Correct understanding of the Tam Cam fairy tale

I see a lot of ideas Different opinions discuss whether or not the story Tam Cam should be included in teaching, most clearly in the article “Readers propose removing the story Tam Cam from textbooks”  < /span>by Dan Tri. Most readers suggested either fixing it or leaving it out. There were many reasons given, but most of them “blamed” Ms. Tam that she should not be beautiful. Such revenge said that Tam was more cruel than his mother and stepmother, that Tam went against the moral traditions of our Vietnamese people. I myself once heard the teacher who heard my mother tell this story when I was a child and exclaimed, “Why is Ms. Tam so cruel?”. But it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized that we can’t blame Ms. Tam, we can’t blame it on Ms. Tam, we can’t use the eyes and thinking of our modern people and blame it on the story of “once upon a time”.

Fairy tales that belong to folk literature are The genre reflects the speech, thoughts, thoughts and aspirations of our ancestors in the past. According to literature, the character type Tam is a functional character type, meaning it was created by our people to represent the people. for the people to punish evil and cruel people, so it is necessary that the ending of the Tam Cam fairy tale must take place like that, the character Tam has fulfilled the function that our people “assigned” to her, not her. cruel and contrary to Vietnamese moral traditions as many people think.

However, with the awareness of high school students, I am afraid that they cannot fully understand this and may misunderstand it and lead to “anti-education” like many Who said. Therefore, I think that textbooks should not change the ending of the story but should replace it with another fairy tale. The treasure trove of Vietnamese fairy tales has no shortage of good stories that are educational and within reach. children. When you get a little older, you will be able to properly understand the fairy tale Tam Cam about the function of punishing evil people that our people have skillfully assigned to Miss Tam.

Doan Thi Thu Trang

 Duy Tan University