What Is Wood Veneer, Is It Plywood Or Not?

Judging from the outer surface, wood veneer looks like real wood. However, the cost is cheaper than natural wood. So what is veneer wood, how is it made, is it real wood?

Introduction of wood veneer

To understand the concept of wood veneer, let’s first understand the concept of veneer in the woodworking industry. Veneer is a word for a wood panel with only two layers.

The outer layer is the sawn layer of wood called the lamina. The bonus thickness is only from 0.3 – 0.6mm (ie not even 1mm). The width depends on the diameter of the tree used for sawing (usually about 200 to 500 mm).

Wood veneer is plywood?

Such thin pieces of lumber are called veneers. This piece is glued on the surface of other types of industrial wood such as: rubber laminated wood board, MDF board, MFC board, particle board, composite bar…. In a nutshell, if you compare them to wallpaper, the planks are brick walls. And this is already considered a complete piece of wood.

This reduces the cost of buying furniture for many families. Because the price of plywood products is much cheaper than 100% natural wood. But even though it’s just the outer layer, the veneer products are highly aesthetic. However, the quality and longevity are not durable.

Layer of wood veneer

After a piece of veneer is glued to another wood base, there is a pretty big problem. That is, the width of one plywood is sometimes not enough to cover the entire surface of the other laminate. Because they are usually specified in width as 1200mm and length as 2400mm.

Meanwhile, plywood is sawn from natural wood, the width usually only reaches 400 or 500mm. Therefore, to seal the surface of industrial wood, one must use at least 3 pieces of wood veneer. But how to join the separate pieces together.

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The answer is that they use hot pressing or cold pressing technology to stick the veneer sheets together until the surface is smooth. Then use a sander to create a beautiful glossy surface for the wood surface.

How many types of plywood are there?

Veneer has many types because it is produced from natural woods. Each type of natural wood used to cut into a thin veneer will form a separate type of veneer.

The materials used to make the stickers are very diverse. For example, thin sawn peach wood, glued to MFC boards, forms a veneer peach peachon MFC. Usually, peach wood is often used in processing and manufacturing Asian designs, compact and delicate.

And if you use Russian oak to cut thin veneers and stick them on MDF boards, they will become “oak veneers” on MDF. Or use walnut veneer on MDF board. This type of veneer is more applied in elegant and noble Western European designs.

In addition, the product’s resistance to warping and termites is not evaluated on the characteristics of the veneer plywood on the surface. It is necessary to evaluate the resistance to termites and the impact of the base wood. In many cases, the background wood has changed due to the influence of weather. Causes the outer veneer layers to crack, explode, causing loss of aesthetics. Therefore, it is best to limit the effects of water and humid air on these products. Guaranteed to prolong the life of the product.

At present, many types of plywood are coated with film. Layers of thin wood planks are glued together with natural wood veneer on top. The top is covered with a layer of phenolic resin lamination film to prevent water penetration and scratches.

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Wood veneer has many types

Wood veneer is natural wood?

In fact, plywood is true natural wood because it is sawn from natural wood. Its naturalness manifests itself exactly as the natural wood from which it was sawn.

However, shoppers sometimes don’t understand and sellers sometimes “don’t mind”. They understand/say that the whole panel (including the industrial board underneath) is a veneer. This can easily happen if the timber buyer or timber trader is inexperienced with timber.

Veneer refers to the outer surface of a large wooden plank with a thickness of less than 1mm. And they are used to beautify the outside surface of wooden products because they have the natural beauty of real wood. The piece of industrial wood will become more beautiful and realistic. Without sufficient knowledge, you will think the whole piece of wood is a veneer.

Therefore, when buying, selling, ordering, customers should ask the seller carefully about the material of the veneer and the baseboard. If you don’t ask, after the wood veneer is glued onto the industrial wood plank. You will not be able to know what is inside? Each type of wood aggregate will have different durability and water absorption characteristics.

In fact, veneer is only the outer surface of a large wooden board with a thickness of less than 1mm

Are plywood furniture products good?

Although wood veneer is natural, they are just thin boards glued to the outside to create aesthetics for interior products (tables, chairs, beds, cabinets,…). So the durability cannot be compared with natural wood. But they also have their own advantages.

Plywood with seamless grain is glued by advanced technique, the brightness and durability of the outer surface is no less than that of natural wood. It is this advantage that makes customers attracted and love the plywood product lines.

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Moreover, plywood also helps save wood natural resources, because it is only less than 1mm thin. The price of plywood plywood with veneer is also much cheaper than real wood. If you want your home to have the presence of real wood without spending too much, this is the right product.

For example, if you want to make real wooden doors cost-effectively, you can use door puzzles. The frame is made of natural wood, the board can use plywood of the same type of wood as the other frame.

Because the board is only used for decoration. As for the frame, the new door is the part that needs strength to bear the force. Thus, the low price of plywood allows you to decorate your home with beautiful interior products like real wood.