Don’t think – Funny poem about the unexpected “magic” of life

Don’t think!

Don’t think you’re a monk if you’re bald

Just agree and accept it Just keep quiet and you’ll be good

Don’t think you’ll get drunk if you just drink

Just keep quiet and think it’s pure gold

Don’t think you’ll get drunk just by drinking

Every step is a step, every hand is a touch

Don’t think that just waiting is waiting

Every sound is music, every poem is rhyme

Don’t think that everything is new new

If you promise, you will be sure, if you are kind, you will be loved

Don’t think that if you are low, you will be contemptuous

If you are a pagoda, you will be quiet, if you are a temple, you will be big

Don’t think that if you’re determined, you should win

If you’re strong, you’ll win, if you’re soft, you’ll lose

Don’t think that if you’re big, you’ll be wise

If you’re small, you’ll be foolish, just kiss… Husband

Don’t think you’ll be lonely if you’re rich

If you’re rich, you’ll stop being sick and cheat and be poor

Don’t think every wind will bring you rain

How long will it be? So many people are dry and thirsty in the midday summer sun

Don’t think it’s just summer.

The school yard is so empty, no one feels sad

Don’t think the leaves will flow in the fall< /p>

So much desire for the path of love

Don’t think that just liking it is a risk

Sometimes you mistakenly think that there are so many things less and more

Don’t You think life will always be peaceful

Sometimes when you get angry, it’s hard to control yourself

Don’t think you smile and talk kindly

Sometimes when you’re cruel, your bones gradually melt.< /p>

Don’t think there’s sugar in your tongue

Speaking sweet words can kill people in all directions

Don’t think you’ll laugh just by teasing

Sometimes you say Know the low and the high

Don’t think it’s hard and hard

Be proud to overcome challenges

Don’t think being good is good

Sometimes failure is bitter and bitter

Don’t think the sun and wind are calm

Life is bright and becomes a dead end

Don’t think you can contribute is common

Just using the trick as a background

Don’t think that if you go forward, you will go up

If you retreat, you will go down, just stay still and you will lie down

Don’t think that there will be a full moon

The sky is covered with dark gray clouds that ice the top of your head

Don’t think that crying means you’re sad

Sometimes you shed tears but are happy in your heart heart

Don’t think that being poor is a coward

Just being rich is important, just having money is enough

Don’t think that having a position is a dragon

Don’t People think that they don’t know anything

Human life has its ups and downs

It’s strong, it’s weak, it’s gone, it’s stopped

Together we’ve had sweet and sour

Ginger is spicy, salt is salty, please don’t forget each other

In life, kindness comes first

Loyalty comes first, deep love and enduring kindness

Oh my God Remember, don’t forget…!