Justice is blind but the sky has eyes

In 2004, the first instance trials of the People’s Court of Bac Giang province and the Supreme People’s Court both convicted convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

All of Nguyen Thanh Chan’s complaints are meaningless. Justice is blind to a citizen.

Imagine a prisoner sentenced to life in prison for murder and suffering injustice for 10 years. With that much time, the four prison walls are enough to kill all human will and health. Hardly anyone has the strength to endure this. If they don’t commit suicide, they will become mentally ill.

Nguyen Thanh Chan was deprived of 10 years of his life, the time when he was in his prime (from 42 – 52 years old), the ripe age to work and build his own life. and family. But during that time he had to endure the pain of being unjustly hidden behind prison bars. Is there any greater crime than causing injustice to innocent people?

But Mr. Chan is not alone in having his life ruined. Since the day he was sentenced to life in prison for murder, his four children had to drop out of school because they could not stand the pressure of public opinion. The children cannot go to school when their friends ridicule them for being the children of a murderer. The children’s hearts told them that their father was wrongly accused and he could not be the murderer. But your hearts are nothing compared to the majestic courts with judges in high hats and long dresses, learned and knowledgeable, so there is hope in their hearts. That heart is completely closed.

Mr. Chan’s wife knew that her husband had been wronged, so she knocked on the door for help for 8 long years, enough to despair and become a mental patient. A woman’s endurance is limited. She cannot bear the burden of supporting her imprisoned husband and four children on her own, and she is even less able to shoulder this sky-high injustice.

And more, life knocked her down before her husband was exonerated.

And that day has come – justice is blind but heaven blue with eyes – October 25, 2013 Ly Nguyen Chung surrendered and confessed to having committed the act of killing Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoan ten years ago to rob her property.

On November 4, the Supreme People’s Procuracy announced the decision to temporarily suspend the execution of sentence for prisoner Nguyen Thanh Chan</ p>

Then the state has to spend money to compensate often unjustly wronged, but can we compensate for 10 years of a person’s life in prison? Is it possible to compensate for the lives of four children who have to lose school and suffer psychological damage for the rest of their lives? Can the health of the mentally ill woman, Mr. Chan’s wife, be compensated?

Nothing can compensate for those extremely great losses.

Therefore, the country needs to have many law-abiding people of noble character and expertise in the law to limit the pain and loss of life. injustice caused by wrongful conviction.