money tree

Name, scientific name

The money tree, also known as the money tree, has the scientific name of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia. It is a species desktop plant or can also be used as a tree decorative scene. Kim money belongs to the male celestial family, has a long life and possesses a strong cluster of roots. Plants have the ability to grow and thrive, even in conditions of lack of water and poor nutrients. Therefore, it is a symbol of many precious human qualities.

Money tree
Money tree

Characteristics of stems and leaves

Money needles have a large, succulent body, slightly bulging near the base. Stem single, unbranched. Money tree leaves are compound leaves, dark green, glossy. Although on conifers, money is not divided into separate edges like burns and some plants can be grown with other leaves. But you can completely propagate the money needle with its leaves. The older the leaves and closer to the base, the better the propagation results.

Money flower

How many years have you planted the money tree, but you have never seen this tree flower? Do you wonder if this plant blooms or only has flowers in legend? The truth is that money flowers are completely real, but you must ensure the right growing and care conditions to be able to observe their flowers.

Money needles flower only when:

  • Good lighting conditions (the money tree needs to be placed in a sunny place but must be under wide trees. Do not let the sun shine directly on the tree)
  • Nutrients provide adequate plants (periodic fertilization and soil change every 3 months)
  • Soil temperature and humidity are suitable (temperature is at 25 degrees Celsius and soil moisture is moderate)
  • Planted in a large area of land (for the money to flower, you need to plant them in the soil outside the room)
Golden flower
Golden flower

Money flower is white, has a long cylindrical shape growing from the base up. The flower surface has many fancy folds, the outside of the flower has a long leaf part. The larger the flower blooms, the more this leaf will fold down. In general, the flower of money is not too eye-catching. But according to the old people’s opinion, the flowering money tree will signal good things to come to the owner.

Is the money tree poisonous?

According to scientific studies, inside the leaves and petioles contain calcium oxalate crystals. If you accidentally touch or eat the wrong part of the tree, it can cause burns, burning, swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing. In larger doses, it can cause hangovers, nausea, affect the digestive system. And an overdose can lead to a deep coma, convulsions, and even death.

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However, it should also be emphasized that inside the money tree there is only a small amount of Calcium Oxalate. So it is still a relatively safe plant and suitable for indoor placement. However, when using this plant, you need to avoid letting children play or come into direct contact with it. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive and the resistance is still weak. Even a slight exposure can have unpredictable consequences. In fact, there have been quite a few children who have been poisoned by chewing money leaves.

Is the money tree poisonous
The money tree is poisonous in the leaves and petiole

As soon as they suspect that the baby is poisoned by the money tree, parents need to let the child gargle to reduce the toxin. Then take the baby to the medical facility for examination as soon as possible. For appropriate treatment and treatment measures.

The meaning of money tree

In the opinion of the East Asians, the money tree is a symbol of good luck, goodness and fortune.

According to scientific studies, the calcium oxalate component present in the leaves and stalks of the money tree has the ability to absorb toxic gases, regulate the air and reduce dust significantly. So it helps the living environment become cleaner and healthier. Besides, the natural green color of the tree also helps people relieve stress and fatigue. Helps to regulate eyes and increase concentration better during stressful working hours.

How to take care of money tree

For the money to grow well, you need to prepare the right type of soil, light, temperature, humidity and water. Specifically:

Type of soil

In fact, the money tree can adapt to many different types of soil. Even in arid, nutrient-poor soils. However, this plant will grow best when planted on fertile, porous soil. The best is alluvial soil combined with charred rice husks and cinders. This mix creates a soil rich in nutrients and good drainage. Prevent stagnation, waterlogging at the bottom of the pot.

Land for planting money tree
The type of soil most suitable for money tree is the type soil combination of alluvial soil, charred rice husks and coal

If you want to increase the nutrition of the soil, you can add a little phosphate fertilizer. During the planting process, you should also fertilize once a month. combined with tilling the soil to increase aeration for the roots below.

Lighting Conditions

Money tree is a light-oriented plant, but that doesn’t mean you can put them in direct sunlight. Because if the light intensity is too great, the plant can wither, sunburn and die. Therefore, the best lighting conditions are to place it under a canopy or a wider canopy. This way, the plant will still receive the necessary amount of light without being negatively affected by sunlight.

