Kim Ngoc Thuy – Prestigious and professional place to order custom designed wedding rings

The answers to the two why questions below will prove that Kim Ngoc Thuy Wedding Rings is a worthy place for couples to place their trust in custom designed wedding rings. As well as helping couples see the professionalism and prestige of the leading brand in Wedding Ring models. What is a custom wedding ring […]

Tien Giang’s old farmer “lives well” with the super dwarf avocado variety that bears heavy fruit

After many years of inefficient rice cultivation with unstable prices, Mr. Tran Thanh Phong (53 years old lives in Thien Trung commune, Cai Be district, Tien Giang) intends to convert from rice land to fruit orchard but has not chosen suitable crops. Because where he lives, people mainly produce exporting Thai jackfruit, queen guava or […]

Admire the flock of bamboo chickens with meter-long tails at super expensive prices from 8x Hanoi

Tan Chau bantam chickens are bred from Tan Chau jungle chickens with Japanese bantam chickens. This is a chicken breed with colorful feathers and a thick, long tail. Tan Chau chickens are classified as precious ornamental chickens and are quite expensive. In Hanoi, Mr. Nguyen Quang Nam (Dong Ngac – Tu Liem) is considered the […]

Duplex apartment at The Manor Tower Lao Cai – “diamond” for the upper class

Symbol of prosperity of a dynamic Lao Cai In recent years, Lao Cai’s economy has grown rapidly with advantages in border gate economy and tourism. Over the past 20 years, Lao Cai’s GRDP has continuously grown by an average of 10%/year. Lao Cai City in particular and Lao Cai province in general have made great […]

Dr. Hatachi – a master in helping to improve hair loss and premature graying of hair

What is Orchistem stem cell technology? Recently, cell technology Orchistem stem cells are being applied more and more widely in many fields. In particular, stem cells have also been proven to be effective in reducing hair loss and regenerating hair follicles through many different scientific research projects. Stem cells from plants are even more appreciated […]