Is Walnut Furniture Good That Every House Uses?

Walnut wood is it good that it is so expensive and precious? How good is walnut furniture that every home uses? What makes walnuts a trend in Vietnam? Let’s answer the above questions through the article below.

What is walnut wood, growth characteristics?

Walnut is a hardwood tree that usually sheds its leaves in the fall and winter. This is a tree for wood and seeds – with high nutritional value. Distributed mainly in the eastern United States. If in Asia, it is famous for its types of wood cherry, ironwood, sued wood, red wood…. In the United States, walnut wood is also very precious. They are often used to make expensive furniture products. In Asian countries, walnut cannot be found because the climatic conditions are not suitable for growth.

Referring to walnuts, the first impression is strong, hard, durable and heat-resistant. Known in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Walnut is one of the most popular materials in Europe. Used to craft elaborate furniture and meticulous sculpture because of its outstanding properties.

In Vietnam, walnuts are imported from the US with high quality, the most expensive price today. They were introduced to our country in 2007 but it was not until recently that the use of walnut trees became a trend. Especially in the design of furniture. Let’s take a look at the outstanding features of this special wood.

Advantages of walnut wood compared to other common woods

The maturity period of the walnut tree is more than a hundred years, so the wood is very hard, glossy and highly durable. Walnut wood is usually dark brown, chocolate, or deep purple.

Suitable for designing angular furniture such as wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs and architectural wooden furniture…. This wood is believed to bring luck, prosperity and health to the owner.

Walnuts are hard, heavy, and resilient. Products made from walnut can withstand good pressure, shock resistance and do not warp. Although often attacked by insects, walnut wood is extremely resistant to termites.

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Another great advantage of this wood is that its color will lighten over time. Common types of wood such as oak, peach, spokes, .. will lose color when used for a long time. Walnut furniture, if well maintained and cared for, can be used for more than 50 years and still maintain the same quality as the original. Walnut wood is long lasting, stain resistant and easy to polish. Moreover, the wood from the walnut tree has a high price because of its rarity. Bringing elegance and class to the interior of the house.

Walnut wood holds color for a long time, resists stains and is easy to polish

Introducing some of the most popular walnut furniture today

To decorate a beautiful home, furniture is something that every homeowner cares about and takes care of. One of the main factors that determine the value of furniture is the processing material. And when it comes to materials that are both precious and durable, they have a timeless appeal. It is impossible not to mention walnut wood.

In today’s life, wooden materials are both traditional and modern. That’s why wooden furniture is always the perfect choice for every family.

In Vietnamese families, we easily see the living room or dining room furniture made of walnut. They have a deep brown color to create a classic and warm home.

Walnut wood brings quality furniture products

Here are the most popular high-quality walnut wood furniture in Vietnam. There are two types of walnut furniture on the market today. One is natural walnut wood and the other is walnut veneer. Depending on the needs of your family, you should consult the sales staff to make the right choice.

Walnut dining table


Walnut dining table is a popular type of dining table with many designs and models. Make your dining room space more luxurious and unique.

With distinctive design and good quality, the dining tables made of walnut wood always satisfy any homeowner. Tables come in a variety of designs from round tables to rectangular tables. Wood color is gray or grayish brown, bringing a modern and youthful look. Suitable for many types of housing.

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The table is made up of high quality walnut wood legs and top. Or the table top can be covered with beautiful and luxurious tiles and glass. The table legs are meticulously and firmly designed, ensuring good bearing capacity. Normally, walnut wood dining tables have been treated with outstanding problems such as: anti-friction, anti-warping or anti-termite. When using, homeowners do not have to worry much about quality as well as durability.

Dining tables made of walnut wood often have a simple design, avoiding fussy and confusing. The table focuses on functionality rather than elaborate intricate patterns.

Some beautiful walnut dining tables

Simple dining table model with only a rectangular table and 3-4 chairs around. Create a special highlight in the middle of the space. A vase of flowers arranged on the table makes the dining table more attractive and attractive.

Model 1: Beautiful walnut dining table
Model 2: Large size walnut dining table

Walnut bed set


Bed and wardrobe made from walnut wood is the best choice for expensive apartment bedrooms. Or large bedrooms from luxury villas. The smooth and luxurious dark brown color is often used as a material for manufacturing products with modern architectural style. Simple yet extremely classy and sophisticated.

Deep colors bring a feeling of romance and warmth

With durable properties and resistant to termites, warping. Many families have trusted and used this material to make beds for their families. Famous for its warm deep color, smooth and shiny surface. Walnut wood products bring a romantic, warm and calm feeling to bedroom designs. Bed products from walnut are often designed for older people, couples. This is also the material used a lot in the construction and interior design of luxury villas in a modern and sophisticated style.

Today, interior products are designed to integrate multiple functions. Therefore, many bedroom furniture made from walnut wood are also designed to suit the modern lifestyle and convenient living trends of consumers. The designs integrate beds and cabinets, wardrobes with built-in wardrobes and desks, wall-mounted beds, ….

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Some favorite wooden bed designs from walnut trees

Model 1: Compact footless bed
Model 2:
Model 3: Versatile 4-door wardrobe

Walnut wood sofa set


The usual walnut wooden sofa sets will have a slightly mixed direction of Asian interior design styles. The frame of the sofa is made from high quality walnut wood. Above is a soft mattress made from many different materials. Mostly leather, felt has good elasticity and feels comfortable to use.

Villa furniture from high-class walnut wood for luxurious and classy living room

Walnut sofas are mostly simple rustic designs. But when placing them in any space, they attract all eyes. The sofa designs from walnut wood are not too cumbersome or fussy. They do not like details, but most of them are compact enough to use. Focus on improving the use efficiency of consumers. Therefore, usually a walnut sofa will have a comfortable armrest and reclining back design. Ensure users can relax maximum on this expensive sofa.

Exquisite and useful walnut sofa designs

Model 1: Modern style sofa table
Model 2: Beautiful sofa model
Model 3: Walnut frame sofa

For families who cannot afford to buy furniture made from walnut. On the market, there are many products industrial wood with veneered and elaborately painted. The color and aesthetics are also very good but the cost is much lower than the natural oak furniture set. Of course, the quality and longevity of industrial products will not be as high-end products. But still ensure to bring the interior space of the house to become more luxurious and splendid.