Bestech – Vietnam’s leading massage chair brand

Bestech massage chair brand provides a variety of product designs

For your needs As demand increases, we can see many big massage chair brands. So what is a reputable and trustworthy brand and what are the standards to evaluate whether a massage chair is really good or bad? Does cheap price come with quality?

Bestech distributes massage chair products directly to consumers without going through intermediaries, so when you buy chairs at showrooms of this brand, you will be able to buy them at a much more favorable price than other brands. other massage chair brands. Some popular products at Bestech include: massage chair B911 massage chair B488 massage chair B433 exercise bike shoulder massage treadmill …

What makes the difference between Bestech and other massage chair brands?

The chair models at Bestech have a variety of designs designed for Asian body types. A variety of massage programs are installed on the chair, ranging from gentle to advanced massage, creating a feeling of refreshment for the user without causing stiffness or pain.

Especially worth mentioning is the classy, ​​luxurious design. Owning a Bestech massage chair at home helps enhance your family space. Bestech constantly improves technology and design to suit Vietnamese people’s health and form.

With the chair’s 3D to 6D design, it will help Increase the impact area. The rollers in the machine will have the same task as human hands when combined with the gentle squeezing of the airbags, which will in turn massage painful areas of the body, helping the muscles relax and dispel fatigue. supports and improves bone and joint pain.

Currently, Bestech supports 0% interest installments for customers through two forms: installments via credit cards and installments with interest through credit cards. financial company.

Warranty and after-sales service

Celebrate Nham Dan Spring 2022 Bestech carries out major promotions applied throughout the system. Customers receive a warranty of up to 6 years on the machine, 2 years on the leather, a 20-year chassis warranty, and a free 1-for-1 upgrade within 1 year. When purchasing this December, you have the opportunity to receive a diamond warranty package and other valuable gifts such as bicycles, running machines, massage belts, canvas covers, discount vouchers…

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