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The amount of money left in the public is very large.”

Instrument The Senior Lieutenant General, Minister of Public Security, said: “Trillions of billions of dong in betting poured into this year’s football season. Trillions of dong are easily mobilized by multi-level business organizations… showing that the amount of money outstanding among the people is very large.” This is a completely correct phenomenon and Minister To […]

Think differently about “obedience culture”

However, according to him, this reality will need to change: “I think we must innovate and strongly innovate the way of learning from children to the elderly.” Accordingly, “instead of passively learning, instead of just obeying, you must also know how to ask questions.” Those remarkable statements from a Government leader made the writer feel […]

When “4 e” becomes a disaster!

A “new idiom”, a “formula” for recruiting and appointing cadres with the rhyme “eh” that has long been passed down in folklore, was uttered by the head of the State himself: a painful sadness. The reality shows that the “four-element formula” has been warning of a danger to the nation. The country is stagnant Because […]

Think about the General Secretary’s “tears falling into history”.

(Department Le Nam: “This term we have witnessed Comrade General Secretary’s tears fell into history”) At the discussion session on the results of implementing the 2015 socio-economic development plan and the development plan socio-economic development in 2016, after evaluating the achievements achieved in recent years, Delegate Le Nam (Thanh Hoa) said: “Besides, society is too […]