Coca-Cola “declared war” on plastic waste in Vietnam

Currently, the Government and a number of agencies have promoted propaganda about the harmful effects of plastic waste and this has brought certain successes.

Many domestic and foreign business organizations operating in Vietnam have taken many measures to limit plastic waste, especially Coca-Cola pioneer in the beverage industry with the declaration “A world without waste”.

Coca-Cola commits to every bottle/can of product sold by 2030. will be collected and recycled by Coca-Cola through the action framework: Collection and Collaboration Design.

To fulfill the promise of Coca-Cola has taken many actions to show its determination to reduce the amount of plastic waste to protect the environment.

Production and business activities Business must be associated with environmental protection

During 25 years of development in Vietnam, Coca-Cola has been very aware of protecting itself. The environment must always go hand in hand with production and business activities.

In fact, Coca-Cola is in the Top 10 sustainable businesses in the manufacturing sector according to the rankings Vietnam Sustainable Enterprise 2017. This enterprise achieved high results on the evaluation criteria of the CSI (Corporate Sustainability Index) on sustainable development in the fields of environmental and social economics.

In another effort, Coca-Cola has also initiated many projects focusing on protecting water resources in river basins. Of which, Coca-Cola spent 40 billion VND and cooperated with WWF Vietnam to regenerate Tram Chim National Park.

After 10 years 130 species of fish and 256 Bird species are protected. The subsequent increase in tourist arrivals has contributed significantly to the local economy and helped the income of 300 households in the area improve by 10%.

Clean water is one of Coca-Cola Vietnam’s top priorities

Promoting technology recycling and raising awareness of Vietnamese people

At the end of June 2019 Coca-Cola signed to establish a recycling alliance. packaging manufacturing in Vietnam. Accordingly, the partners in the alliance agree that by 2030 all packaging sold by members on the market will be collected and recycled.

Coca-Cola and many partners have launched many projects to raise awareness about plastic waste and established plastic bottle sorting points in cities.

Specifically, Coca-Cola is currently collaborating with partners including VCCE Dow and Unilever to launch the “Zero Waste to Nature” initiative and build a pilot model for plastic recycling. in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Not stopping there, Coca-Cola is currently cooperating with UNESCO to implement a project called “Initiative raise awareness about recycling plastic waste.”

The project will begin a pilot phase in Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area and other areas. area around Hoi An ancient town – The city was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1999.

In addition, Coca-Cola will cooperate work closely with the Green Development Support Center (GreenHub) to establish a strong plastic waste action network. This program is implemented through strategies to Reduce – Reuse – Recycle plastic in Ha Long city and Ha Long Bay.

Especially Coca- Cola Vietnam cooperates with the British Council to strengthen community connection programs at EKOCENTERs. Coca-Cola will organize many educational seminars and creative activities across the country and focus on the topic of recycling and plastic waste management.

One ​​of the events that is receiving the attention of Vietnamese people is the activity of recycling useful items by recycling bottles and cans.</p >

In September 2018, a playground from recycled plastic bottles will be installed at the Cultural House of Ha Thai village, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. This playground is part of the project “The Second Journey of Plastic Bottles” implemented by CFC Vietnam Center for Family Health and Community Development in collaboration with Coca-Cola and other implementing units.

In addition to social projects through Research & Development activities, Coca-Cola conducts innovation to create more optimal and recyclable packaging designs. processing such as using rPET to produce 10%. Coca-Cola Vietnam (Coca-Cola Vietnam) officially removed plastic shrink wrap on Dasani bottled water (350ml, 500ml and 1500ml capacity) with a roadmap from September 2019 to November 2019.

By making efforts to carry out various activities in waste management and environmental protection Coca-Cola Vietnam hopes to fulfill its commitments and contribute contribute to our journey to achieve the global goal of “A world without waste”.