Condition of temperature, humidity

The most suitable temperature for the development of money tree is from 25 to 27 degrees Celsius. Below 18 degrees the tree will hibernate and below 5 degrees, the tree will die. As for moisture, it can grow well in both low humidity and high humidity conditions.

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Deep temperature and humidity
Suitable temperature The most suitable for the growth of money tree is from 25 to 27 degrees C

Irrigation amount

As a succulent plant, but not so that the amount of water to irrigate money must be high. On the contrary, it also has good drought tolerance. The right amount of water for the money tree does not need to be too much. And the frequency of watering just once a week is enough. You do not need to worry that watering less can cause tree death, because in fact, the money needles die from waterlogging much more than the money needles die from lack of water a lot.

Where should the money tree be placed?

With an unobtrusive appearance, the coin can be placed in any position. However, from the point of view of a feng shui expert, you should place the money needle in:

  • In front of the house, on the steps or in the hallway: This location ensures the expression of the natural beauty of the tree. It can also help attract talent and receive fortune.
  • Put your money in the East, Southeast and South: These are good directions that can help the owner get more luck.
  • In the corner of the room or the corners of the house: This position both helps to hide the dead corners, increasing the aesthetics. Again, it helps to make the space inside become more open and absorb maximum fortune.
  • On desks, decorative shelves, living room tables: Placing money in these positions helps to beautify the space and reduce stress and fatigue for everyone in the space. this time.
  • Do not place the money needle in front of the door: Because it can cause unwanted inconveniences. On the other hand, it can also cause loss of money or discord among family members.
Where should the money needle be placed
The money needle placed on the shelf decoration

Price of money tree

The current price of money tree depends mainly on the size of the tree:

–  With small trees, the average diameter is from 15 to 25 (cm). And the height is from 25 to 60 (cm). The price ranges from 125,000 (VND) to 160,000 (VND) / 1 pot.

–  With medium-sized plants, the diameter of the bulb is from 30 to 40 (cm), the height is from 90 to 110 (cm). Then it costs from 300,000 (VND) to 500,000 (VND) for 1 pot.

–  For large-sized plants, the diameter of the pot is from 40 to 45 (cm) and the height is from 120 to 130 (cm). Then its price will be from 800,000 (VND) to 850,000 (VND) / 1 pot.

Information for you

1. Is it okay to keep the money tree in the bedroom?

The bedroom is a place with very little light, so putting money in this room makes many people wonder if this plant can survive here or not. In fact, placing the money tree in the bedroom has absolutely no effect on its growth and development. Because although it is a light-oriented plant, it has the ability to adapt very well in low light conditions. So, you can completely put this plant inside your bedroom. However, because the tree emits CO2 at night, if your bedroom is too tight, you should not put money in the room. Because it can take your oxygen, making your breathing difficult.

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The money tree in the bedroom
You should not leave the money tree in the room sleep if the bedroom is closed

2. Can money tree produce oxygen at night?

Most plants use CO2, water and sunlight to photosynthesize and make their own nutrients. Then release oxygen into the air. This means they will absorb Carbon Dioxide and release oxygen during the day. At night, they will take in oxygen and give out CO2 for respiration. Like most other plants, it does not give off oxygen at night but during the day.

3. How to know if the money tree is healthy?

To know if the money tree is healthy or not, you can base it on the shape of the tree’s stem and leaves. Healthy money tree usually has dark green leaves, succulent stems. When it is sick, the leaves turn brown, dry and wilt. Plant disease usually occurs when the soil below is waterlogged or because the plant is placed in strong light for too long.

Sick money tree
Sick money tree

4. What happens when you touch the money leaf?

The toxin only exists inside the sap of the leaves and stalks of the money tree. So if you just touch the outer part of the leaf, nothing will happen. If you touch the plastic inside, it may cause skin irritation or mild skin burns. At this time, you need to wash your hands immediately to completely remove toxins on the surface of the skin.

With the information that Quatest provides, hope that readers have gained more useful knowledge. If you have any questions about the characteristics or the process of taking care of the tree. Contact us immediately to get the fastest and most accurate answer.