Why is Yew Wood So Expensive and Precious?

Yew wood is considered one of the leading rare woods in our country, they are not only expensive, but even if we spend a lot of money, we still can’t buy it. Let’s find out why wood is so expensive and precious.

Vietnam with thousands of years of civilization has been favored by nature with precious products. Among them, it is impossible not to mention rare woods. With immeasurable material and spiritual values.

What is yew wood, in which group?

The yew tree, also known as the water pine, has the scientific name Glyptostrobus pensilis. This is a large tree for timber. Mature trees can be more than 30m tall, about 0.7 -1m in diameter. The bark is brown or gray, thick but slightly spongy, rough and with cracks along the trunk. The trunk is hard, round and sturdy, the canopy is green and wide.

Yew is classified in group 1A of precious woods in Vietnam, the same group as  ebony, agarwood,  red mussel. And is currently in the red book. They are over-exploited for timber, and even young trees are cut down mercilessly. As a result, the number of individuals of this species is gradually depleted.

Yew is expensive and really precious

This plant is endemic to Southeast China. But now in the world, there are only two natural yew tree populations left in the district, Ea H’leo and Krong Nang (Vietnam). However, the remaining individuals are only a few hundred barren yew trees and are likely to become extinct in the future.

Types of yew wood

Currently, yew in Vietnam is divided into two main types: green yew and red yew.

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– Red yew with dark brown or gray bark. On the body there are usually round spots of dark red color. The wood has a reddish yellow color and gradually turns dark red when near the heartwood, the veins are small or absent. Red yew lives in flat or slightly sloping lands, with a tropical monsoon climate. They have a high value, from a few tens of millions to several hundred million for a small block of wood.

– Green yew: These are yew wood blocks that have been soaked in mud for hundreds of years. The humid environment has turned the wood block to a beautiful dark blue color. Green yew is buried deep underground in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, even deep under hydroelectric lakes. Compared with red yew, green yew wood has darker veins, more beautiful colors. Impressive curves

How to distinguish yew wood like?

Wood is now very rare but also traded a lot in the market. But it is a fact that more than 70% of them are fake.

Therefore, we need to be very careful when buying to avoid spending a mountain of money to buy garbage wood. The article would like to share some ways to recognize the real yew:

It has a cool, elegant and luxurious scent

– Based on scent: they have a cool, ethereal and luxurious scent. Makes us feel comfortable and at ease, especially green yews.

– Wood grain and weight: yew is a hard wood, strong in the hand and very heavy. They have a large volume and high density of wood, large wood size from 50-60cm.

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– The yew tree is close to the  pine  family, so it is easy to be confused with this wood. Taking advantage of that, the merchants use Lao pine wood to fake them into handicraft products and sell them at exorbitant prices. Lao pine wood, after soaking in viscous mud and spraying PU paint, creates a wood grain that looks exactly like yew wood.

To avoid buying the wrong product, we should check the bottom of the foot. If they are also covered with PU paint and color paint, it is definitely fake wood. Because with real yew finished products, people always leave the bottom foot for the essential oil to secrete to create scent.

Why is yew wood so expensive and precious?

Legend has it that the water pine tree has been lying on the bottom of the Ea Ho River for more than 100 years. Absorb the essence of heaven, earth, wind, water… Become a bright and fragrant jade, making people smell it hundreds of times without getting bored. Anything made from wood can prevent disease, bring prosperity and peace to the client.

Anything made of yew wood can prevent disease, bring prosperity and peace

In particular, they bring peace of mind, helping us to facilitate business, quickly develop wealth and achieve a lot of luck in life. Therefore, in the past, this type of wood was often reserved only for tribute to kings, to be made into masterpieces of art.

Currently, wood is hunted by the rich because of their rarity and beauty. Even if we have a lot of money, if we are not lucky, it may be difficult for us to touch products made from yew wood for the rest of our lives. They have smooth wood, perfect beautiful wood grain and especially durable, no termites, long life up to several hundred years.

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In addition, yew wood is also easy to produce sharp feng shui handicrafts and high-quality, high-class furniture. These products are strong, resistant to the ravages of weather and do not discolor over time.

  • Maitreya statue sitting and chatting
  • Maitreya rides a carp – rides a unicorn – pulls a bag of money
  • Guanyin
  • Yew hyacinth
  • Yew wooden statue

Products made from yew wood are extremely valuable, up to billions of dong. There are no more than 100 yew trees left in the country.