11 places have no prohibition signs, but still… parking is not allowed

Everyone can understand that stopping or parking is not allowed in places with no stopping or parking signs. However, many people misunderstand that without a prohibition sign, you can freely stop and park! Lawyer Quach Thanh Luc, Director of Phap Tri Law Firm, said that traffic participants Drivers need to pay special attention that there […]

The moment he narrowly escaped death when he was attacked by an apartment neighbor in Hanoi with a knife

Several times he held a stick and knife to threaten neighbors? On the morning of July 21, while feeding his children and grandchildren breakfast, Mr. Ho Quoc L. (Trung Ward Van, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi) was suddenly surprised by his neighbor N.X.H. Holding a weapon, he rushed into the house to attack.  Fortunately, I […]

The old lady turned into a little princess, the 57-year-old actor turned into a handsome man, causing an internet sensation

According to SCMP, a 20-year-old makeup artist named Tuzi operates a studio based in Yunnan (China) specializing in providing makeup services. The girl is proud to have an impressive client list including famous artists such as: Comedian Tang Jianjun, actress Jin Jing, actor Yang Di, famous host Zhang Dada and KOL Grandma Tian. Many customers […]