Bell Home begins construction of the 5th factory

This is the result of the strong growth of the agent and distributor system as well as the acceptance and trust of customers across the country for Bell Home products.

Bell Home – originating from a 200-year-old German brand

In the context of increasingly polluted living environments, as well as the use of detergents containing Chemicals have many potential risks that are harmful to human health, biotechnology products are an inevitable trend of the times.

Bell Germany factory is a leader in biotechnology, nano gold technology, nano silver technology, lotus leaf technology, and extraction technology in Vietnam. Inheriting advanced technology from Bell Flavors & Fragrances – a global brand researched and developed in 10 countries, manufactured directly in 6 countries, with sales offices located in more than 40 countries, Bell Flavors & Fragrances is currently the leading flavor and fragrance company in the world.

Since 2009, Bell Duc has officially been present in Vietnam and after nearly 2 decades, it has continuously affirmed its brand position and trust with customers, becoming a leading brand. cleaning industry, exporting goods across countries from Korea, Germany and European countries.

Bell Home and big brands have built names such as Viettel, Trung Nguyen, Phenikaa, Lixco Fresson, Hanoi Confectionery, Royal Viet, Vietnam Post, Intimex Group, Ocean Mart, Melinh Future, Hiway, T Mart, PV Oil, Vilaco, FPT Digiworld, Quang Hanh Union Mineral Water Company…

Starting construction of the 5th large-scale factory area of ​​50,000m2

Inheriting the quintessence of hundreds of years of European chemistry, Bell factory has continuously improved its efforts to affirm its ability to supply goods with maximum flexibility. at a suitable price.

In addition, Bell Home is also one of the pioneering companies in the digital transformation model, creating many competitive advantages for business partners regardless of revenue or geographical location.

With the strong growth of the dealer and distributor system as well as the love and trust of customers across the country for Bell Home products on November 11, Bell Vietnam Group Nam has started construction of the 5th factory with an area of ​​up to 50,000 m2 after the successes beyond expectations of the previous 4 factories.

This 5th factory will focus on the Bell Home brand from identity to an ecosystem of exclusive products such as collagen colostrum… and many other product lines.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Ms. Vu Thi Hop – General Director of Bell Group Germany – affirmed: “We devote all our enthusiasm and efforts to bringing to market leading technology products. biology nano gold nano silver technology lotus leaf technology extraction technology without toxic chemicals brings a healthy, safe and happy lifestyle.”

Bell Home contributes to changing the green lifestyle of Vietnamese people 

Bell Home is not only building a manufacturing factory but also hopes to build a brand and a good future for the community.

The groundbreaking ceremony for Bell Vietnam Group’s 5th factory is a solid stepping stone for Bell Home to get closer to the need to change the green lifestyle of many Vietnamese people from using products Safe and healthy organic products.

From there, Bell Home products have the opportunity to expand into the international market. Bell Home has been and in the future will cover every road together, be present in every Vietnamese home and above all, bring happiness to everyone, the company representative said.

Bell Home – Convenience for every home

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