The Wood has the ability to emit Energy, Fragrance!

n Vietnam, wooden dan dan  is not popular and not well known by many people. However, this is a precious wood with an extremely high price, only true wood players know the value and have a desire to own products from sulfur.

If you don’t know anything about dandelion wood, don’t skip the article below. Because, the information that Quatest is about to provide will make you feel surprised and curious about this special wood. Now, let’s discover it now!

What is a trumpet wood?

Wood broodstock is also known by another name as huang dan. This is the wood of the elder tree (also known as the sua tree). Huynh Dan can grow in different conditions, including harsh conditions such as limestone mountains. It is this great vitality that makes the lute lute have many outstanding advantages, being classified in group I – a rare wood group next to  Cherry wood,  Conch wood….

Huynh Dan belongs to the No. 1 wood group

The cypress tree has a few identifying characteristics as follows:

– Dense tree canopy

– The branches are quite small, they arrange to create a plane.

– The roots of the dandelion tree also have tiny nodules like a pea.

The stem contains essential oils.

– The leaves when newly sprouted are dark green like pine leaves. Leaves may hang downwards.

Dandelion tree has many other names such as sua tree, sulphur tree, sulphur tree, eucalyptus tree, eucalyptus tree…

How to recognize the characteristics of each type of sulphur wood

Wood is divided into 3 main types: white dandelion, red trumpet and yellow dandelion. Each type of brood has its own characteristics. However, they all possess advantages in general, namely:

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– Fragrance should resist the attack of termites.

– The nature of the wood is soft, so it rarely warps and shrinks. However, it has the same strength as oak.

Characteristics of white dandelion wood

The wood pulp of the white cedarwood is quite thick. The wood grain is relatively pale white. Wood grain is very small, not clear. If compared with red cedar wood, white cedar wood is completely inferior. Therefore, the white trumpet is not loved and does not bring high economic value like the red trumpet.

The white lute has a rather thick white wood grain

This makes the white guitar often used in the production of common utensils in life. Like Melaleuca wood grows quite a lot in Vietnam.

Red trumpet wood

Red cedar is considered one of the most beautiful woods available on the market. Red cedar wood has the properties of a precious wood: it is not termite, does not absorb water, so it does not rot. Hard wood should bear good force.

Huynh Dan has a characteristic color of reddish brown or slightly dark brown to black of ebony. The wood grain is very smooth. The red wood grain curves naturally, without any rules. Of course, the red cedar wood grain is much clearer than the white cedar wood grain.

Because there are so many advantages, red cedar wood is very expensive. Since 2006, the price of 1 cubic meter of red lute wood has reached 500 million VND. That is a record number!

Characteristics of the golden dandelion wood

The yellow cedar wood has a pale yellow mantle. The deeper you go into the core, the yellow color will gradually become a bit darker. Yellow lute is suitable for application in the production of high-class furniture. Because the characteristic yellow color of this wood will bring a feeling of prosperity and wealth to the owner. This makes the price of yellow cedar wood often quite high.

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In addition, the golden trumpet is also used to make incense sticks because of the characteristic aroma of essential oils.

Why can cedarwood emit energy and aroma?

According to research by western scientists, there is essential oil inside. Although the amount of this essential oil is insignificant, it is enough for the wood to give off a characteristic scent. In particular, according to the experience of users, the longer the wood is left, the more fragrant it will be.

Huynh Dan gives off a distinctive scent

It is also because of the special fragrance that folk have rumored that the brother dan has the ability to emit energy. That is, the energy will go with the fragrance.

When you press your body against the wood, that energy and fragrance will also be transmitted into the body, helping people to be healthier and more relaxed.

Currently, there is no scientific evidence about the energy of the brood. But anyway, belief in energy will also help to strengthen the spirit. Good mental health, of course, is also increased.

Thus, we have just obtained quite interesting information about the lute wood. If you have other interesting information about this wood, don’t forget to leave a comment below to share that information with other readers.