What is Fokieni? How Many Kinds Of Fokieni Are There?

Fokieni one of the woods that needs to be preserved in Vietnam. It not only brings economic value but also brings great spiritual value. So what is Fokieni wood? How many types of Fokieni are there? And is it good to use Fokieni? All will be answered in the article below.

What is Fokieni wood?

Fokieni is a type of wood harvested from the Fokieni tree, belonging to the Hoang Dan family. They have a number of other familiar names such as: clove wood, cauldron wood, khomu wood, chive wood, cedarwood and glittery apricot wood. This is a wood species used a lot in interior design and construction in Vietnam.

What group does Fokieni belong to?

This is a wood belonging to group 1, a group of rare and precious woods in Vietnam. Followed by rare and precious woods such as  sued wood,  melaleuca wood, nu wood,…. Fokieni belongs to the same group as pine. However, Kho Mu wood is said to be better, more advanced than pine. Let’s learn about the characteristics of this precious wood. And discover what makes them so popular in the interior design and architecture industry of our country!

Growth characteristics of the tree Fokieni

  • The tree has a straight trunk, about 25 to 30 meters high. The canopy of the tree is clustered and pyramidal and has no stem at the base.
  • Young trees have grayish-brown or light brown bark, the bark of Fokieni trees is easily peeled off when the tree is young. As for mature trees, the bark will appear longitudinal cracks. They have a characteristic scent that is able to repel insect tails.
The life cycle of the forkieni plant extends up to several hundred years
  • The life cycle of the forkieni tree lasts up to several hundred years.
  • Forkien plants grow well in cool, rainy climates. It is not shade tolerant.
  • Forkien trees often grow in moist soils, in tropical forests. In Vietnam, they grow on limestone or granite base with an altitude of 900m or more.
  • They grow most in the provinces from Lai Chau to Ninh Thuan province and in Nam Giang district, Quang Nam province.

Types of forkieni?

forkieni is usually divided into 2 main types

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White forkieni

White wood usually has white, light yellow flesh. The wood grain is darker in color from yellow to brown. This type of wood is often used in the processing of beds, floors, ceilings. Sometimes art sculptures…. In general, the details are bright, highlighting the space of the room.

Red forkieni

For redwood, the wood is brown to deep red, the wood grain is dark brown but not as sharp as white wood. Usually, people will choose red wood to process cabinets, tables and chairs, …. In short, the interior details play the role of accents in the space of the room.

Features of forkieni

  • Forkieni is wood that contains oil. When first harvested, this wood has a light color similar to that of pine, but over time, the wood will gradually tarnish and turn yellow.
  • Wood grain is considered to be one of the most beautiful and bright varieties.
  • In terms of durability, Kho Mu wood is not attacked by termites because the essential oil in forkieni repels insects. Therefore, many people prefer to use forkieni to design furniture.
  • They have a faint scent that repels insects (uses the same as jade wood). This scent makes the space in the room more pleasant.
  • Hard and sharp wood. Wood grain is smooth and small.
  • The wooden shrimp are very closely linked together, so the wood is less prone to warping and cracking.

The feature to note in this plant is the forkieni veins. Wood forkieni possesses very beautiful wood grain. That is also the reason why these wood products have such high artistic value. The wood grain is very thick, thin and sharp. When smoothing the surface of all types of wood, basically, it gives a smooth, smooth feeling. Suitable for traditional Asian designs.

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Is Forkieni expensive?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to buy new Kho Mu wood. Because the forkieni tree is being overexploited and the growth rate is not high. Forkieni is listed on the list of precious trees that need to be preserved and banned from exploitation in Vietnam.

This reason has partly pushed the price of Kho Mu wood up, only people with money can play this type of wood. In addition, also because of the outstanding features that this woody plant possesses. Bringing many effects to people, so forkieni’s products are always appreciated and set a high price.

5 pieces of furniture made from forkieni

Wooden ceiling made from Khomu wood

Wood ceilings are one of the most valuable interior applications coming from Kho Mu wood. In order to have a high-class Kho Mu wooden ceiling, it requires workers to have a thorough understanding of art and patterns, know how to combine modern and traditional, and be meticulous and meticulous. Thereby, it is possible to fully exploit the beauty of the forkieni pattern.

Thereby, the kh mu wooden ceiling shows the class and family background of the owner. That is a special thing that very few types of wooden ceiling can do.

Wooden floor made from forkieni

Despite its simple design, wooden floors are still one of the most popular forkieni furniture today. The design of the forkieni floor is simple because the designer wants to highlight the wood grain and the golden color of the wood. As a result, wooden floors will increase the value of the room.

Along with that, the natural scent of wood emanating from the floor will help homeowners feel relaxed and comfortable. High resistance to warping and termites. Partly because of the characteristic scent. Part of it is due to strict, strict industrial processing. That creates a feeling of being in a place “made for me” every time I return home.

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Tables and chairs made from forkieni

forkieni is not just for flooring. They are also used as materials for processing tables and chairs made from forkieni, which also helps the living room become more luxurious and valuable. Due to its anti-termite properties, tables and chairs made from forkieni are very durable.

Bed made of forkieni

If you own a bed made of forkieni, you will surely have very deep sleep. Because, the smell of oil emanating from forkieni will help your spirit become really comfortable. Thanks to that, you will easily fall asleep, even immersed in that sleep.

Statues made from forkieni

Because forkieni is becoming more and more rare, the volume of forkieni is not much. Therefore, people have used small-sized forkieni plates to sculpt small decorative statues that are still of high value. This is a great idea to help increase the value of your home. It shows both the ability as well as the elegant pleasures of those with money.

Hopefully the information we provide above has partly answered your question about “What is Forkieni wood?”. Characteristics and effects of this wood in interior design and construction. From there, help readers have more knowledge about wood types and find the most suitable interior design materials!