Discussion about the “white revolution” in education

Even though our Party and State have had many resolutions through Congresses, they always emphasize and make clear respect for the decisive role of the country’s education in the country’s development process.  The education sector has also had a drastic involvement, demonstrated through many measures to revive the national education system, such as: no to the negative anti-cheating in exams movement “Two no…
Many intellectuals and experts have proposed many measures with the desire to reform the country’s current education system. However, negative phenomena in the  education sector still continue to proliferate and it seems that With those measures, educational problems have even more opportunities to arise.
There are still graduation exams but the teacher became the one who threw the test, the student copied the documents, there were still scenes of parents staying up all night, waiting in line to apply for their children to be admitted to grade 1, which culminated in the deadlock of the economy. In my opinion, our country’s education is probably the scene of parents jostling and kicking down the gates of experimental schools in Hanoi even though this is an experimental education model, not a formal education style…
That, in my opinion, is also an expression of the aspirations of parents who want to have the right to choose the best education for their children’s future. me. And this scene also rang another alarm bell about the current situation of Vietnam’s education sector, which is still in a vicious circle with no way out like the debate about  “the egg and the chicken”.
More than ever I think we need a new revolution in education. And in my opinion, the revolution we need now is the revolution from the educators themselves. It can be called a “white revolution” to erase the black stains that are tarnishing the long-standing nobility of education. So where should we start? How to start?
+ First of all, it comes from the morality of  the  teacher:
That is reflected in each person’s conscience and professional ethics. Educator K.Dushinsk once said: There is no doubt that discipline in school plays a huge role, but the main thing is still the personality of the teacher who directly works with students. The personality of an educator has such great power over students that it cannot be replaced by textbooks, moral advice, reward systems, and disciplinary systems.
Actual In Vietnam today, the market mechanism is turning education into a commodity and each teacher is turning themselves into sellers…The evaluation of each teacher’s ethics and capacity is probably now measured by who can teach more and who can earn more by teaching. It’s not about who can train more successful students and who is more respected by their students.
That’s why there are students who can blatantly consider themselves to be “above” the teacher. teachers for a simple reason: it is their parents who pay for what teachers teach their students.
That’s why  concept The concept of teacher and teacher no longer retains its traditional value because the relationship  teacher – student, teacher – student has now  is a commodity exchange relationship between the buyer of knowledge, who is a student, and the seller of knowledge, who is a teacher. Buy and sell, both parties agree.  >
So in this day and age, it is truly difficult to find an example of a teacher who is respected by students like Teacher Chu Van An in the past. Therefore, it can be said without exaggeration that our education system is going backwards. Comparing the past to the present is indeed lame, but considering the laws of development, it is truly something worth pondering for teachers today when the traditional values ​​of dignity and morality of teachers and Most of the girls in the past have now been “pierced by bills”!!!


+ Second is the teaching method:
Previous educational views said that: Teaching is the process of transmitting knowledge and experience of predecessors to those who follow. That is an inert and hardened concept. The way of teaching the teacher to read – students copy what the teacher says – students write down is a way of teaching that stifles students’ thinking and stifles their creativity.
And also the way we perceive teachers who are almost saints The teacher is always right, he knows everything  has created a fear mentality for students. Makes students not dare to defend their opinions and not dare to point out what is wrong when the teacher is wrong… Such teaching only creates a bigger gap between teachers and students, creating a generation of children who only know how to obey and follow orders. imitation.  >
We are living in an era of information technology revolution, the amount of knowledge is constantly being added and there are things that seem like truths that can still be continuously denied. Therefore, we can convey that huge amount of knowledge to students. What we can do for them is to guide them in skills to acquire, explore, create and invent new knowledge and life skills to properly respond to real life situations. economics will be placed upon them.
Doing so means we have followed the rules of social development in the field of education. The school should not and should never be a tool for adults or anyone to  indoctrinate and impose wishes on students.
School cannot and is not a treasure trove containing the entire amount of human knowledge to force students to memorize it all… But there is no society with only thinking classes. Think alike, act alike?
Each child has their own personality, their own abilities, and their own interests. And our mission is to help children develop their full potential towards training a comprehensive person to master themselves, master their lives and contribute to mastering the nation.
King mong Educators with conscience and professional ethics clearly understand that:  it is time for us to reawaken our own conscience. That is to do the right duties and responsibilities that previous generations have entrusted! Let’s regain our respectable image that previous generations paid with blood and tears to create. And it will never be too late if we know how to live for the future of our country. Can’t the prosperity of a nation also begin with the prosperity of a good education…
Nhat Minh