Don’t let “a little worm” ruin a big pot of soup.

Citizen identification card (CCCD) with a chip is a breakthrough in administrative reform towards building e-Government. The goal of 50 million CCCD cards is gradually reaching the finish line as thousands of police officers forget to work day and night.

But recently there was news that two people in Hai Phong were charged “excess” work fees. CCCD cards fitted with electronic chips caused a stir in the mass media. The amount of money wrongly collected was just over 80,000 VND, but it caused bad public opinion about a major campaign that the Ministry of Public Security and local police were making every effort to carry out.

Immediately, the Police Department Supervision of administrative management of social order – Hai Phong City Ministry of Public Security directs relevant units to conduct verification. Two part-time commune police officers who were mobilized to participate in performing tasks with the mobile ID card issuance team of the district police involved in the incident have been suspended from work.

We welcome the timely intervention of the authorities. The handling of violators and refunding wrongly collected money to people has strengthened people’s trust in this special campaign.

Issuing CCCD cards with electronic chips is deployed simultaneously. series in 63 provinces and cities from February 25, 2021. Among them, 10 provinces and cities with half of the country’s population will be issued CCCD cards before April 30. On July 1, 2021, 50 million citizens across the country will be issued CCCD cards with electronic chips. That is the great determination of Minister To Lam as well as the Ministry of Public Security and local police.

Human resources and equipment… have been mobilized to the maximum for the major “campaign” of entire industry. Staying up all night working to welcome people until two or three o’clock in the morning is no longer a strange image for people in many localities when police teams go to the neighborhood to make CCCD cards.

“No end of work, no end of time” became the slogan of the soldiers tasked with “digitizing” people’s personal information from the grassroots level to the Ministry of Public Security.

It is not rare to see such images. Photos were posted on social networks at 2-3 a.m. when dozens of people were still patiently waiting for their turn and police officers were still diligently performing their duties.

Otherwise Believe without love, will people sit and wait until then? And if it weren’t for the spirit of “for the people”, would police officers be able to devote themselves wholeheartedly to serving anywhere, regardless of day or time?

Related to personal data forcing police officers to be careful and meticulous because this is an important premise for integrating the use of citizens’ personal information in the future.

According to information from the Ministry of Public Security Up to this point, more than 15 million citizen identification records have been collected in 63 provinces and cities. There are still many difficulties ahead while the deadline for completion is increasingly shortening.

With determination from the Ministry of Public Security to each locality, the sense of responsibility and spirit of each police officer is brought to light. People believe that the goal of 50 million CCCD cards will be completed on time.

This is not only a breakthrough in administrative reform, but the cards integrate a lot of personal information of the public. Citizens will be an important “key” to contribute to implementing a digital government, a digital economy and building an e-government in the near future.

Returning to the behavior of the two part-time commune police officers mentioned above, the police need to carefully review the process of mobilizing human resources and closely monitor to avoid even minor violations. because even a small “worm” can “disappoint a large pot of soup”.