Khang Duoc Nam Vuong – the magic medicine of men

What causes erectile dysfunction in men?

In life, there are many objective and subjective causes that cause men to decline. Physiological function: Maybe due to age, psychological tension, stress, pressure for too long, the patient has a habit of abusing stimulants such as beer, wine, cigarettes, hallucinogens… Or is it due to previous medical causes that the patient has such as kidney failure, diabetes, mumps, or diseases related to the genital organs… In addition, it is also due to the effects of a certain drug. some other medicines to treat diseases.

Khang Duoc Nam Vuong – safe solution for men

Impaired physiological function has relatively diverse manifestations. In the early stages, the disease only causes mild and difficult to detect symptoms. However, if not treated, men may experience more serious symptoms and may not even be able to perform sexual activities without using supporting products/medications.

Understanding Understanding that common situation, Ha Nam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has launched a health protection food market specifically for men called Khang Duoc Nam Vuong. Khang Duoc Nam Vuong health protection food with a new breakthrough from 100% natural medicinal herbs such as leucorrhea or ba kich radiate, ginseng and areca, oyster essence, cordyceps… brings outstanding support benefits. Kidney tonic helps increase vitality and support the improvement of male physiology; Helps reduce symptoms of back pain and knee pain. In addition, Khang Duoc Nam Vuong also helps strengthen kidney function, reduces symptoms of frequent nocturia, back pain, knee fatigue, enhances foundational health, helps speed up physical recovery, improves physiological function, increases libido, slows down libido. the process of menopause.

Herba Epimedii: Has the effect of nourishing the kidneys and strengthening the yang (warms the kidney organs and strengthens the yang energy). ) strengthens tendons and bones (strengthens tendons and bones) and eliminates rheumatism; Often used to treat diseases such as impotence, spermatorrhea, cold, late children, back pain, knee pain, tendon fatigue, spasticity, paralysis, weak limbs, cold, rheumatism, uncontrolled urination…

Radix Morinda offcinalis: It has the effect of tonifying the kidneys, strengthening the tendons and bones, eliminating rheumatism… Radix Morinda offcinalis has a clear strengthening effect on elderly patients with weak bodies and fatigue. poor sleep. It is also effective in reducing symptoms of joint pain in patients with joint pain.

Herba Cynomorii: Contains many nutrients that increase androgen activity Helps restore the body, increase physiological health, helps support the treatment of premature ejaculation; Stimulates appetite and reduces stomach pain…; Supports bone and joint pain, back pain, knee pain…

Cortex Eucommiae: This is a tonic for the liver, kidney, and tendons that mainly treats back pain and fatigue. Sciatica, intercostal nerve, herniated disc, fetal impotence due to nephrosis, is an indispensable ingredient in infertility remedies.

Areca ginseng ( Rhizoma Curculiginis): Sthe areca nut has a spicy taste and is warm and slightly toxic to the kidney meridians. It has the effect of warming the kidneys, strengthening the yang, tempering the middle, dampness, dispelling stasis, eliminating cold, and strengthening the tendons and bones, regulating digestion

Goji berry (Fructus Lycii): It has the effect of nourishing the Liver, Kidney, nourishing the blood, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the lungs; often used to treat kidney yin, weak back and knees, fatigue, dizziness, dizziness, unclear vision, infertility…

In addition, Nam Vuong Khang Duoc health protection food also contains many other precious ingredients such as: Oyster essence extract (Oyster meat – Oyster extract) Cordyceps powder) Deer Antler powder (Comu Cervi parvum)…

All those essences come together to create a wonderful product that is Khang Duoc Nam Vuong. Therefore, men can feel secure when choosing Khang Duoc Nam Vuong as their companion to soon improve their health and control their disease well.

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