How to forgive and live happier than before?

People often think that if they forgive, all the hurt will be like it never happened. Others feel that those who have betrayed or caused them pain do not deserve to be forgiven.

But we forgive not because of someone. We also don’t need to pretend like nothing ever happened. Instead, we forgive ourselves to move past the pain.

The wound has brought you bitter, resentful feelings for many years. You feel like a pitiful victim. But have you ever thought that those emotions are working against you instead of protecting you? You are imprisoned in anger and pain. How to continue living happily if you accept locking yourself in a cage of negative thoughts?

But if you forgive, you will be free. When you focus on resenting someone or being angry with yourself, you will You can’t listen to your own voice. But when you let go, you will feel it easier. Deep inside the suffering, you will free your heart from the prison of resentment a new life – a life you have always dreamed of.

Here are simple pictures you can do to learn how to forgive:</p >

1. Connect with your emotions

Don’t judge but learn to be happy with yourself in this moment Accept whatever is happening. Accept what happened without blaming. You can write down your thoughts and feelings to understand what you are thinking. Then ask yourself what you can do to escape Get out of those negative emotions: Go for a walk, do things you like, write a letter, Forgive, chat with friends to get advice….

2. Let go of the past

To live better you need to release the past to live in the present. We often carry sad memories with us so that they weigh down our emotions and obscure our vision, making it impossible for us to move forward to a happy life.

Practice living in the present by How to sit quietly and listen to your thoughts. Or go outside and take in the natural beauty around you. You can also start trying to keep a diary. Free yourself from trapped emotions by asking yourself and answering the following questions: What kind of person would I be without this anger and pain? How would my life change if these hurts did not exist?

3. Take Back Your Power

It’s time to start writing a new story for your life. You weren’t born to be a victim and you won’t have to forgive just once in your life; you’ll continue to forgive over and over again. No one has the right to make you angry without your consent. Willingness to change needs to come from within. You will find it when you begin to believe that living happily, joyfully, meaningfully and full of love are your exclusive rights.

When painful emotions come back to remind themselves yourself that you are choosing to forgive: You are choosing to reclaim your power and you are choosing to love.

4. Appreciate the lessons learned

Each experience we go through is a new lesson. Sometimes what you go through are the most painful emotions but it will make you stronger.

Even if you think what happened was unfair, the experiences it’s still part of your life. If you open your heart to look directly at them, these dark times will change you, making you more understanding and mature. For many people, difficulties cannot overwhelm them. Difficulties are the catalyst for them to create a new, more inspiring chapter in their life story.

5. Give love

When you have gone through all of the above, you can send love to those who have hurt you. You will find it difficult at first but it’s time for the game to change. Instead of sending hateful scolding to the person who betrayed you, send them love. When you can do this, there is no longer any emotional debt between the two of you. Congratulations! You can now celebrate your freedom with a heart full of happiness.

And don’t forget to forgive yourself. Don’t think that if you did things differently in the past, things would be better now. You can’t change the past, so don’t let the past imprison you. See the good values ​​in the decisions made and find lessons for yourself. When you understand the problem clearly, you have freed yourself from the past and begun the journey towards a happier future.

Thao Nguyen

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