Homeland poem

The time of composition is recorded as “Tet Binh Ngo 1966” but before the first day of Tet Binh Ngo, Nguyen Binh passed away forever. A sudden bout of bleeding on the morning of January 20, 1966, the 29th of the December month of At Ty, left behind “An entire spring” like the poem he wrote 26 years ago.
Homeland poem
Homeland poem
Thousands of miles of sky and clouds you came
Visiting my hometown I am very happy
You stay with me one more day
Let me finish telling the story of my homeland

My hometown has a gourd tree and a hibiscus tree
The sound of the guitar sings of love and mourning…
There is Ms. Tam who hides in the fruit market
There is a younger brother who sews bags for three gangs

My hometown has folk songs and proverbs
The full moon man often comes to every house to play
A plate of salt is also salty of the love between husband and wife
A string of betel also reminds of the couple
</p >

The little bird is also the pain of the loss of the country
The “hoes” cried out blood during the golden nights
The feet of the stone horses were also stained with battle mud
Following people to save the country against invasion

My hometown has Mrs. Trungba and Mrs. Trieu< br>Riding on the head of the common cause of revenge
Mr. Le Loi fought a long resistance war
Hung Dao Vuong opened the Dien Hong festival

My hometown has Xoe dancing and singing
There is a spring festival every night in a row Cheo
There is Nguyen Trai, there is “Binh Ngo Dai Cao”
There is Nguyen Du and there is a “The Tale of Kieu”

My hometown has a strip of Truong Son
There is Hong Ha and there is Cuu Long Giang
There is Hanoi and Hoan Kiem West Lake
Dong Xuan Market displays all kinds of goods

My hometown has durian and mangosteen
Peached grapefruit hearts and red gac hearts
There are eight-shaped rice blown into copper pots
br>Doai commune oranges are delicious if you peel them

Every field is filled with gold and hidden silver
Every coast is sparkling with pearls
If you smell a cinnamon stick, you will be cured
There is an ironwood tree a whole ship

My hometown has girls
“Two meals a day…”
The way the river also bridges a bib
For the guy to come over to engage in love affairs

In my mother’s womb, I used to love singing
So everyone in my hometown knows how to write poetry
Little children lie in cradles or hammocks
Early or late in the afternoon, they borrow stork wings to carry them

When there is an enemy, the bamboo Villages across the country
All sacrificed themselves to be spears and spears
The boys and girls of the East village and the North village
Suddenly stretched themselves to become heroes…

My hometown, my friend! That’s it.
But thousands of years of cries of grief
What joy! Suddenly one day there was the Party
With Uncle Ho to revive the homeland.

Fight the Japanese, chase the West, save the people, build the country
Twenty years, countless projects
And from here, mountains, rivers and life.
And my true new homeland.

New life and new people
All four directions are resplendent with stars and flags
“Vietnamese army goes… united to save the country…”
Head Standing tall from the autumn revolution

The chains of a thousand years are broken.
The songs and dances are joyful again.
The long night crying is no more
The bustling cities and countryside laughter

In the green bamboo, happy season of cooperation
Tile roofs rise like rose buds
Shared fields, shared buffaloes, shared hearts, shared efforts
Shared path to harvest, shared prosperity
</ p>

In the factory jubilant like a festival
The owners are the workers themselves
The sound of machines is mixed with laughter and singing
There is no longer the sound of the owner screaming and roaring

Poets freely praised
Homeland, Fatherland, people…
And a life free from poverty, poverty, hunger, and suffering
Free from being scorned and crushed by anyone

Previous lives often dreamed of fairy talesBuddhist stories
Stories of paradise in the realms of nothingness
Previous generations create paradise on earth
Spring in all four seasons

When people are free and liberated
The land is wider and the sky is also greener
The fruit on the branch is also more delicious and sweeter
Flowers in the garden also add color and fragrance

And the meaning of folk songs and proverbs
More and more sweet and profound.
And then “The Tale of Kieu” has true value
And then Nguyen Du becomes great poet

Old fields are planted with new rice seasons
The sky of the countryside rises with the roofs of blast furnaces
High voltage wires have been stretched all the way
(In my village, the electricity will drown out the moon and stars)</ span>

The good wood built the club
The people’s kitchen fire with eight-orange rice
The Tam ladies build happiness with their own hands
It’s not a matter of hardship and rebirth

And layers upon layers of brothers The hero appeared.
Youth’s strength: Phu Dong’s strength is here
Push the sea back and stop the river
A rifle can also take down a plane.

Dien Hong Association in every village and commune is open< br>The story of “long-term resistance” is something everyone remembers
“The enemy even comes to the house and the woman fights”
That sentence is now a hundred percent true

The Party and the people have written more history< br>The fire of Dien Bien has been shining for a hundred years
The fire of Ap BacChu Lai is also shining brightly
The fire of victory is shining brightly in the South

When there is a Party, Uncle Ho leads it
There is the tradition of our ancestors left behind for generations
If we fight America, we will definitely win
It’s become a matter of course for my hometown

The story of my hometown is sketchy
If you come back, please tell everyone
As for me, I have this poem for you
For my hometown on this year’s Tet holiday

                                                 Nguyen Binh

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