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In the world, according to statistics from the American Pet Products Association (APPA), the pet market revenue scale in the United States is over 60 billion USD. And in China This market also reached over 7 billion USD (in 2017 according to Euromotor).

Capturing the development trend of the market Dogily Viet Joint Stock Company Nam has focused on developing the Dogily Petshop brand to become the leading unit in the pet business in Vietnam today.

Dogily Petshop started as The founder knew the story of the faithful dog Hachiko who waited 9 years, 9 months and 15 days for his owner Ueno to return. With love for Hachiko and the Akita dog breed, the founders of Dogily imported the first Akita pairs from Japan, Russia, Ukraine… to breed in Vietnam.

Starting with the Dogily Kennel import and breeding farm belonging to the association of dog breeders in Vietnam. Currently, Dogily Petshop has developed a system of farm stores in Hanoi and City. HCM.

Dogily Petshop is currently the only unit in Vietnam that develops a closed model from the breeding farm to the pet store system. At the same time, Dogily also develops products and services related to pet life such as selling Spa & Grooming accessories, bathing and drying dogs and cats, Pet Hotel pet care services…

In particular, Dogily is a pioneer in developing sales channels on websites of popular social networks such as Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter Pinteres Zalo… With tens of thousands of pet dogs and cats and accompanying accessories, it’s easy to easy for customers to choose and order.

The reason Dogily Petshop has rapid and sustainable development comes from the core values ​​of the business with the Slogan : “Pets are family – Pets are family”. Originating from the desire for pets to be treated humanely and enjoy benefits commensurate with their contributions to each family’s life.

Dogily Petshop started The first time the founders knew the story of the loyal dog Hachiko

Mr. Pham Hoang Long Founder & CEO of Dogily Vietnam Joint Stock Company shared: “ Welfare for dogs and cats in particular and pets in general is a fairly new concept in Vietnam. All activities of Dogily Petshop focus on making pets’ lives better and better. From food supplies to veterinary beauty care. The first criterion for selecting personnel at Dogily Petshop, regardless of any position from employee to management level, is to truly love animals. Perhaps not many working environments always have the presence of pets like at Dogily Petshop.

It is known that Mr. Pham Hoang Long CEO & Founder of Dogily is who has a lot of experience in the field of business management. Having held many important positions such as Member of the Board of Directors, General Director, Deputy General Director of many big brands such as Da Lat Vang, TMT Motor VT8 Trans Ladofoods Queenwines… Along with the enthusiasm of a team of passionate staff. Dogily animals have made steady progress in the new pet business in Vietnam.

Lanh Dogily Petshop’s main business is mainly breeding pet dogs and cats. Accompanied by all kinds of pet accessories such as dog cage food, shampoo, shower gel, hair brush, clothes, toys… for dogs and cats

At the shops At Dogily Petshop, customers can also use accompanying services such as Spa & Grooming to take photos of pets at Dogily Petstudio. If your pet is unfortunately sick, the doctors at the Dogily Vet clinic are always ready to provide medical examination and treatment at your home.

Each pet sold is carefully selected over many generations and selected for breeding parents. The nutritional care and rearing regimen follow VKA standards and models of large European farms in Thailand.

Coming to Dogily Petshop, customers will receive Enthusiastic and thorough consultation. From choosing which pet to buy according to feng shui. Up to the best nutritional care and training for dogs and cats.

In addition, customers are also given detailed advice on optimal preferential policies. Benefits through professional, reputable pet health warranty return policies. Free pet delivery nationwide 24/7.

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Dogily Petshop district 1: 59/7a bis Pham Viet Chanh street Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Dogily Petshop Phu Nhuan: 63/14 Le Van Sy Street, Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Dogily Kennel Pet Breeding Farm: 262 Vinh Hung Hoang Mai Hanoi.