Apple tree laden with fruit in cold winter

It can be said that this is an apple tree with the extraordinary ability to withstand the coldest winter in Europe during the past decade. Normally, apple trees bear fruit from May to October. Every year, the buds ripen and fall when exposed to the cold of winter. But the apple tree in Exeter is still full of ripe fruit, surprising and delighting people.

Mr. Ben Pike is 52 years old. The horticultural engineer affirmed that this was the most strangely cold-resistant apple tree he had encountered.  The apple tree still bore fruit despite the cold outside, snow and ice.
“I It is impossible to explain how the apple tree endured the winter. Apples are usually harvested from August to November depending on the variety. If it’s not too cold, the apple trees may have fruit until Christmas,” Mr. Pike added.

And according to 52-year-old agronomist Jane Schofield, apple trees are a miracle.  “It’s surprising that no apples have fallen during the cold winter. I can still see the apples on the branches in January.”

According to some horticultural experts, it may be due to genetics or hormonal mutations that have stopped the tree’s fruit shedding process apple.
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